2014 Ford Fusion Trunk Hinges

Hi Ford! Im pretty sure that the production process for the 2013 Fusion is well underway, so my request is for the 2014 Fusion model. Please use the multi-link strut type hinges (like those currently on the 2012 Fusion) to open the trunk instead of the Gooseneck style trunk hinges. I understand that gooseneck hines may be more cost effective, but they reduce trunk space. As you know, space is very important to customers especially in the mid-size sedan segment. Plus strut hinges look a lot better too! Please strongly consider my idea.

Curran F 07/10/2013
I completely agree! The hinges on my 2013 Fusion trunk don't allow for enough clearance when loading and becomes quite the head banger. Please go back to hidden strut hinges so I can stop ducking and twisting. 
mike s 03/28/2013
yes, I will be purchasing the 2014 fusion and would like the strut hinges also.