2012 bronco?

How about a 2012 bronco with several different engine options? xl model: same as the 2004 concept, xlt model: same but with the 3.5l ecoboost, and a little bit snazzier interior, and an fx4 model with the 5.0, leather options, off-road accessories, etc. THAT would be my dream vehicle, this new mustang is awesome, and I'd never be ashamed to say that I had the v6 model, if that's what I acquired, because it is a beast. I would trade in my current diesel truck for the BASE bronco, if ford would produce it, and I'm sure there would be thousands of others out there who would do the same. And the FJ bruiser would be put to shame, along with chrysler's caravan-powered wranglers.
Thanks for the time,
donnie rich 08/06/2013
I  have  had 2 fullsize  bronco s  an  85  and  88  and loved  them  and  still  have  the 88  would  love  a new one
Gramps 04/01/2013
As far as the Falcon that's an Australian moniker now. As for diesel they don't want a fist fight with the enviro freaks. They have a fantabulous little diesel, I think it's around 1.4 liters, that gets great fuel mileage super low emissions that go great in the Fiesta. A 2.5 or 3 liter turbo diesel in a mid sized package with the Bronco name on it would probably sell like hotcakes but I think the economy has them a little shy. maybe if enough Bronconatics were to bury them in cards and letters, no E-mail, they might get the balls to do it.

joe 03/22/2013
i want a good size suv made in the usa , and always have admired the bronco but they stoped making them , i have a fj cruiser that cant be stoped, i would like ford to make the bronco as tough as a tank and a off road beast , ford seams to be concentraiting its effort on the new explorer , it just not for me and i also dont want to buy a pick up truck . hurry up and make it or i will buy another type of suv , most likely foreign i am ready to buy in 2014, hope its a ford. dont miss me as a customer.
Jim P 02/19/2013
New bronco would be a great idea. no frill offroad worthy vehicle. MY 1994 rusted away to nothing,7 inches of lift and 36 inch ground hawgs.
Travis 11/12/2012
I would buy a bronco so fast if it were to be produced. I don't understand why Ford has not manufactured one they have the chassis, and the motors. 5.0 Coyote motor or a Ecoboost or a diesel. I don't understand why they won't produce the v8 falcon in the states either. Once again they have the damn car just won't release it here.
Jesse L 11/03/2012
Jesse L - I grew up with a bronco...many fun fishing and camping trip memories I attribute to that vehicle. Whenever I see one its like I'm looking at a piece American history except its my history. It's the type of memory I would love to pass on to my children.
Rosco 11/01/2012
I may get new one (Wife will!) but I'm hanging on to my old 94 EB Bronco FOREVER!
Richard S 10/28/2012
I have a 96 Ford Bronco that I will never get rid of, unless Ford comes out with a new Bronco!

Make it capable like the jeep wrangler but with that great Ford styling and real tough-truck look
Jeff 10/17/2012
I would buy a new bronco this second (04 concept....nailed it) - love the turbo deisel idea...spot on.
kevin b 09/11/2012
love to see the bronco back. but dont over price the thing so us hard working folks have to dream about owning one , and make it tuff enough to beat on when you want to have fun off road, put a v8 in the bronco for some power, other wise it will be another ford escape.
Arthur robbins 08/30/2012
I think, assuming a reasonable price, they would sell like hotcakes. What's the hold up? I'm ready to drive one!
Jorge Carlos 08/23/2012
I miss the BRONCO I still have an '86 ford BRONCO and i prefer to keep it because I simply loved it and it is the best car I have ever had and it is the only one I have kept! I WANT A NEW BRONCO, I WANT TO SEE IT! AND I WILL BUY IT WITHOUT A DOUBT! As long as it is full size! =)
Vincent C 07/21/2012
Please make this with a ecoboost turbo diesel... There is NOTHING in the market place that can compete w/ the Jeep Wrangler (4x4 convertible beach runner/mountain climber). I don't understand for the life of me why Ford doesn't challenge that segment w/ a ready made heritage (60s/early 70s Bronco)
Edna S 05/12/2012
I would like to know when will ford make another ford brono.
Rob 04/03/2012
Ford Flex really? One of the most hideous cars Ford (or any car manufacturer) has release in decades and they chose that over the Bronco concept? Really? I mean Really?? Really?
FL 03/25/2012
Any news on if the ford bronco is happening? anyone anyone? Thanks
jeremy 01/26/2012
is the new bronco coming .....we have tj,fj and defenders....but i'm waiting on the bronco!!!!
josh ward 01/15/2012
It would be sweet to get a new bronco for my first vehicle, i'm thinking about getting an 08 ford ranger but if they come out with a new ford bronco then i am getting it and no one can change my mind.
Nicholas Chen 01/01/2012
Ford really needs an off-road suv in there line-up. solid axles front and rear, body on frame, keep it simple, keep it cheep, build it ford tough, it will sell. Ford has enough soft-roaders so build a real off-roader. Build it off the new ranger frame and give it to America.
Anoura Xirks-Logan 12/29/2011
My first car 7 years ago was a bronco... now that i'm an adult with a day job I would love to have access to buying a brand new bronco. Diesel Baby, all the way! With a wench on the back! count me in
chad florek 12/25/2011
I really want something like the early bronco that was set up to run against the CJ8. A two door, Dana 44 front and rear end, 4.10 axle ratio or bigger with either electronic or air lockers front and rear. I have always been a Ford guy, currently have a 2001 F150 and a 2010 Shelby GT500.

