2 door sedan Mustang

Mustang coupe is very sporty and lots of people love it, i have heard so many married familys with small kids say i had to get rid of my Mustang cause it is so hard to get car seats in the back, or they say i love Mustang but no room for car seats,
The 4 door version would hurt the sporty appeal of Mustang, i have owned a charger before and they now have a 4 door and it still looks sporty but it does kinda ruin the image.
I have a 1947 Plymouth that is a 2 door sedan almost looks like a coupe but plenty of room in back, the car still has the coupe look but more room, they did it in 1947 so lets see a Mustang in the near future as a 2 door sedan, might reach a lot more buyers.
I do have a Mustang have had several and love them, but i consider it a 2 seater , back seats are good for nothing, luckily it is just me and my wife.
Randy W 07/11/2012
If Ford used the Mustang chassis to make a larger coupe, with entirely different styling (Thunderbird, Torino, whatever), that would be fine. But the next-generation Mustang should be smaller, not larger.
Billy S 06/29/2012
good Idea but i do not think it should be called a Mustang. Something more like Fairlane,Falcon/Torino?