2012 Focus, Gen 1 Sync + App Link

By John C.

Please consider adding App Link to the 2012 Focus line with gen 1 sync. We feel left out as the low end fiesta has it and not us.
Timothy 08/02/2014
I say we just ditch Ford altogether and buy a car with Android Auto! At least they will care enough about their customers and value them enough to give an update after three years!
Zach M 10/28/2013
What would be the problem with installing the 2013 Focus Sync into my 2012? Making any major changes between the two model years that would prevent this would be an incredibly poor choice on Ford's fault. I should be able to do this from my login at the Sync support site without any major problems - not waiting around for Ford to make it available to the 2012's.
Mike P 07/19/2013
How can a lower model car that is cheaper have the better system? I thought when I bought the 2012 edition that I would already have applink, so I waited, now over a year and still nothing yet the new Focus now has it too!?
Greg W 04/07/2013
I would REALLY like AppLink in my 2012 Focus Titanium, it's available on the 2013 model, when will we be able to upgrade?
Jose I 04/02/2013
Any news on this? I dont know if there is a real problem or just you dont want to do it...
AC 03/30/2013
FORD - Where's the AppLink for my 2012 Focus Titanium??? Should I consider upgrading to Honda?
Gregory A 02/25/2013
Any news on this FORD? Tell us it's at least coming as an update, or tell us it flat out isn't so we will stop wondering.
Josh T 02/25/2013
For the love of god the 2011/2012 Fiesta has AppLink and the 2013 Focus has AppLink. so why doesn't my 2012 Focus have it?
Dan K 02/12/2013
What's preventing Ford from implementing AppLink on an existing MFT platform? How is it different than literally any other MFT system on a Ford vehicle?
Kevin 01/31/2013
2012 Fiesta has AppLink and the SAME SYNC with MyFord system, but my 2012 Focus doesn't? WRONG MOVE FORD! And I would have gotten another HONDA had I known FORD was going BACKWARDS!
Don B 09/27/2012
Pretty "SAD" you upgrade your ride and your reward for loyalty is a downgrade of service.
John F 09/23/2012
Recently bought a 2012 Focus. I was disappointed to find out that it did not have applink. I miss the feature from my 2011 Fiesta and might not of bought the Focus if I had known that it wouldn't have applink.
Donna Y 08/16/2012
I guess I don't understand why it was not included in the first place. I don't know about anyone else but driving a computer around is really frustrating especially when they leave you with a system that has potential but is not equipped. How was that concise red a good idea??? It just makes buying a car that much more irritating .. Now not only are you need of mechanical concerns, You have to shop around for the right computer system.
Kevin H 05/29/2012
Yes please! I'd vote more than once if I could! I would love to have this on my 2012 Focus.