2015 Transit Wagon for the Disabled

Start with a 2015 Transit Wagon, 130 inch wheelbase, auto, diesel engine, Rear view camera, dual a/c(frt and Reart), mid-high roof,  Sunroof!
Remove middle row of seats(possibly 2 rows),  make pasenger front seat removable/replaceable,   Install an air shock system that will allow the entire van to kneel,   install a ramp underneath for wheelchair access to the van,  optional EZ-Lock wheelchair automatic locking systems in several locations,  Lockdown strap system installed in middle and front passenger seat areas,  Both front seats will have at least a 10 way power seat available.   have at least a 1500 lb load capacity,  a very durable rubberized floor to take the abuse of power wheelchairs,   and make this more affordable that the average, lowered floor, $60000+, minivan of today.   This type of conversion van would allow disabled person(s) to have a reasonable sized van to transport them, their power wheelchairs, and all of their other paraphenalia(including other wheelchair users in safety and comfort.   I have at this time a Honda Odyssey converted VMI Northsatr van to move myself and my brother-in-law around town or on long trips!   It is a very nice van for 1 disabled person but if 2 or more need to use it it becomes very cramped and a possible safety hazard due to being overloaded and having the bottom scrape even on freeways!   The Sprinter vans are too high and too long to be easily used by our wives who handle all the driving!   The Dodge Promaster does not have a passenger model, it's Italian driving setup is uncomfortable, but being front wheel drive it is low enough for a ramp installation already!
Your coming Transit Wagon would be perfect in the short wheelbase, Mid high roofed version and the previously stated additions to convert it to disabled use!
This class of handicapped person is growing everyday due to the Baby Boomers comoing into retirement age and the increasing numbers of disabling diseases such as MS, Diabetes, etc., etc.!
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or answers to this problem all of us disabled persons have!   Thank you for your time!

Kevin R 04/29/2014
This is a great idea. Not only does it make sense, it's a currently bloated market that Ford would do well to capitalize on.