2012 Focus Estate (UK)

By Brad B.

Ford does have better ideas, the Focus is successful. As a owner of three Fords, Edge, Escape, and Fusion lets deal the General and Tony a even harder blow, bring in the Focus Estate wagon from the UK. I just visited the UK site, the car is marvelous. This vehicle would hurt the VW & Volvo models hard and fast. I'll put my money where my mouth is I buy the 1st one, make it a SEL/Estate in Sterling Grey Metallic or Winter Blue.
Margaret R 06/28/2013
Ditto! US drivers deserve the Focus Wagon. Bring it back home!
Florence S 04/12/2012
100 percent agree. Not everyone wants an SUV, Crossover or hybrid. I want a new gas-powered Ford Focus wagon.
Rod Zolman 09/29/2011
Amen, great looking vehicle and a market that is being ignored by Detroit. The ST Wagon is a real looker that would have a spot in my garage.
Brad Krekelberg 09/28/2011
Agreed. Not everyone wants an SUV or crossover.