Unminivan Moments

By Ford Social Member

What do the world’s largest ball of twine, muffler man and Mighty Joe the Gorilla have in common? Absolutely nothing, unless you get to one of these attractions in a Ford Transit Connect Wagon . Only then will you discover they are somehow wonderfully connected by something we call unminivan moments.

And what are those? Unminivan moments are places and events that reconnect people with America’s most unique attractions in a vehicle that’s every bit as different as the people, places and mysteries encountered along the way.

We introduced the all-new Ford Transit Connect Wagon as the unminivan because it is unlike any other product in the Ford product line-up. It drives like a car, has the flexibility of a utility, and can haul like some pick-ups. It combines affordability, functionality and fuel efficiency. Most importantly, it’s fun and unpredictable. You might even say it’s a little quirky.  So just like you’d give your kid sister a nickname, we decided to nickname the Transit Connect Wagon the “unminivan.”

Throughout the summer, we’re setting out to create one-of-a-kind experiences for one-of-a-kind people who want to forge their own paths. We’re powering the ultimate road trips with the unminivan giving drivers (and up to six passengers) the ultimate freedom to explore and reconnect with oddball America, all while sharing their quirky stories along the way.

While a minivan moment might be a visit to a chain amusement park – fun, but predictable – an unminivan moment is off-the-beaten path. Something you probably wouldn’t think about unless you saw it on a friend’s social channel. Something like the world’s largest fork or the largest cow made out of butter.

So join us for an unminivan look at America and share your unminivan moments. We want to hear all about the uncommon adventures that only happen when you stop and smell the cow chip museum or rest your feet at the Shoe Tree in the Nevada desert!  The delight is in the journey, including the car conversations, the playlist and the best burger that you’ve ever had along the way.  Share your favorite oddball destinations images, videos and stories with us – and tag them #unminivan moments!
Unminivan Moments
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