2015 crown vic

I know you guys have canned the panther platform but why and also why not bring that platform back but with more power options, why not put a boss five point oh engine with a six speed manual for the s crown vic, the flat stock 302 for the daily driver, for the lx version have a little more spunk with a better computer tune, and for the police version you could put a six point two liter from the raptor f150 with the most aggresive tune possible for a police unit these guys need the work horse back just please bring this platform back it would be the best thing ford could do for their consumers. their are more option to my idea there could be a convertable a two door and the four door options you could bring back the ltd option could even have a gt option for production
sam s 06/09/2014
With a garranteed sales to police and cabs, let alone buyers like me, its totlally confuseing why Ford killed such a great hallmark of american reliability. Now Ford is stucktrying to compete with the others for police and cabs, and for buyers like myself there is no alternative to the lame fwd 6 cylinder garbage eveyone is pedaling. I dorve fwd cadillacs for 25 years and had so many reliability issues after 75k miles that I canned them for MGM. The MGM rides better gets 1-2 mpg more and is fast enough for all but a speed freak. Nothing like the quite smooth performance of a V8. I guess I will be useing this car like the cab companies did checker bodies, replacing engines after 500k and driveing it for the nex 40 years LOL.
Lewis C 02/12/2014
I agree with you one hundred percent.