Share Your Ford Transit Story

By Cole Q.

The Ford Transit and Transit Connect vehicles have helped people in their businesses and daily lives around the world for decades – and we want to hear about it !

Share your story about how you use your Transit or Transit Connect. Do you own a small business and rely on it to deliver goods or provide mobile service to customers? Help deliver supplies to a food bank or help your community in some other way? Have a Transit Connect that you use as a Taxi? Since its introduction in 2010, Ford Transit Connect Taxi has entered service in major metropolitan areas. Tell us about some of most interesting people you have transported!

You can also download the Ford Social Transit Connect badge to show your pride in your vehicle!

The versatile Transit and Transit Connect vehicles can be used in hundreds of ways to help people become everyday heros, and we want you to share your story. Click here to upload your story, and feel free to add a photo or video!

The all-new full-size rear-wheel-drive Transit van will start production in North America in 2013 and will be available with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost® V6 engine. We shared details of the entire revised Ford Transit and Transit Connect vehicle line from a special Go Further program in Amsterdam. Chris Brewer, Ford Commercial Vehicle Engineer, gave us an overview of the new vehicles and what they’ll mean for North America. Click here to watch the video and read the story from that event.

We also recently announced that the Ford Transit Connect Wagon will be coming to the U.S., expanding the family of Transit Connect vehicles. This new vehicle will seat up to seven, and it will feature sliding side doors and fold-flat second- and third-row seating.
Barbara 12/06/2012
I love my 2011 Transit Connect. It's the first Ford I have owned. I bought it because it meets my needs. For those wanting something larger, well there is. Other models! The good thing about the Connect is that it can get into small places. I'm doing a simple camperizing job myself along with some custom built work I can't do. Why did they get rid of the front wheel drive? I stopped using rear wheel drive vehicles 30 years ago.
Ozzy 11/29/2012
When is Ford going to come out with a mid size sports coupe to tackle against cars like the Toyota/Subaru BRZ o the Hyundai Volester.
Mustangs are great cars but they are on the high end of the great cars, I think Ford should focus on making a rear end drive car pushing with at less 285 horsepower stock, mid size coupe in the price range of mid 20k to mid 30k
Brian L 11/28/2012
Why is Ford getting rid or there Ranger. Not a smart move! Personally know of people wanting a ranger and was told the transit is its replacement. Had to go buy a competitors truck. The transit can't even pull a small trailor. This is coming from life long ford owners. Sad day for ford fans. R.I.P Ranger
SHAYNE S 11/27/2012
I just purchased a 2012 F-250 CC 4X4. I love the truck but i do not have any cup holders for the rear seat. I have a 40/20/40 front seat which has 2 cup holders for the front passengers. My kids have no place to store there drink's while traveling in the back seat. Is there any option that i can purchase to correct this? Help please.
Share Your Ford Transit Story
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