Ford Transit Connect Named Truck of the Year

By Ford Social Member

The 2010 Ford Transit Connect handily hauled home the 2010 North American Truck of the Year. The award was announced at a 2010 North American International Auto Show news conference.

The Transit Connect is part of the Ford global portfolio of products, and was introduced to North America in 2009 to meet the unique needs of small business owners. The Transit Connect is a spacious, fuel-efficient alternative to larger commercial vehicles, and it’s ideal for navigating U.S. cities.

The 2010 North American Truck of the Year recognizes the most outstanding vehicle of the year based on many factors, including innovation, design, safety, handling, driver satisfaction and value. To be eligible, vehicles must be all-new or substantially changed from the previous model. The jury is comprised of 50 automotive journalists in Canada and the United States, representing newspapers, magazines, web sites, television and radio shows.

This is the 17th year of the award, and the 2010 Ford Transit Connect was selected above nine other competitors. Ford has a bit of experience winning this award. Most recently, the F-150 was the 2009 North American Truck of the Year. A Ford vehicle has taken home the honors five times; more than any other brand.

The 2010 Ford Transit Connect is a global Ford product that can be adapted to multiple commercial business applications.  It has more than double the cargo-carrying space of the Chevrolet HHR Panel, and it offers users a cargo payload of up to 1,600 pounds, which means that it can carry a larger payload than the full-size Dodge Ram 1500 standard-cab short-box pickup truck.

With 135 cubic feet of Transit Connect cargo volume, no other vehicle in the American market can deliver this combination of capacity and fuel economy.

Transit Connect is powered by a 2.0-liter I-4 engine with a four-speed automatic overdrive transmission.  The vehicle offers double the fuel economy of full-size vans with a rating of 22 mpg city and 25 mpg highway.

More than 600,000 Ford Transit Connects have been sold since 2003, to customers in 58 countries and on four continents.

For more information on the 2010 Ford Transit Connect, please click here.
David 03/03/2012
It's 2012 and Ford still has not paid attention to what the American public is asking for - manual trans, diesel motor options and a couple of feet longer so it could be converted into a very decent camper.
Any time time soon Ford. You guys are what most Americans would like to buy from (based on the bailout mess of most other manufactures), this could be a big seller!!!!!
robin 05/28/2011
If it came in a diesel and standard transmission, we would be driving one now, until then we will look elswhere
Dale Thomas 03/18/2011
When are American manufacturers of these small economical trucks and vans going to realize that we choose them to save on fuel costs? You have perfectly good diesel engines in European Fords that get over 60 miles a gallon. Get off you butts, put them in a transit and business will flock to them.

Don't think diesel will be excepted? Look how Ford pichup diesels there are, Volkswagon Jtta TDI's (which they pretty much sell everything they import).

Give us what we want and help us small businesses reduce fuel costs. Give us the diesel. (and not the diesel hybrid!!~!!)
Wyl 02/02/2011
I too am frustrated by the american car companies taking away the option of the manual trans and whats with the lack of variety on the diesel scene there are so many people who would jump at the chance to own a small diesel and what about four wheel drive in this new european style van!!
Pete 01/26/2011
Cool van...but I\\'d only consider one if it came in a 5-speed manual. Otherwise, I\\'ll stick with my 4-cyl 5-speed manual Toyota 4-Runner.
Richard Savary 09/01/2010
Yes, and a 5-speed transmission, and a diesel engine, preferably a very small (and a very large) one! Why does Ford not offer the same options they offer in Europe? Do they think Americans are that much clumsier, or lazier than Europeans? That corporate decision will cost them my business, and hopefully that of thousands of others like me. There ARE (a few) alternatives! Hopefully, Ford with smarten up eventually, so we will finally be able to purchase what are OTHERWISE very fine utility and family vehicles.
Richard Savary 09/01/2010
I'm with you. I positively NEED a manual transmission, and would prefer a diesel engine, both features which are available, and a standard choice in Europe. Why does Ford not offer them here (in the US)? Does it think we are far to clumsy or stupid to drive a manual? And I for one would much prefer rear- or 4-wheel drive to front-wheel drive. I know RWD is not quite as stable as FWD, in the hands of a lousy driver, but for cone who enjoys driving, RWD is BETTER.

