Taxi! Ford Transit Connect Taxis are Headed to NYC

By Ford Social Member

Picture yourself saying, “Let me tell you about the fantastic taxi experience I had today!” Thanks to Ford, you might just say that the next time you hail a taxi in New York City, and we think that the taxi drivers themselves may also offer up some praise. The first Ford Transit Connect Taxis are now in service there and are part of an initial order for the vehicle following the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission’s approval for their use in the city.

Now, how can we be certain the Transit Connect Taxis will make life grand for taxi drivers, too? Because they helped to develop the vehicle! Ford visited cities across the U.S. to speak with drivers, owners and city officials about what they wanted, and the feedback on the final product has ranged from comfortable and roomy to durable and “great.”

Headroom, visibility and easier passenger entry and exit through the sliding doors are among the vehicle’s assets. A 39-foot turning diameter takes the pressure off drivers, making it easier to handle tight spots, and the 2.0-liter inline-four engine gets an estimated 22 mpg city and 27 mpg highway, an improvement of about 30 percent compared to traditional taxis. The Transit Connect Taxi is also available with an engine prep package for converting to compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied propane gas (LPG).

More than 400 of the Transit Connects are headed to NYC (total orders across the United States are approaching 1,000 in its first year on the market). Cities where taxicab company operators have ordered Transit Connect Taxis in addition to New York include Los Angeles, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Tampa, Fla., Orlando, Fla., Hartford, Conn. and West Haven, Conn.

