2013 Fusion trunk opening action

I love my 2013 Fusion SE. One of the quibbles I have, though, is this:

When I press the trunk opening dash button, or press my key fob to do so, the trunk llid opens only a few inches. I've noticed in parking lots that other makes of cars' trunks pop open and raise to a near-verticle position; the motorist does not have to reach down and pull the trunk lid the rest of the way up, as he or she must with the '13 Fusion trunk.

It seems to me that the Fusion trunk needs a stronger/more powerful spring mechanism so that the car's trunk opens all the way up, as in other makers' sedans.

I have tested out other '13 Fusions, and their trunks act as does mine; not much opening, followed by the need to reach down and further raise the lid.