2014 Ford Focus WAGON!!

We need a 2014 Ford Focus WAGON!! included your line up .

You are offering one in Europe how about the US? Buyers are waiting!
JPjch1957 09/21/2014
Traded in our Ford Fiesta for a VW Jetta Sportwagen. Would have seriously considered a Focus wagon - if Ford sold one here in the U.S.
D. W. 06/26/2014
I have an '03 Focus wagon with 206k on it and it still runs well. Have recently replaced the clutch (manual trans.) and exhaust. I would like another with updated technology. I hope Ford will make the wagon available here. It's the best car I've ever owned.
Tony W 06/24/2014
I put 263,000 miles on my 2001 Focus Wagon. Finally sold it, just to buy a used 2005 Focus Wagon. This one has a stick (yes!). But I want the new technology. Please Ford, I want a new Focus Wagon.
Rick Pagels 06/01/2014
We bought a 2007 Ford Focus Wagon to replace our wore out Mercury Tracer wagon when we heard they weren't going to make them anymore.  It has 130,000 miles on it and we were going to replace it in the near-term.  Nothing we've looked at can beat the room, ride, and certainly gas milage.  I don't want to pay $30,000 for a car that get worse mileage than the one I have now.  I routinely get over 30 mpg.  BRING BACK THE WAGON... PLEASE!
Reid B 04/27/2014
Our 2000 Focus Wagon has been a fun, frugal and functional daily driver for 14 years and over 300,000 KM. It has more room and luggage space that the new Escape and doesn't need fancy electronic controls to keep from rolling over on every corner. Our next wagon would be another Focus wagon if Ford would stop keeping it only in Europe, but we may end up looking at a Golf or Outback instead.
Betty 04/13/2014
We have a 2001 focus wagon with 200,000 miles, we would like to replace it with a new one. They have them in other countries why not ours.
ANDY SWAIN 03/20/2014
why ONLY US ,include Canada
Theresa 02/18/2014
Please, please either bring out a Focus Wagon or bring back the Escort (also preferably with a wagon)!
Audrey 02/10/2014
We have a 2006 Ford Focus Station Wagon.  We will need a new one next year or the year after.  We love the ones we have seen in Europe.  What is the problem here? Bring back the station wagon. I need the big back to haul stuff for my garden, etc.  We hate suv's in any size, small, medium or large! Audrey
Roy Fields 01/30/2014
Please bring the Focus wagon to the US. I have a 2002 model with 304000 miles and want to replace it. I want a SE model with a 5 speed manual.
Castulo Revelo 10/26/2013
I want to replace my Escort 97 wagon; but Ford stopped febricating them; my antipatriotic option is to get a foreing one.
No wander our American Auto Industry was put behaind.
jim 10/20/2013
I need a 2014 Focus Wagon. I had a 2004 Ztw and Loved it. I've a '94 and '99 Escort Wagon, but need a New Focus.
David S 10/20/2013
Please offer the Focus wagon; I will buy one! Also, please offer the Fusion as a wagon; consider it sold as well.
mike anderson 10/20/2013
I have two and want to replace my 2004.
kev 09/14/2013
I need a "retirement car", & if was avail, i'd buy new one(to replace one I've LOVED for past 10yrs) in a HEARTBEAT!! c'mon FORD -DO THE RIGHT THING!!! kev, Dayton, oh
Margaret R 06/28/2013
Right on Ford Focus Wagon fans! US drivers deserve the Ford Focus Wagon. Upsizing is not an option. Wagon vs. SUV economics - wagon's better gas mileage and more reasonable pricing is essential to keep this market. Help us stay with FORD. Give us back the Focus Wagon. Thanks.
Vanessa G 06/25/2013
We have two Ford Focus cars, I would love to replace my 2002 with a wagon!
Denny 05/02/2013
Bring back the Focus wagon, soon! Will be forced to purchase non-Ford wagon. Ford man for 40 years!
Alice ONeal 03/17/2013
I have bought 2 ford focus station wagons - 2001 and 2006. I want another one, I have 2 large dogs over 85 lbs. I do not want the hatch back I want the wagon and will have to go to something else if you don't bring it back. Alice ONeal
Well V 02/21/2013
That would be interesting
Vincent C 01/02/2013
Make an ST version wagon too like you used to in Europe.