Transit Connect Taxi also has been approved by governing agencies in Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston, cities that require taxis to meet certain requirements. Additionally, it has been approved for use at Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority and at San Francisco International Airport by the SFO Airport Commission.
Juston Preble 10/07/2011
The Transit Connect is a great idea, but I think its trying to appeal to more markets than it is useful for... Many of the Fleet buyers like pest control companies etc... all over the USA feel like they are getting forced to buy this vehicle because the Ranger is being discontinued... Ranger is a work truck... Guys like trucks... Many fleet guys are not interested in being sold that the Transit Connect is the way of the future... Its good for Floral Shops, Mobil Dog groomers, Taxis, etc... The Ranger just needs the 2.0 EcoBoost so that fleet guys can get the job done with better fuel economy... The current high mileage engine offered in Ranger has no useful Torque for Truck Guys who need torque. The current V6 offered is their only choice to get the needed torque and then you loose your economy and might as well get a F150 if the F150 were $10,000 cheaper to make the financial case with the CFO or your CPA... Offer the Ranger with the 2.0 EcoBoost
David Galindo Garcia 09/09/2011
es curioso ver un taxi en Nueva York de una Connect, me gusta, saludos a los hermanos norteamericanos que habeis estado en la JMJ de Madrid
Julie Garrett 09/07/2011
I truly dislike the Ford Trransit Looks more like a Japanese auto than a 'real' Ford!!!!!
Jake Weinstein 09/07/2011
Dhani Harris 09/07/2011
but from so many quality issues rised by US consumers for the US Ford, I think the US Ford is the trash, or everybody just love to complain?
Mark Milliken 09/07/2011
Um losers.. Although they are great for my tow trucks.. Foreign euro trash.. Keep it over seas ford.. Or I can find a new ride
John Beck 09/07/2011
I will stick with the Impala and Taurus, we have 168 in our fleet in Toronto with 98 % in service rate compared to 85 % with the Camry.
Umut Yıldız 09/07/2011
İf you wanna more comfort and quite , buy Toyota Camry 3.0 instead of Ford transit. But more gasoline consumption, more maintenance cost...all of the taxis camry in dubai...
Umut Yıldız 09/07/2011
Ford TRansit connect are assembled upon special inquiries by ford TR (Turkish Republic). 2.0 lt engine with automatic transmission.
Rose Hansen 09/07/2011
Yes, yes, yes, ..... FORD
Adrian M. Clements 09/07/2011
I go to NYC every other weekend, and will ONLY get in a Ford Crown Victoria or Ford Escape taxi - NO TOYOTAS! I look forward to adding the Ford Transit Connect to my list of approved taxis...
David Kehlert 09/07/2011
Hmmm... I Like the crown Victoria more than the Transit :( V8 ford for ever!!!!
Jeremy Omlie 09/07/2011
I'm driving the CNG one right now and I hate it as a Las Vegas taxi driver. Locks a pain, no pickup, and losing time and money filling up midday at one of two stations in Las Vegas cause I only get about 100 miles to the tank.
TamAirah Pedersen Campbell 09/07/2011
Paul McAteer 09/07/2011
I've had both, (from Ireland now in Illinois) The old Vicky (Canadian built by the way) was/is a great old tank, but its just too thirsty these days to earn its keep as a fleet vehicle.
Richard Wilson 09/07/2011
Looking forward to a better experience. Rely on cabs totally in NYC.
Craig Holroyd 09/07/2011
A crown vic can easily last over 250k miles and this van barley looks like it will last a year in NYC. Please. Like getting into a cracker jack box. Lame.
Lawrence Whitlock 09/07/2011
Even though the vehicle is built overseas, it is built by an American based company that pays American taxes and so on. The Crown Victoria is gone and it is time to move on. Rather than bashing American based companies we should support them before they are gone like so many before them.
Carl Spanners Masters 09/07/2011
Never heard of 1 or seen 1 but if there anything like JEEP or CHRYSLER to go by then cant say I will like them
Tracey Jaqueline Chapman 09/07/2011
From uk and I love a ford crown Victoria , but I also love a ford connect van my dad owns both yes he has a crown vic and a connect I love driving his van it's fun yo drive and every opportunity I get I borrow it just wished he would let me drive the crown as I love it too I think USA should have both as taxi it would suit different people to choose where as the crown vic should be the police car xxx
Greg Wavell 09/07/2011
Dominic the bmw is a german company not american.
John Paul Hussein 09/07/2011
^Crown Vic hater!
Carl Spanners Masters 09/07/2011
The state the econemy is in no wonder the u.s are using them as there so cheap to run
Bikers Pocket Guide 09/07/2011
I like this small van !! YEP BPG all over it !! Great on gas too!!
Mike Pignatelli 09/07/2011
Thanks Ford....for nothing!!!!!
Carl Spanners Masters 09/07/2011
Im from the UK and a mechanic and think there great vehicles connect and full size and at the end of the day theres no point arguing coz there still going to use them in the u.s
John Paul Hussein 09/07/2011
Yep, the Crown Victoria is popular in the Middle East (GCC), especially in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia!
Jihad Al-Qurashi 09/07/2011
Ground Victoria is a great car you don't know how much she is popular in my country a legondery RWD V8.
Dominick Ruggiero 09/07/2011
after they pay wages and bills in other countries the profits stay like what .45 of every sale? maybe a bit more touch less
Our American Cars 09/07/2011
Even if they are not US Built, they are a US brand and the profits stay here in the USA
Dominick Ruggiero 09/07/2011
thanks :)
Lorenzo Casiraghi 09/07/2011
i think that it's very good than nissan nv 200
Dominick Ruggiero 09/07/2011
Crown Vics are Fords..what ever happined to the Checker!!!!!! now there was a purpose built tank of a machine..whos with me on this..can I get an amen?!
Dominick Ruggiero 09/07/2011
Crown Vics are Fords..what ever happined to the Checker!!!!!! now there was a purpose built tank of a machine..whos with me on this..can I get an amen?!
John Sherry 09/07/2011
Thew Crown Victoria is and will always be the best car for taxi/police work!
Muthafucca Jones 09/07/2011
@James they're assembled in Turkey and Romania
Dominick Ruggiero 09/07/2011
I like Turkey..esp when Im Hungry Hey Bmw is an American car company that makes cars in whats the big deal
Sgto Feder Perez 09/07/2011
it's better this....
Kostas Garis 09/07/2011
Thank god they didn't put in the Datsuns. :P
Kevin Rushing 09/07/2011
Why didn't this Ford get the big "in your face" awful looking chrome grill from the fusion and edge?? (Probably knew you couldn't sell it with that in place up front)
Michael Hallberg 09/07/2011
They be made in Turkey but they are the product of an American company.
Nick Fersch 09/07/2011
The Transit Connect is built in Turkey for the time being.
Mike Junta 09/07/2011
Still better then Nissan. at least the profits stay in the USA!
Kevin Rushing 09/07/2011
Why didn't this ford get the big ugly crome grill like the Fusion??
Tim Theodorou 09/07/2011
Crown Victoria killers!!!!!
James C. McDowell ET 09/07/2011
They are nice vehicles, BUT they are NOT made here in the USA. It is a product of Europe. If I am not mistaken, its a German built car. SO Nice of New York and thier UNIONS to buy NON-American Vehicles....
Paul Vasquez-Negron 09/07/2011
Better than those nissans.
Taxi! Ford Transit Connect Taxis are Headed for NYC
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