If you offer a Bronco to compete with the Rubicon with a $30,000-$32,000 price tag I WILL BUY IT!!!!
Mazzy Solana 12/05/2011
if you make it, i will buy it. a new version of this car has been my dream since i was a little kid.
Sam 11/30/2011
demographics: white, middle-class, male, 28yrs old, middle-America, college educated.

I would buy this car in a heartbeat--please don't ruin it like Toyota ruined the FJ; keep it minimalistic on the inside, 2 doors, low 20k price range, not too many bells and whistles, this will sell.

A responsive and (eco-responsible) diesel would be great.
Amy Guzzetta 11/30/2011
I have seen the pictures of the concpet vehicle and it is amazing!!! I want the 2012 Bronco now! When is Ford going to release it?????
Tim 11/26/2011
Without a doubt the Ford Bronco should return. As a diehard Jeep fan (owned 5 Jeeps thus far) I can say, if done right, I'd walk right past the Jeep dealer and buy a Ford Bronco tomorrow... rugged simplicity is best. DO NOT MAKE A SLIGHTLY SHORTENED F150!! Keep the Bronco as close to the concept as possible and Ford will make a huge return on investment guaranteed. Also, offer an economical diesel, 4-wheel drive, locking diffs as an option, and a gas tank of at least 25 gallons so we can actually use the truck to commute and avoid the pump every morning. A refined, yet chunky interior with oversized buttons/ dials for use with gloves would complete the vehicle. Thanks.
Travis Abreo 10/25/2011
please make it with turbo diesel please!!!!!!!!!!
Zach 10/18/2011
I say stick with the original idea of the bronco. A full-size vehicle with a true half ton suspension and the look of an f150. Make it like the original broncos that can be used like a truck, hold six people and look totally awesome while doing it. I love my 95 bronco and by the way, it isn't a true bronco without the rumble of a V8!
Kaylaw 10/10/2011
Since I saw this truck a couple of years ago, I have been wondering what Ford was waiting for. Go to market already!
Chris 10/05/2011
I'll park it right next to my '88 BII...
Siarhei Antsipenka 09/14/2011
Please Please Please!!! Make the bronco happen!!!! It would be a Jeep killer and would sell like hot cakes!!!!!
Kaleb Hayes 07/21/2011
I think they should bring it back with the the 90's body style. the 2004 concept looks like a hummer and is too blocky,
Chris 07/20/2011
The Bronco concept looks great. Based on the demand for the old Bronco's (1966 -1977), there will be no problem selling them. Anyone who has/.had a old one will buy one. That includes me!
ken 05/20/2011
Make a bronco already keep it RWD 4x4 V6 and 5.0 V8 xl xlt eddie bauer and keep it 2 door and make it nice.
J Black 02/17/2011
Please, at least one solid axle, and make it easily modifiable - as to compete properly with the Wrangler and FJ. And <80" wide and <190" long please. Making it easily modifiable also helps in that Ford can supply 30" tires stock for the sake of MPG claims, but then consumers can upgrade to 33"s and 35"s with ease and a low price tag (excluding the cost of tires of course!) And please, no silly chrome-everything standard. Explorer and Expedition owners have had to deal with lack of aftermarket since 2002- those of us who offroad can't even get performance shocks, let alone real suspension lifts or diff lockers. Ford needs an SUV that can compete amongst the Wrangler, FJ, 4Runner and Xterra when it comes to offroad ability and the potential for upgrades (IRS will never allow for this and unibody will only work if dual live axles are used).
chuck 01/18/2011
As everyone else has stated, I'd buy one in a heart beat. Keep it reasonably priced, keep it simple, but bring them up to date.
Cory Bowling 01/14/2011
Just bring it back in its Concept Form. I am sure that Ford will have an option that will be available for whatever your need is. Just Look at the Mustang - there is something for everyone in that line up. I am sure the Bronco would be no different. Just bring the Bronco back. Its time.
dustin good 01/12/2011
and you have to be able to fit a twin bed in the back for campin and of course late nite dates "giggity" my 78 fits a twin perfectly
Brian 11/19/2010
I am on board, they will have to bury me in my 96 Bronco when I die. I've heard rumors that after they discontinue the ranger in 2011, they will start working on a f-100 and a Bronco based off that frame. Give me a 3.5 or 4.0L turbo diesel or the 5.0 V8 and I will be in heaven! Make it simple and rugged with a removable top and stock 35" tires and your golden, give the raptor a brother to play with!
Lance 09/12/2010
Bring It Back! Look how the wrangler is taking the market for its class. The wrangler does so well because of its "Fun Factor" that is built in. The Ford build quality would blow chrysler away! Just keep the basics and the Bronco will be a hit, Strait axles, removable top, lockers, and a midsize body. Look how fast the Raptor took off with its off road theme, i think the Bronco would do the same.
Richard 09/02/2010
I would be ALL OVER a new bronco. I love my old 96 to death, but it's showing it's age.