I would not expect Ford to change this truck's entire layout of this vehicle to suit me, but the transmission and engine options should include manuals and diesels. It is certainly not unreasonable to expect that Ford offer Americans the same options available in Europe, at the very least.

Until they do, I'll have to stick with my Toyota 4Runner, which, although it is not quite as practical for carrying large loads, and does not get quite such good gas mileage, as a Transit van, it DOES have a 5-speed manual transmission, a big 3.4 liter V-6 engine, genuine 4WD, and quality, reliability and durability that is unsurpassed, as well as always working extremely well, the main point being that it has the 5-speed manual transmission that I REQUIRE.
Waid Parker 07/22/2010
I get to England almost yearly, and see them all ovewr there. The wagon version has 3 rows of seats, and 3 side windows (front door, side door, rear side panel). I really need the third window to back out of diagonal parking spaces safely. Diesel engine is another big plus there. High mileage claims however are for a 5 liter gallon, not our 3.85 liter gallon. Reduce by 20%. 1 foot longer would carry my usual cargo. I had 350,000 miles on my Ford E150 with the inline 6 truck engine. 17+ mpg. New owner says still passing California smog tests with flying colors. That engine not available now.
Heather 07/21/2010
We have an 18 year old whom is in a wheelchair & we are buying a transit That is going to Malley industries in New Brunswick for wheelchair conversion
It is getting a lowerd floor with a ramp in the back with tie downs of course
Bill 05/29/2010
If a 6 cylinder engine option was available, I could seriously consider purchasing this truck. I love the size of the vehicle and style. The model I test drove was great in nearly every aspect except for acceleration. It was taxed going up steep hills and driveways. I found this vehicle difficult to get up to speed in a timely manner when driving on the city freeway and maneuvering fast moving interstate traffic. The ability to pass in a quick and safe manner hampered by the lack of power. I do love the size of this vehicle. Great in parking decks and small parking spaces. Great moving around on city streets. The cargo space is perfect. If this vehicle could have more power it would be perfect!
toddh 05/19/2010
Just got back europe: PLEASE BRING US A TRANSIT CONNECT WITH A 5SPD AND DIESEL!! They are everywhere. We rented a subcompact diesel Citroen C3 4 door hatchback and got a an average 63 MPG for a two week rental without really trying too hard.

FORD - are you listening? HOW ABOUT A Transit econet full size van (google it)?

Bring these rigs with diesels and and many more of us will buy!
Mike Fox 03/07/2010
Yes the rear seats do fold up, but my Father needs those seats to be at least a few inches to 1 foot further back. Our now gone 1991 Plymouth Voyager had two rear bench seats a short width 2nd row and a full width 3rd row which both could be switched to either location but the larger full width one also was on a frame that allowed it to be pushed further forward for more storage room in the rear end. (wish the shorter seat would have done that too)

Anyhow my point is that they easily lifted out of built in floor anchors and locked into them with the latches, which is what I wish the Transit Connect seats would do instead of being BOLTED in place and cannot even slide a bit further back to make it easier for him to get in because there really is not much room for his legs to get inside at the sliding doors at the B Pillars. It is even harder for him because he can hardly walk to begin with. If those seats were easily removed / replaced with lock-in latches and could also slide back further a bit that would be perfect for him and many others too, I'm sure.

Ford needs to realize that they have a GREAT VEHICLE for DISABLED people who need to use WHEELCHAIRS, but they need to work on some DISABILITY PACKAGES for the Transit Connect van.

One other thing that would be better too, would be to have no floor center console; just open floor, and have the ability to swivel the front seats to face the rear to be able to switch from driving or passenger front seats into a wheelchair withOUT having to go outside in the rain to get into it.

