1st class back seat

By Tim W.

Fold second row seats flat into floor like the back seat can on a Honda van so the back seat has super leg room for long family trips. Let back seat power recline so pass anger in back has business class international flight recline type seat. Bring back the luxury and comfort of the back seat of the famed town car but better.
Make riding in the back better then front.
DG C 01/15/2013
Anytime you can get seats or seat cushions out of the way, the vehicle becomes more funtional. I own a 2012 Focus SEL. Folding down the back seat causes a loss of about 3 inches of leg room as the front seats have to be moved forward to make room for the rear seat cushion.... this is a 70's idea and makes the car very cramped! Get rid of the engineers and get some actual customers in to help with design..... you're gonna hear more from me.... Mr Quincy H!