3 row seating in the 2013 Escape.

Install the same 3 row seating configuration that was in the Grand C-Max. The dimensions look very close and it would give people with more than 2 kids a more fuel efficient option.
Jake J 07/14/2012
Eliminate the expedition and replace it with a revamped Flex. Eliminate the current explorer and add a 3rd row option to the edge or eliminate the edge and add a 2 row option to the explorer. Ford's current crossover/suv vehicles are too similary priced and look too similar to each other.
Aj H 05/08/2012
I don't even really like the 2013 ford escape
Justin L 04/30/2012
I don't think they will because of the Cmax...Escape would cut into the sales I bet.
r2 d 04/26/2012
The EUROs have had this for 2 years already !! It was even shown in the Detroit autoshow in 2011, but a choice was made to keep it in Europe only !! Why?! There is only 1 compact 3rd row, sliding door family mover in the US right now ... where is the US CMAX grand ?