2dr Fusion

Why not have a 2 door fusion? or a converitable?. I am sick of everything 4door, I'm single needing a singles car.

For the hybrids and EV, why not have mini solar panels to be able to keep battery life going. They could be portable . If you get out in the country and something happens. could be able to pull out mini solars and juice it up.
Richard G. Belmore 05/16/2013
Two door Fusion Titanium & Dune leather ? Oh...Oh... come on you guys, i'm waiting!
William B 02/19/2013
love the idea of a 2 door Fusion,AND the manual transmission. Have been looking at them from the get go, but If I can I'm headed for the mustang
Don McLaughlin 02/07/2013
How about a 305 hp v-6 in a two door Fusion?
Taiwo A 01/15/2013
I will like to see a convertible for then new ford fusion.........I think it will look great.....it will be a better looking convertible than the chrysler 200
Roberta Palmer M 01/10/2013
Agree the Ford should again produce a reasonably sized 2dr coupe/convertible offered in all configerations presently available as 4dr.
Just watched the trials at Daytona and saw the new Fusion 2dr styled car......outragious! Mine would be Hybrid - 4cyl - AWD ....Wow can dream can't I