I'm sure if Ford would just TRY TO LISTEN to us, we could help to make it the PERFECT DISABILITY VAN that would be "Second to None" as they say, and also help the many millions of elderly and soon to be elderly "Baby Boomers" who would like something sporty and fun to drive and yet be a true real help to them even if they're stuck using a wheelchair or two.

That's my goal to help other disabled people and Ford as well.

Thanks for your input, but I'm writing here in HOPES that FORD WILL LISTEN TO THIS and maybe even CONTACT ME so that this can be done for Ford and the many million people who need such a vehicle.

Mike in PA
Fred 03/06/2010
I own a TC and the back seat does fold up against the front seat. I will guess that there will be a company that comes up with a conversion to this van so it can carry a wheelchair. I have a brother in law that rents motorized scooters for use at Disney and they could add van rentals to their business.
Fred 03/06/2010
These were not made for everyone. I own one with the split back seat (for grandchildren). I also work as a courier on Saturday picking up mail from 2 post offices and Fedex. My wife and oldest son's family are driving it to Florida later this month. It has built in hooks for a baby seat in the back and built in tie downs for anything you want to carry in the back. I looked at Chrysler, Mazda, Toyota and Honda vans and chose this as being more practical for what I needed it for. My only gripes are that I could not get it with vinyl seat covers and there is no on dash button to push to unlock the back "barn doors". You must push the button on the key and this is hard to do if you want to just leave the vehicle running while you jump out to unload the van. If this had a diesel engine you wouldn't normally turn the engine off just to unload something at the loading dock.
Shane 03/05/2010
If you buy from the "Big 3" the profits stay in the U.S.A not to Japan or somewhere else overseas
J Arnold 03/03/2010
Future of Ranger pickup is in doubt. Could the next generation Ranger be built from the Transit platform???
Mike Fox 03/03/2010
The Transit Connect COULD be the PERFECT vehicle for disabled people who need wheelchairs BUT, as it is now, the rear seats don't slide forward or back further and we have tried at several Ford Dealers to get some kind of ramp and some kind of locking system to lock-in the wheelchair while driving and thus far no dealer could truly help us.

With all the utility packages available for this van, you'd think SOMEONE would also think of packages for WHEELCHAIR TRANSPORT too! After all, it's name includes the word "Transport" so it should be suited to help with this as well.

Why can't dealers actually COMMUNICATE to Ford some of our rather simple ideas for changes to make this the perfect vehicle for our and many many many other families, especially since the "Baby Boomer" generation is now reaching the age where more and more would want such a perfect vehicle for their needs?

I even tried writing to the C.E.O. of Ford last Summer, and only got a typical "cookie cutter" type response.

We want to help Ford make it a very popular choice in their line-up, but NOBODY WILL LISTEN! PLEASE! SOMEBODY HELP US ON THIS!

Also please bring on the other versions of this van like the Ford Tourneo version currently available in Europe and nearby countries including Turkey where it is currently made.


