Your Ford Story Should be Part of the Ford Story

By Ford Social Member

Everyone has a story. In fact, most people have a lot of stories. What you need is a place to share yours. We've now created a place for your Ford Story within this Web site: Your Stories. Catchy name, huh?

What kind of stories are we interested in? Just about anything relating to the Ford Motor Company, its vehicles or its employees. Do you have four generations of Ford employees in your family tree? Have you owned more Ford cars than anyone else in your town? Do you have some funny or interesting stories about how you're using MyKeyTM or SYNC® technology? In short, share with us how Ford is a part of your life.

We've made it easy for you to share your Ford Story along with a photo or video. You don't have to upload a photo or video, but it will make things a lot more interesting for other visitors. Click here to go to the submission form. There are some basic guidelines to read, and information to fill in. Then hit submit to send your story to us. We review all submissions, so your story won't be posted immediately.

If your story gets added to our growing list of Ford Stories, please share it on your Facebook page, on Twitter, by email and whatever other social media tools you use!

You can click here to see what others have submitted so far.

There is one thing that the Your Stories section is not: It's not a place to file a complaint. There is a way for you to tell that story, though. Click here to learn how to contact Ford with questions or concerns.
Your Ford Story Should be Part of the Ford Story
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