2nd row console in explorer sport

Why can't the 2nd row center console be add as an option in the 2013 explorer sport.
After all it is for convience, a place to rest your arm, a place for storage, not to mention a place to hold your Drink...
As we get older this is what we really need not to mention the looks and style of our pride and joy.
By the way I have one ordered and I am not Happy about not being able to get the center console.

Terry Burnette
DJ 05/17/2014
I also recently bought the new 2014 Explorer Sport and ask to have them put the console in and they gave me a quote of $1037.00 Give me a break, laughed at that and obviously said no.  Looking for alternatives.
Daryl Braley 05/08/2014
I just bought and leased a second vehicle in the past two years, the Ford Explorer Sport at Park Cities Ford in Dallas and called about adding the middle console to "Fill in the complete Eye Sore." I haven't heard back yet after a week or so. It is a complete lack in over-sight in a 50K vechicle - looks very cheap now that I've had it for a week now and many have commented on it.
Daniel 08/13/2013
For those of you that are upset like I was, at us not being able to get a 2nd row center console in our Sport, I have good news. The 2nd row center console for the Ford Taurus X that Ford sells on their accessory website is a direct fit for the Sport. I just got done installing it in my wife's sport. All you have to do is take the cover off, between the 2nd row seats, slide that bolt through the 2nd row console and it is a perfect fit. I am in the process of affixing the front of the console as their is no holes or brackets to mount it. But as is with just the back bolted in place, it is about 70% sturdy and will not move much at all when weight/arms/items are placed in or on it. Hope this helps!
Robert C 08/03/2013
I agree, I believe it is now an option on the 2014 Sports. I think it should be made availiable to existing owners at a reasionable price $150 or so.
Eric L 07/19/2013
I agree and am trying to get Ford to come up with a solution to this oversight.  Hopefully we can make a difference!
Jim Clark 06/12/2013
Just purchased Explorer Sport with 2nd row bucket seats. Parts for 2nd row center console are over $800!! Ford was innovative except for this. 2014 has console as an option. Why can't Ford build a bunch of these and sell them whole?
Corey M 03/20/2013
I totally agree that the lack of arm rests and a center console for the second row passengers makes abolute ZERO sense!!! Gotta wonder what was the thinking there. This was a complete deal stopper along with the lack of color options (just red/black along with rental fleet white and silver) when we set out to purchase a new Explorer Sport a couple of weeks ago. I'm hoping that Ford will address this for the 2014!!!
Doug P 12/24/2012
or better yet... will the 2nd row Flex Refer console fit in the Explorer Sport?
Larry D 12/19/2012
It's absolutely ridiculous that it is not an option on a vehicle that approaches $50K plus. The bucket seats are a useless eyesore without the center console. ....they don't even have armrests and as mentioned no drinkholders for the passengers...what is Ford thinking?
Joe A 10/23/2012
At least make the console available in the pparts department for a reasonable price