Mike in PA
Phil Frogge 03/03/2010
Can you convert it to a small camper? I would rather have it in diesel.
GPav 03/02/2010
The biggest reason that you don't see the number of diesels in the US as in other countries is due to fuel taxes. Diesel is taxed at a higher rate than gas to rake in more money fron the truckers. In Europe as in many other areas the tax is the same on gas and diesel. Diesel also costs less to produce (before the newest blends came out) than gas. Its almost a by product of the gas process. The oil companies just enjoy sticking it to us in the US. They must think we all have deep pockets like them. Transit Connect is fantastic. drives well and seems to have plenty of power even with more than a 1000 lbs in it.
Bill 03/02/2010
Yes the Transit is built in Turkey, but the manufacturing plant is still owned ny Ford. This plant has been manufacturing vehicle for European use for years. Ford has now just been able to import it. Our EPA is to blame for the diesel engine not making it though! That engine actually burns cleaner than the gas and get alomost double the mileage! Go figure!
REC 03/02/2010
I bought mine in August, and just passed the 10K mile mark. I started looking at them when Ford announced they would be coming to the US a couple of years back. It looked interesting, and has turned out to be a pretty nice little van for my purposes. I find it quite fun to drive, and love the idea that it is small enough to fit in tight spaces with no issue. (Takes me back to my '89 Bronco II - all time favorite!) I also like that it passes gas stations and doesn't want to pull in to most of them. I am averaging 24 MPG for the most part. US built, diesel and hybrid may be all in the future - but a great little van, excellent fuel economy and practicalility are here now.
My $.02... your mileage may vary...
AccuSpect 03/02/2010
I own a home inspection company. I'd love to trade in my HHR Panel for an extended wheel base version with the turbo diesel. That would would be ideal for my company. Obviously well received in Europe, send them here.
carl 03/02/2010
would like to see a hybrid version of the passenger (second seat) model that could also convert to a camper for two- have a good inflatable bed, and ready to go....Z753
John O 03/02/2010
My wife breeds and trains Labrador Retrievers and has been giving some serious thought to the Ford Transit Connect as her dog training mobile. She's scoped it out and figures set up properly, she could get all her gear inside as well as at least 4 dogs in dog crates and still have a comfortable and economic transport! After sending this story to her, ya never know!
Brad P 03/02/2010
I bought a black Transit Connect Wagon XLT in November. I now have 3600 miles on it and I can say is that it is an awesome family vehicle. The bench seat easily hold three adults comfortably. The engine is more than adequate. There is room for bringing plenty of toys. The headroom is spectacular and the overhead shelf is very nice. It definiteley drives small for it's size, ie very manueverable.
The gas mileage in the city is 22mpg and up to 27mpg on the highway. The suspension is a little harsh, but we can deal with it.
The only thing that I may be adding to it this spring, is a swing-out reciever hitch for a bike rack. I heard rumor that it may effect the back-up alarm. I'll do some testing prior to proceeding.
Ford gets an A+ again in my book.
Lamar 03/02/2010
Bill - I think you have it right not only for this vehicle but small diesel engines for cars would make a whole lot more sense than the complicated hybrid technology that for many will never pay for itself and recently has been very problematic with safety issues.
Jim Phelps 02/25/2010
When does this come to the US with a Diesel & 5 Speed?
Ryan May 02/24/2010
Too bad this thing doesn' t at least offer the OPTION of a 5 or 6 speed manual transmission. These things are rather granny geared with the 4sp auto and would do much better with a manual transmission regardless of gas or diesel. They sell them elsewhere, why not at least offer the option here and I agree as well, leave the interior for those of us who want both worlds. Heck I would prefer a bench seat up front.
To be honest I went to look at one and if it would have had
1. 5sp manual
2. Bench Seat
3. lower roof
4. Interior
5. 8 inches longer

I would be driving one now, as it is its not long enough for the tables I carry I couldn't buy it. It was just slightly too short and the roof was quite a bit higher than it needed to be for what I carry.

