No Tents Required

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Growing up, David Bahn often took fishing trips with his father, camping out under the stars in the wilds of Alaska and Texas.

So David wasn’t a complete stranger to the outdoors when he and his wife, Tracy, took a two-week camping trip in September 2011 to celebrate David’s retirement. Instead of sleeping under open sky, however, they camped in their brand-new 2011 Ford Transit Connect. “We basically lived in it for two weeks,” said David, of their campsite-to-campsite journey. They nicknamed the dark-blue van the Blue Goose.

Departing from their home in Haughton, Louisiana, David and Tracy – joined by her parents, who traveled in an RV – headed west on a multistate adventure through Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.

“When I retired, I decided I wanted to see places I’d seen before and places I haven’t seen,” said David. The list of sights unseen included the Grand Canyon, the dramatic vistas of Monument Valley in Utah and the cliff dwellings of the Ancestral Pueblo people in Mesa Verde, Colorado.
After daytime sightseeing in the Transit Connect, David and Tracy would unload the gear, fold up the seats, and sleep in the back of the vehicle at their campsite each night.

Through the desert heat and on mountain ascents, David says, the Transit Connect performed well. “It drove wonderfully,” he says. “It’s a four-cylinder, but even weighted down with stuff, we had no problems, no overheating. It was a perfect little traveling companion.”

After the successful trip in the Transit Connect, David and Tracy decided to continue traveling, but to upgrade to somewhat more luxurious sleeping accommodations for themselves and their three Yorkies. Later that autumn, they purchased a 2011 Ford F-150 to tow a pop-up camper. They have used it to visit Amish country in Ohio, the mountains of North Carolina and Beavers Bend State Park, near Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

Like his father before him, “I’ve been a Ford man just about all my life,” says David. He already has the F-150 and camper ready for a trip to Big Bend National Park this spring.
Ford Social 07/10/2014
Hi David! Thank you for sharing your story. We love hearing about cool ways to use the Transit Connect for work and recreation! - Ford Social
No Tents Required
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