5 Door 2013 Ford Fusion

By Carl G.

The new 2013 Ford Fusion should be available in a 5 door to improve its versatility. I have a 2008 Mazda 6 5 door with a rear wiper and I realize that I need these conveniences in any new car that replaces it. I'm sure the Fusion's sister car, the Mondeo, will be available that way so why not make the same car in the US? I put my RC planes, golf clubs, etc. in my car and it has the capacity of a large SUV but changes back into a sedan with the gas economy and look I like.
AKA 11/17/2012
Agreed. The Fusion 5 door (along with the wagon) are already planned for Europe and showing up at auto shows. Bring it to the US (the new Fusion is part of the "one Ford" approach) and it makes it onto the short list of the next car I may own.
Fred 09/30/2012
I agree. I am replacing a 2004 mazda 6i 5 door, I like the new fusion but it's not available in 5 door, so I will go elsewhere
Roman S 09/28/2012
Yeah, seriously! I want a 5-door Fusion Hybrid, I'd buy one right now even without a test drive!!! Come on Ford, ship me one, please ;)
Ann O 08/01/2012
Same here. Mazda6 5-door (V6 5-spd) waiting for a replacement. The Fusion is nice but it's slightly too small for the whole family. FYI: My other car is a Miata. So SUV options are NOT on the radar.