2014 and beyond TAURUS KEEP LIST


1. 4 wheel Disc Brakes 2. Dual Exhaust. ( I know it is semi dual on SEL but good start.)
3. MFT and Electronic speedometer. 4. V6 Engine 5. Padding on center console for front seat drivers. 5. Factory Remote Start (SEL and above) 6. Keep the Systems page of the MFT to the left....the radio/climate on right works with MFT layout.


1. Make back up camera standard (rear view mirror) or at least reverse sensing as standard equipment on all models.
Steven W 06/24/2013
Bring back the leg room in the back seat that made the Ford 500 design so special. The market needs competition for the Avalon.
Tod B 12/25/2012
I agree completely!!
Royce C 12/15/2012
Get rid of the giant console from the center floor and seating area.