3rd row in escape

I love the gas mileage the ford escape hybrid gets but I want a third row. I would love to purchase an escape with a 3rd row. Could this feature be possible? If you could get three rows in the escape and escape hybrid it would be the perfect suv. I think so many people would buy it!!
Marin 04/20/2013
The third row could work. Just have it able to fold into the floor if you need the extra cargo space. I need an escape with a third row !!!
Adam C 08/23/2012
there are alot of health problems with Compact SUV's and a 3rd row. the only way they could maximise space without having to change the whole cargo area is to have the 3rd row facing backward. I for one wouldnt want anyone with motion sickness back there. Also in an Front end impact the force would force them to either go through the tailgate window (without seatbelts) or possibly jar there hearts out of rythem. .....however didnt they have a 3rd row in the freestyle?
Becky 07/10/2012
Fantastic idea! Automobiles have been around for just over 100 years, and many families are trending towards more than two children, yet we can't make any 6-9 passenger vehicles with even MODERATE fuel efficiency!!!Pathetic! I LOVE the ESCAPE, but a third row would be necessary for me to buy it. And a front bench seat would be a start for any of the vehicles on the market...at least as an option. How about a quad cab truck with two benches and two fold down seats behind the back bench... Why do we have to be impressed with 30mpg!!! Ford makes a great vehicle, but there is room for improvements...I hope they set the trends...
Brian Langston 04/18/2011
The edge is available with a third row, it's just called Explorer!
lindsay wicks 04/06/2011
yes i wish all the ford suv/crossover had the option of having a 3rd row
Reagan Stowell 04/05/2011
An Escape with a third row would be great since my family needs more seating. In my opinion all SUV's should have a third row, but I'd much rather have an Edge with a third row since it looks sleeker.