2014 MKT - MyLincoln Touch Improvement

I'm a brand new owner of a 2014 Lincoln Mkt.   I have 2600 kilometers on it after three weeks.  I love this car, my wife loves this car.  The Lincoln Mkt is a premium first class ride. 

Here are recommendations for future Mkt's or maybe upgradeable options for my current model. 

1.  Rear Hatch Lock Out buttons.  I had the unfortunate incident of a friend pressing the wrong button.  Instead of the Lift Gate he pressed the power folding seats.  I had a lot of stuff in the back.

2.  Proximity Sensor for rear traffic (implemented as a passive light in the dash).   Travelling on the I90 I experienced a lot of tailgaters even when travelling at 80 Mph.   When cars approach approximately 10 feet and closer they disappear in the rear view mirror due to the high backend of the Mkt.

3.  More storage space.  Additional Cup Holders, Coin Holder, ...etc.  The door areas should have a sculpted cup holders for water bottles.

4.  Ability to lock the Front arm rests.  It slides and knocks the medium sized coffee cups in the holders

5.  Please upgrade the processor on the Mytouch.   I  like the interface of the Mytouch other than there is a lag in response for almost everything navigation and media related.