2011 Fiesta Door Lock

The car I had before I bought my new Ford Fiesta hatchback also had keyless remote entry. When you pushed the driver's door button once, it opened just that door. When you pushed it twice it opened ALL the doors. The Fiesta only opens the driver's door when you push the button, so you have to a) dig out your keys (defeating the purpose of keyless entry and keyless start) or b) enter the vehicle while your passengers give you THE LOOK and hit the unlock on the dash (twice, I might add.)

Fix the door behavior so that two pushes unlocks ALL the doors.
Bob 10/19/2011
Hey dude, check out "Remote Entry System" in the owner's guide. You can set up the keyfob to unlock all doors with one press, or one press for the driver's door and two presses for all doors. Just hold down the "lock" and "unlock" buttons together for 3 seconds.
Hector Garcia 09/04/2011
I hate having to press the dash button twice every time I want to let a passenger in or out.