2013 Police Interceptor Sedan

Is it possible to make the interior compartment in this car larger? This police sedan seems to be lacking in this area. This new police cruiser is designed on the current Ford Taurus chassis. While this may be a "large" civilian car, in my opinion (I am an active 10-year police veteran) this vehicle is not big enough given the many added pieces of equipment police agencies must add on to their fleet of police cars (ie: computers, prisioner partitions, gun racks). I am an average sized maie (5'11", 190lbs) and I have trouble entering and exiting this car. Often times, my duty gear hits the steering wheel and door posts. The front door does not open nearly as wide as it should. I have already bumped my head several times due to the sleeker roofline. With the driver's seat in the rear-most position, my legs are still bent and crampped. My department is installing a half prisioner partition instead of a full partition as we have serious concerns the driver's seats ability to move would be greatly hampered. As it is now, it looks like our "bad guys" are not going to have any room at all if they find themselves in the rear seat. We have several officers who are 6' tall or larger and are very uncomfortable in this vehicle. The windows are "chopped" which significantly hinders visibility. The trunk is nearly a foot higher than the Crown Vic's trunk. It can make it difficult for backing up as visibility is limited. I like the style and looks of this car, the engine performance seems strong, and the AWD will be key for us in the winter months. But that only goes so far. There are some concerns about the transmission in this vehicle as it does not respond nearly as fast as the Crown VIc did while executing different EVOC maneuvers. The transmission in this new sedan seems dull and unresponsive at times, especially when trying to maneuver quickly. Two of my co-workers have reported the car "stalling out" while they were attempting to turn to go after a traffic offender. The car lost all power, and needed to be restarted. This is a major concern. I hope someone takes a serious look into these concerns, or Ford might start losing its hold on the police car market. Ford has said this newest police interceptor sedan was "purpose built" for police work. I find it difficult to believe based on the list of issues i just brought forward. Just because you tweak door opening radius, slap on beefier brakes, a heavy duty alternator, doesnt mean you built this car specifically for police . You modified a civilian car so it could serve as a police car.....the same thing you did for the Crown Victoria. I find this car to be uncomfortable and lacking in several areas. Please remedy this, or consider bringing back a redesiigned , more modern Crown Vic.
William Connor 04/08/2014
No room and blind spots everywhere. The car seems to drive well, but I have serious doubts about it's ability to handle fleet life. The visibility is terrible with the chopped windows and large door and window posts. Don't even want to talk about looking out the rear over the tall (yet no room inside) trunk.

To be fair I'm tall (6'2") but ther just isn't room for an all day office vehicle. Even with the better made prisoner areas, it's a job to stuff someone back there.
Cole R 06/17/2013
I hate my interceptor... for as much input and research went into making the "ideal" police car, this thing turned out terrible!!!!!
Scott 01/20/2013
These cars are junk....No consideration of larger officers, let alone larger officers wearing.....DUTY GEAR! Clearly a lot of thought and engineering went into this pile of GARBAGE!
chris p 09/05/2012
update a rear wheel drive or awd with a body on frame. the Texas DPS tried to use unibody FWD cars years ago and ended tearing transaxle / engine assemblies from the unibody due to the severe service these cars receive. The strength and ruggedness of the frame and components of the Crown Victoria were legendary. use the panther frame and bolt on body. Use the 5.0 cougar engine with a 6 speed commmercial automatic to ramp up performance. improve the handling and add a few inches of length to the passenger cabin. watch families, police, taxies and rental fleets return and Ford corner the market in a large sedan
Rick N 08/24/2012
THis car is terrible. Issues with radar units picking up ghosting due to the sound shield windshield. No room for the bad guys with the partitions. Terrible issues with blind spots all over this car. I will take the crown vic any day of the week. I thought this car was built with police officer input? You really dropped a bomb with this 1 Ford.
Robert T 08/18/2012
Isn't it funny considering how many brainy people were involved in this and a lot of time to do it and it comes out a dud. A police dept near me got dodges and tauruses and they will all pick the dodge. They still have a few crown vics left and all of them would rather have the crown vic. Ford, what got in the way of good thinking?
agree with this, Ford should have kept the CV around, or an Expedition Police package, the Taurus is just too small inside for all the electronics and a PO, shotgun, night stick, vest, and lunch,
i am just frustrated with this car. I had high hopes for it, but the more I sit behind the wheel, the more disappointed I become. The car looks sharp, handles well, but it is just too cramped. When I get into a Crown Vic, it just seems to be much more functional. Not the flashiest car on the block, but it met the needs of forces all over the US. I have seen several articles in the media criticizing this car for the lack of interior space. My force is already investigating other options.
Rich Z 08/06/2012
They'll tell you the force should have bought an Explorer based Police Interceptor.