By Kent S.

I recently went to the Los Angeles car show to look at the 2014 Transit Connect because my Mother is in a wheelchair and would like to measure the rear opening to see if the Ricon Uni-Lite wheelchair lift would fit but would not let me inside the Transit to measure the opening. It looked like the opening was 43" high which is not high enough for the lift which is sad because the transit is a great van for the handicap. Because it not so over sized as all other vans. So it would be nice to design this van to accept a rear lift without cutting the new van up to make it fit.This would be great for Ford to be known as the handicap car manufacturer. Could Ford please make the changes to accept a rear lift. Thank You Very Much !!!
Brian 05/27/2014
Would love to see a raised roof version just like the old Transit Connect.  I'm guessing they are available for other markets?
SMA Dad 05/10/2014
Hey Kent. Up here in Canada and having searched the options (many and varied as they are), we are comitting to a Ford TC for our son's power chair. So here is the skinny. Just passed Transport Canada's crash test (they converted a white one and wrecked it (I have photos), and it passed with flying colors. Conversions are starting up here. It is similar to a "taxi conversion" where the rear is cut and a "tub" is inserted with a manual ramp that folds flat into the floor when not in use. The chair sits behind the second row of seats but they are 60/40 seats, so you can fold one of them down or remove it altogether. The passenger in the wheelchair is still kind of "in the trunk" which is not ideal from a child/self-confidence level, but our boy is not phased by such things at the mature old age of 6. Anyway - it works - 53" clearance through the back door.
Jim 04/15/2014
Nor-Cal Vans out of California makes a 2014 Wheelchair accessible Transit Connect.
Bill B 04/12/2014
I would like to see a more generalized handicap version. I would like you to consider doing a version of this vehicle for the handicap market. It would need to have a ramp built into the floor and with a wide opening to allow a wheelchair to role in. The wheelchair could be either secured in the back or in the front passenger area when the seat is removed. I imagine it could sell for around $35,000. The alternatives are over $50,000.
Guy 01/12/2014
There is a ricon lift that fits this van without modification.
Curt C 11/21/2013
I would like to see one of these Connect Wagons. I use a wheel chair lift and hand controls.
donna 05/26/2013
Kent I totally Agree!!! Thank you..My child is in a wheelchair and I do like the looks of the new transit wagon--2014.. It is sharp...they need to lower the floor on these models for a wheelchair user. Or build a new mobility van for the families that take care of our loved ones.