Ah well
E and D in NH 02/17/2010
My husband owned a Ford150 for years with over 150,000 miles on it. When he did buy a new truck, it was a Chevy... BIG MISTAKE. He doesn't like it at all and misses his Ford. His next truck will again be a Ford. I must also add that the new TV spot by Chevy that disses the FORD trucks makes me ill. It's too bad they have to attack a competitor to sell vehicles. It reminds of a political commercial. UGH Enforced our decision to go back to FORD, who took NO tax dollars and is doing just fine, thank you!
Helen in Houston 02/14/2010
I just read about the Transit a few days ago. Today from the Ford website I saw they are offering it in Electric models later this year. I do not even need to test drive it. I am buying it. The functionally is what sold me, the Electric closed the deal for me. I do not own a business, but I might start selling produce @ a Farmers Market in the future. Either way, It is the ultimate in small yet insanely functional.
DMurray 02/14/2010
Why not a diesel hybrid makes sence in the transit connect.
D Murray 02/14/2010
transit connect needs to be made longer to have a larger side entry to allow whellchair access at least 31-35 inch ramp. no pun- intended a little short-sited. There is a large market for commercial and non commerial market for this.
Rich 02/07/2010
+1, the passenger version with 8 seat option is great. Also bring the new Diesel engine and Ford will have a winner. Why is that we don't get the eco friendly diesel engines here in the USA? I almost feel that Ford loves the Europeans more than Americans, they get the high tech good stuff and we get the gas gazzling vehicles.
Tony 02/07/2010
I see 10 plus requests for this vehicle in a diesel. I see many more requests for a diesel small vehicle like the fiesta. I don't know why Ford won't consider diesel in north america. If the purpose of all these forums is to get the voice of the customer and public, I assume you won't dismiss the opinions. Please bring the diesels to the US! Thank you.
monroe 02/05/2010
not to mention the american money(profits ) goes overseas tax free and puts our family out of work
monroe 02/05/2010
if everyone thought like that kaoss .all of our kids and grand kids would be hungry and
still be out of work
Tim 02/05/2010
Did you know that dollar value of our exports to Turkey is more than the value of our imports from Turkey. For how many countries can you say that ? Obviously they build a very high quality product in Turkey in the Transit Connect (otherwise it would not have won the award). Bottom line, a qualty product from a country which imports more from the US than it exports. I'd like to have this balance with all the countries that the US trades with.
Pavel 02/04/2010
Hallo,I´m from Czech republic,we have Ford Connect,I know that it is good small pick-up for my wife and for my dogs.Is true it made in Turkey.I think that the best Ford are made in USA than for excample Ranger from Thailand.Have a good day my american friends,regards!
Koseli 02/02/2010
Owner of the Turkish Ford factory is Ford too. Until this year that car sold to Europe, Middleast etc. People over there like it. And benefits from that sales came to USA. That guys didn't complain to buy a car which owner of its factory belongs to Americans. Why you should complain to buy a car just for Turkish workmanship. Today we are living in a global world not in an old Soviet Republic. For getting more benefit American companies should think globally.
By the way more than 20 years Ford made better cars for European customers. Just check European Focus and Escort with the American ones.
frank smith 02/01/2010
would it be possible to get a right hand driveTransit Connect? I deliver mail and this vehicle would be perfect.
edvard 02/01/2010
Go find us an "American" car that's entirely made in the USA and perhaps you'd have an argument. The fact is that there hasn't been an entirely USA made car or vehicle for the better part of 20 years. It just does not exist. So perhaps you get a warm fuzzy feeling driving an F-150, but the truth is that quite a few of those parts are from places like Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and so on. Auto manufacturing just like economics is now a truly global affair and the 1950's America where we actually made what we sold is long-gone.
edvard 02/01/2010
You would be hard pressed to find any car from any manufacturer made in entirely in the country of its corporate headquarters location. My 96' Tacoma is was made in Fremont, CA and around 65% of the parts are from US companies including a large parts plant in TN, as well as a slew of parts made by Delphi which also supplies parts for GM. In fact, the radiator in mine has "GM" stamped into the plastic. It was made by American workers in an American owned plant.

At the same time my Uncle owns a Ford F-350. The truck is made in in a US plant but I've looked under the hood and its put together with parts from Brazil, Mexico, France, the US, and probably a few thrown in from other places.

