2012 Focus Roof Rack

By Brad B.

As the old O.N.J. sound sang .... Please Mister Please. How about a Roof Rack for the 2012 Focus 5-door? I have a small Luggage Box we call the turtle that is about 30" wide by 30" long and about 14" deep for luggage. A roof rack would be great. This too would be popular with the kayak, bike-cycle, and tent camping people. If not as a factory option maybe in the accessory side of the Ford house. Thanks.
Barb C 10/12/2014
Really wanted to buy Ford Focus wagon but they stopped making them in 2007. Just bought a 2014 Ford Focus Hatchback and now looking for a rack, dropped by the local Ford auto parts and they did find a rack for $542.63Cdn which looks good. Also looking at a Rhino Rack which you can get that fits the Ford Focus, Barb C
Marc 07/17/2012
Finally made up my mind and went to the dealership last night. Looked for a five door with a roof rack because I know how useful they can be. I didn't see one with a rack so I asked the salesman if it was an option.. He thought it was but didn't know. I told him if it were available I'd take it home tonight. He went and checked on availability, I don't have the car ... Roof rack = sale. I even considered the flex after that, it looks like a wagon, obviously a brick should have a rack.. no flex in my yard either.
Darren K 03/22/2012
A nicely integrated rack would be ideal!