2 In 1 Ford-Rear Drive Version

The Transit Van is to my understanding built on a a stretched Transit Connect(front drive) platform that was combined with the F-150 drivetrain (rear drive) to make a new full size van on a rear drive with optional 4WD car based platform.Combining a front drive platform with a rear drive drivetrain is what I describe as 2 drivetrains on 1 platform(because of Allan Mulally's One Ford plan of 1 platform)= 2 IN ONE FORD.
That means that the platform is size adjustable which would allow Ford to make compact (Mustang,possibly resurrected T Bird,F-100 as unibody base model version of the F-150 Pickup truck etc)to full size rear drive vehicles. Because Ford is also putting an optional diesel engine in the Transit Van,that would probably also help increase sales along with a new platform and 4wd option while still using the 2.0 litre I4 as fuel miser base engine in Falcon,new ecoboost v6, and 5.0 litre v8 engine options.The ecoboost v6 version of those vehicles get 6600 lb towing capacity and possibly more with the diesel version and probably better fuel economy than the current 4.0 litre v6.Would eliminate cost of developing a global rear drive platform and also be great for Ford's Lincoln division!