Ford is definitely doing something right with this van. I've seen probably 5-6 of them on the freeway just this last week and they haven't been out that long. They are great vehicles for companies and service professionals. Lastly, I've been a life-long Toyota owner but over the last few years Toyota has seemingly gone the direction that the "Big 3" used to go, which is to pump out product with no regard to quality. I am now seriously considering Ford as a possible future vehicle because they have made some major improvements to their quality. So in short perhaps some people might gripe that Ford and others are importing cars from somewhere else or making cars with some foreign components. In the end all that matters is whether the product is good or not and if its a Ford those sales means money in their pockets to spend on research, development, and manufacturing here in the US and elsewhere. I don't see anything wrong with that.
Derrick 01/31/2010
Point being...we as Americans should research and demand that vehicles be made here to keep our own economy strong. We are capable of building quality vehicles here. Giving up is not an option if you want to keep the country strong.
goran cecil 01/30/2010
When a diesel and awd become available I will make this my next work truck.
Keith 01/29/2010
I have a wheelchair bound daughter. I would like to see this van desined with the wheelchair boud in mind.
glenn eaves 01/29/2010
I'd rather be tied up and beat with a wet rope than own this car...Can you say ugly?
emmanuel ibenge edet 01/29/2010
I love your company and your models of car.
Ray 01/28/2010
I wish Ford would bring the passenger version to the US... it is available in Europe - here is the link to Ford UK as a reference:
swisstruck 01/28/2010
i live in switzerland and will never drive one of this small cars
i love my f 150 and my american ranger truck
i think ford is the best car company, but a car from turkey? so small? no thank you
timothy 01/27/2010
we should care because ford IS an american company its been giving us freat products that will last with proper care just cause the transits made in turkey doesnt mean its not the same quality and engineering
David R. Filbey-Haywood 01/26/2010
I always found it a little strange that through lack of an alternative North American drivers drove around in a great big Econoline Cargo Van equipped with a V6 or V8 engine and only a toolbox and two pipes sitting on the floor. No headroom doomed the Windstar Cargo Van but the high roof of the Transit Connect alleviates that. I think the Transit has already caused enough stir that it is going to eventually sell very well in North America. And please no more talk of bigger engines; Europeans move their cargo around their cities without having to use V6 or V8 engines. The Transit can carry upto 1600 lbs with its economical 4 cylinder. Our dealership replaced four Ford Rangers with four Transit Connects as Parts delivery vehicles and the drivers love them. I drive a Windstar and would love to replace it by the wagon version of the Transit Connect. Anyone curious about the Transit Connect should go to their dealer and take one for a drive; they are fabulous little vehicles that will cause you to drive around with a happy grin on your face.
cole 01/26/2010
J D Howard 01/26/2010
Am a wheelchair patient ... Looking for van style unit w/lift capability ... that still fits thru my garage door ... Where can I see more pix and get stats ?
Paul 01/25/2010
Yes to the diesel idea--mileage w/ reg. gas not enough to get my $$.
Would love smaller truck for camping.
mak 01/25/2010
When will Ford learn that Americans want an American made and built vehicles. Especially if they are purchasing a Ford,Gm,Chrysler. It is 95% of the reason they purchase them brands is because it is suppose to be American made and built. When people buy American made vehichle,at least the money stays in their own country. People dont realize when they purchase a foreign vehicle ( Toyota,Honda,Kia,etc..) 90% of that money goes back to the foreign vehicles country. Even Ford,Gm do same thing,if you purchase one of their vehicles that are built in like Europe,well most of the money stays there because they have differant divisions like its a whole differant company. they have Ford Europe,Ford South America,Ford Russia,etc and if its built made and built outside of the US then most of the money stays in that country. So Ford needs to remember, Americans want American made and built vehicles not European made and built.
Ford needs to figure out that Americans want the diesal engines also. They put diesals in the Europe version then put them in the American version and they need to quit making the towing package an option,make it standard...... Its a work vehicle and a van that is made to haul things so a tow package should be standard on it.
Remember everyone,demand that these American Auto companies that sell you vehichles have them made and built in our own country.. Support our own country..
Stanton Gill 01/24/2010
When is Ford bring the Transit Econetic diesel engine Transit to North America. This looks great and Ford needs to bring this online very soon.
Jerry P 01/23/2010
I agree with the Fusion drivetrain and much greater fuel economy. As far as putting a hitch on this one (Ive test driven) maybe if the trailer is used to haul a bicycle. I would consider purchasing one for my communication service vehical but I don't think i can get a 6 ft. ladder in the back.
ibrahim kemal hulaku 01/23/2010
when i need carry something, i rent ford transit connect since 2003. it is perfect. i recommend every people needs a car for carry something or have a large family.
cole 01/23/2010
You can find loads of images, lots of information and everything else you're looking for regarding Ford Transit Connect by clicking here to go to You can even build and price it online.

