2015 style improvement!

i love fords, but the new 2015's front end looks a little rough... the front end is my image concern. the grille looks as if you have taken inspiration from toyota. i manage a facebook page with over 600 followers that is all about loving fords and such. people dont like that and neither do i... just a suggestion, perhaps bringing on a new grille? it takes the tough look out of the entire truck! the aluminum line through the headlights dont look very appealing either. just a very effective decision you could make! although the 2014 model was awesome, bring that inspiration back!
Larry S 02/07/2014
I was hoping Ford would leave the light surrounding the headlights blue as on the Atlas concept instead of orange/yellow.
I'm not fond of the headlights on the 2013-14 models either. They remind me of the design of the '87-'91 models. I didn't like that blank space below the headlight. Starting with the '92 model Ford put the turn signal below the headlight and it looked so much better.