A cross between the full-size bronco and the bronco 2, or original bronco, somewhere in that size range would probably be the best. Can't be TOO small, just a lil to make it easier to get through tight trails. 2, doors, removable top, rear-locker, maybe a built-in tire inflation system like the humvees. roll bar like the jeeps, some stock winch options, idk... I've got lots of ideas I'd love to see.

Come on Ford! Jeep is the ONLY company out there catering to the off-road crowd, that has decent trail rigs in stock form. A new Bronco can beat it!
Schauby 08/28/2010
It would be great to bring back the Bronco. I would be on board in a second. As long as you bring in back with the same style as the origninal broncos, NOT the bronco 2 concepts. I really enjoyed owning my bronco and it was a buggy style SUV which rode like a truck. My 91 eddie bauer was a pleasure to run/lift and have fun. I hope the newer version would be durrable. It would give me an excuse to leave the Jeeps behind. The wifey would go for it and i would be happy. Buying a Bronco instead of another Jeep in a year or two.
John 08/05/2010
Ford is putting out some great products these days. Add a new Bronco to the line-up! I drooled all over the 2004 Concept. Offer a diesel, or a 4 cylinder, or the 3.5 Ecoboost, or an inline-6, or the new 5.0 V-8. Just make sure it's a 2-door, preferably with a removable top of some kind. Keep it simple and rugged. All of us Bronco enthusiast's are eagerly waiting!
brandon 07/02/2010
I would like to own a new bronco. cut the 6.7 in half make 3.3L hook it up to a f-150 6 speed auto and drop it in. I just hope if made it isn't FWD because FWD on an all terrain vehicle is like hiking in bedroom slippers. RWD all the way!
Randy 07/01/2010
I'd be all over that as well! build it already!
Nate 05/08/2010
New bronco would be awesome. Love to see it come true. Maybe have the ecoboost, a 3.5L, same as the escape engine, and then have some sort of a V8. 5.0L would be nice. Make one for more street driving, and then an in-between, and then like mentioned a FX4 model. And keeping it inexpensive would definately help. I like the ford ranger a lot because its inexpensive, and can tow a fair amount of weight. So bring the bronco back...SOON!