1 Key Fob - Multiple Vehicles

By Jim S.

I would like the new keyless entry/ignition option (linked to key fobs with pushbutton start) to be able to activate multiple vehicles. For example, I have one fob that would allow me to unlock/start my own car, my wife's car and our son's car. This way we would not have to switch keys everytime some uses a different car.
Thomas S 09/13/2012
I don't have multiple cars in a family, but if I did I would love to have just one key. I remember in past having family members lose keys or having to switch cars for random reasons. Plus I just love having less stuff in my pocket.
Thomas S 09/13/2012
I don't think there would be a security issue. Each key could basically be an unique number, identifying you. Then you would just need to add that number to each car's safe list through some more secure means.

You'd also have to transmit that with some sort of time based token algorithm to avoid a man in the middle attack.
Kevin 03/24/2012
I see lots of security issues here. And are we now so lazy we can't switch keys to press the remote start button?