What Moves You? It May Soon be the All-new Ford Transit!

By Cole Q.

Ford is about to completely change the look, feel, fuel economy and functionality of its full-size commercial vans in the U.S. with the introduction of the 2015 Ford Transit.

“The all-new Transit is a game changer,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford President of The Americas. “Transit raises the game for our customers in North America and around the world with even greater work capability and significantly lower operating costs, helping improve their productivity and bottom lines. These, literally, are the vehicles people trust and rely on for their livelihoods.”

This exclusive video interview with Chris Brewer, Ford Commercial Vehicle Engineer, captures the highlights of the new Transit.

Transit will eventually replace the E-Series nameplate, first sold in 1961 as Ford Econoline and America’s best-selling commercial van for 33 years. In other global markets, this all-new vehicle will replace today’s popular, market-specific Transit models, first sold in 1965, and the best-selling commercial van in Europe.

Transit will be offered in three body lengths; two wheelbases; three roof heights; van, wagon, chassis cab and cutaway bodystyles; and in XL and XLT trim levels.

The Transit will be available with a 3.7-liter V6 with a compressed natural gas/liquid propane gas (CNG/LPG) prep kit to assist customers running their vehicles with this abundant, affordable, clean fuel alternative. The 3.7-liter V6 is also engineered for optimal performance with E85 flex- fuel capability.

The all-new 3.2-liter Power Stroke five-cylinder common rail turbo diesel will also be available. It is based on the proven Ford Duratorq global diesel engine architecture, features state-of-the-art fuel, turbo and emissions systems that meet stringent U.S. clean diesel standards, providing an ideal balance of fuel economy and job capability.

For maximum capability, the available 3.5-liter EcoBoost™ promises to be a trusted workhorse, whether carrying materials to the job site or towing a trailer with an available Class IV hitch.

Each engine is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission for efficient rear-wheel-drive operation.

The high-roof Transit features 81.5 inches of interior cargo height, enough headroom for a person six feet, five inches tall to stand upright in the cargo area. The medium-roof can accommodate up to 72.0 inches of cargo height and the low-roof has almost 56.0 inches of cargo height to provide an ideal combination of payload management, upfit readiness and garageability.

Cargo volume ranges from about 250 to almost 500 cubic feet as a jumbo configuration – nearly 80 percent more space than the largest E-Series – and over twice the volume of today’s standard E-Series. Essentially, one jumbo van can haul the volume of two current models in a fuel-efficient manner.

The global design of Transit delivers on the same customer expectations in 116 markets worldwide where this sturdy commercial vehicle will be available, requirements such as versatility, fuel efficiency and low operating costs.

Transit has been developed to be efficient to service and maintain, with specialized technical service support and extended operating hours available at more than 600 Ford Business Preferred Network dealers.

You can also check out the Transit Connect Wagon introduced at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show .
Gregg R 01/27/2014
Would love a 4x4 or AWD
Ben K 04/30/2013
The Tourneo would be a nice choice, a little bigger than the current connect great camper option, great alternative to a mid size truck, but still small enough to differentiate itself from the larger Transit. I'll look at the Connect as a replacement for my Element, but honestly at 100 and 130 cu ft of cargo area, it's a bit on the small size. I understand why the connect is being brought into the US, it is based on a current model Focus/Escape platform, but that doesn't really answer the need so Ford should not be suprised if sales are lackluster, esp if the Connect doesn't perform any better than the new Escape; i.e. poor mpg and technology glitches.
Tom N 03/28/2013
Bring the Transit Tourneo!!!
Cameron 03/07/2013
must come with AWD!!!!!
Lawrence C 02/06/2013
I love my Ford F-150, but when I purchased it with the tow package, the tow pkg., at the time it didn't come with tow mirrors similar to the F-250. I had to purchase 3rd party mirrors for safe vision towing. I'm going back to a full size Van as my next purchase so my question is for the full size Transit: (1) What will the towing capacity be for the Transit.? (2) Will it even come with a tow pkg.? (3) Will it come with adequate towing mirrors?
Ryan H 01/30/2013
AWD option.
Must have AWD option...
This will be a great vehicle, the only thing better would be if I could purchase factory outfitted with AWD. I would pay the extra and I know lots of others that would too.

Come one Ford, you are about to hit it out of the park in regards to options available on this new Transit: roof heights, body styles, wheelbase and body lengths, engine options... what about the drivetrain options??? AWD. If you make it, we will buy it...
Chris N 12/17/2012
Tes T 12/17/2012
Brad B 12/17/2012
Hey Ford ! Having traveled in Europe I've seen the older Transit models and they are engineered to be everything from hi-end people movers to Joe the plumber's work vehicle. The taxi company who took us to the airport (an other places) used the Transit. Didn't get to drive one but it was extremely quiet, even with the diesel engine, the gas models even quieter. The interior fit and finish was very good. This vehicle with the all-wheel-drive option and 3.8 eco-boost engine will be very serious competition in both private sector and public service sector sales as the interior space is greater than the standard 4WD vehicles. From a horse farmers perspective I'm hoping in about 2 years that Ford gives us the Cab only model with the Euro-Styled flat-bed body I've seen in France. I like the fold down sides that turns a pickup into a flat-bed body. This new Transit is truly a world class combination of style and value that will lend itself to customer customization. Jose P asked about the capacity for motorized wheel chair. Yes, a French elder-care center had both lo-top and hi-top models in use. Just one question, Richard what's wrong with the Mustang?
Richard F 12/15/2012
I believe will be a great truck because all it seems like Ford can hit is home runs except for the Mustang that is a grand slam.
Richard F 12/15/2012
I believe will be a great truck because all it seems like Ford can hit is home runs except for the Mustang that is a grand slam.
jose p 12/14/2012
is this vehicle fitted to lift and accomodate a motorized wheelchair?
First Look at the All-new Global Transit and Transit Connect Commercial Vehicles
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