Cole Quinnell
Editorial Director
jed 01/22/2010
why look for diesel? don't you know how hazardous it is for the environment? cheap, it is. yet, long-term consequences await.. so, better invest with cleaner air than diesel... hahah :)
jlouie 01/22/2010
Let's see, this is truck of the year, there no pictures, little if any information, not in stock at any of the dealers, no colors available. Do they want to sell this truck?
Hakan Wolf 01/22/2010
I use two years 08 transit connect glx in Turkey. Spring also marks the arrival of an all new Ford designed and built connect diesel engine. The 1.8 liter TDCI diesel werhouse is expected to lead the class in fuel economy towing, hauling, horsepower and torque. 1.8 TDCI engine 110 ps, 280 Nm torque. 0-100 km 12.5 second. 6 liter euro diesel use it for 100 km. Very good car.
kaoss 01/22/2010
My wife's Saturn vue is a rebadged Opel that is built by Daewoo in India with a motor that is built in Mexico, sold here as a good old GM. My point being, give up on the only buy American cars crap.
Jeremy 01/22/2010
Yes a Diesel, I also wish it was about 8 inches longer. Whne will this every happen
Mick Ballance 01/22/2010
I want a diesel with a manual transmission that I can tow behind my motor home. I waiting, What's the problem Ford?
IKC,INC 01/20/2010
We would like to buy a transit connect.
Do you have any special offers or cupons to use at the Ford dealer to get an additional discount
Paul G 01/20/2010
A six speed standard. "Absolutely" Rear wheel drive just doesn't cut it. Four wheel drive is a must have option for getting through snow. A trailer hitch should be standard equipment and an optional six or eight cylinder gas engine along with a diesel would give it enough power to get the job done. It could be one vehicle that could take you to work all week and haul your toys and gear on the weekends
Gene 01/20/2010
I live in a small town in Alberta, and our ford dealer sells them. Do wish it came with a diesel motor though. Or Hybrid be better option?
Pete Floege 01/19/2010
I'm with you guys a 1.6 turbodiesel like you sell in europe with a 6 speed manual and you've got a real vehicle for the inteligent buyer.
John 01/19/2010
Just waiting on the diesel !!!
JIM 01/18/2010
Does anyone out there know that this vehicle is made in Turkey? For real. Do the research. So much for being an American Car Company. Why should we care about cars made in Turkey???
W W Dorroh 01/18/2010
Looks top heavy out of propoprtion and like a strong wind would blow it over. (I am a Ford fan)
Henry 01/18/2010
Okay, the Transit Connect does look cool and is a great solution for so many needs - but how can it win North American Truck of the Year when you cannot get it in Canada? Is Canada not part of North America anymore? Seems like a shallow victory - perhaps the 2nd place winner, the Subaru Outback, which is available in USA, Canada and Mexico should be the real winner! Subaru is a winner with me!
Trudy 01/18/2010
That is what I bought my Transit for and I love it. I can fit ALL my crates and equipment. Perfect dog mobile!
Loretta 01/17/2010
If this Ford Transit Connect comes in fully furnished, I want one. I want to haul myself, dog, and Cafe Don Vittorio, gourmet Costa Rican coffee, around the state(s) in it. Does it get good mileage in the city and on the freeways? Where can i test-drive one?
Tim 01/17/2010
You have got to be kidding me, this is Truck of the Year, what has our country come to? This is on par with the ill-fated Pontiac Aztec another atrocious design.
billy oberry 01/16/2010
i seen one come thru our little town yesterday, very impressive, i need one to haul my small motorcycle, and go camping.
Ron Bell 01/16/2010
Put a Diesel in it and I will buy one.
mario 01/16/2010
make diesel
berkay 01/16/2010
come on, your comment is a prejudgement, we are all healthy and happy Connect owners in TURKEY. Transit connect is the market leader for its segment in TURKEY. Ford, Hyundai, Renault and Mercedes have their own factories at different cities. Also Turkey is not a India or Irak. Turkey is an European country and USA is our best partner country. Dont worry :)
David G. Parent 01/16/2010
Good Luck to Ford with this one! I will pay off my Honda loan next year and would like to have a van or a pickup truck. This looks like it could be my next purchase!
shawn 01/15/2010
I drove these styles when I lived overseas glad to see them here as a ford stock holder have you seen any wheel chair conversions. I think it would be great for my dad
mike 01/15/2010
These are available as fully finished vehicles outside the US. As a matter of fact, from what I have been told, these actually arrive fully finished and the interiors are removed to make them work vehicles.
IMO This would be a great vehicle if Ford would simply upgrade the drive train. Come on Ford, a 4 speed auto? Where do you even source that from in 2010?
With the new drive train from the Fusion, I would bet this would get about 30Mpg.
crabber1967 01/14/2010
I would love to see this vehicle available in a 'civilian' version. A vehicle that would be usable for everyday use by the average citizen. It appears right now to be like the traditional van, just a hollow box in the back. However, I understand that most traditional vans are sold to "businesses" that are, in fact, conversion companies. Conversions of the Transit may begin appearing soon, but it would be nice to be able to get a simply finished interior direst from Ford; just some upholstery and sound insulation. This is a neat vehicle, I find in very intriguing, and a possibility as a second vehicle that would have the space for the occasional large load, and even as a daily commuter.
mr. a-go-go 01/14/2010
Erg, I mean search for "Transit Connect a-go-gos"
mr. a-go-go 01/14/2010
I have been thinking just the same thing about using the Transit Connect as a small camper. We have been trying to talk Ford into helping us make it happen. Search Google for "Transit Connect a-go-go.
david 01/14/2010
when is the electric model coming out? And if it's being made by Azure Dynamics of Michigan (for Ford), will there be a hybrid model just like the delivery vans they make for fedex?
ian 01/14/2010
How many times must we ask you folks to give us a small diesel?

