4 dr Mustang

Since the advent of the new V-6 it seems Mustang could be make into a volume seller (300,000+ units annually) if there was a four door version for sale. How about two rear suicide doors so it could compete with Accord and Camry? It gets better performance and gas mileage, now all it needs is 4 doors. ...
Stephen Lana 09/01/2011
Making a 4-door Mustang would kill the car. It would be the equivalent of what Dodge did to their Charger, remove the muscle/pony car and add "family sedan", except there is no "Challenger" to take the mustangs place. Many MOPAR guys i know still say, "The Charger is dead", Ford already has a high powered sedan, the Taurus SHO ECOboost makes over 350hp for less than a fully loaded 5.0
George Bailey 07/05/2011
A 4 door car has already been made from this chassis, the Lincoln LS. So yes, they should make it. Just make it a Lincoln.
Patrick Collins 06/30/2011
The next generation Mustang and Falcon are supposedly going to share the same platform then perhaps the Falcon could be sold here and then you would have an equivalent to a four door Mustang.
David Cole 06/30/2011
Camry and Accord are front wheel drive and compete directly with the Fusion. Next year's redesign should do quite well. A 4-door on the Mustang chassis would do better as a reintroduced Mercury and that could be quite an impressive car.
Patrick Kerwin 06/30/2011
It worked for the RX8...
Brad Krekelberg 06/30/2011
Blasphemy! You can make a 4-door off its frame, but no 4-door Mustang!
Shawn Donovan 06/30/2011
Terrible idea.