I've had Ford trucks and vans ever since I started driving, but if Mahindra gets it products to market this year, you can guess at who is going to get my hard-earned.
WCAT 01/14/2010
I was thinking the exact same thing. Would make a great recreational vehicle for campers without having to tow another vehicle. Kayaks on top and a place to carry two or three bikes. Just pull up to a campsite and slide open the door. Slide out the attached customized air inflatable tent mounted above the door opening and now you have accomodations for five. Deflate tent in about 5 minutes, store, and on to the next campsite. Could easily include options for LCD TV, speakers, lighting, etc.
helen 01/13/2010
I love my Windstar, but now if the transit were a passenger / pet friendly I would consider maybe giving it a chance, it will in my opinion be hard to beat my Star
Wendell 01/13/2010
Everything I have seen of this is awsome, but I can NOT buy a van made in Turkey. Please make this in the Motor City and I will buy it. At least in the USA.
Bill 01/13/2010
Ditto, Isabelle! Ford management "gets it," where GM does not. But PLEASE bring clean diesel to the US market.
ozay oz 01/13/2010
I buy it in Turkey,is diesel and its numer one. Connect its defferent car.
Donna 01/12/2010
I saw my first Transit in a parking lot at a dog show. There is a niche here that the Transit is perfect for! Ford does not have a "dog friendly" vehicle in the Ford line up. The vehicles are too high or the fold down areas have holes that dogs get caught in. Actually, the Windstar was the last good Ford vehicle for hauling dogs. We could remove a back seat for open space and the low entry was perfect.
Honda is reaching to dog owners with the Element. This Transit is perfect for the dog owners and the equipment, as well as the dogs. Now I can stay in the Ford family!
Jean-Louis 01/12/2010
I would love to see "camper" versions of the Transit Connect in different configurations and trim levels (ie. Basic, Deluxe), offered in addition to the commercial models now available.
I think the overall shape, size and design of this vehicle would make a perfect, personal recreational and fun 'get-away' car..
Henry 01/12/2010
if this car can build for carrey a senior and special need child wiil be very useful. just build like a big sofa in side the back .
Isabelle 01/11/2010
please, make it in diesel and I buy it! I love this but not in regular gas
Ford Transit Connect Named Truck of the Year
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