Ford Transit Connect Goes Electric

By Ford Social Member

An all-electric version of the Ford Transit Connect was debuted at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show. This zero-emissions, electric vehicle (EV) version of the small van will be in fleet operators’ hands in 2011.

We took a ride in the Transit Connect Electric during the show with Praveen Cherian, program manager for the vehicle. Watch the video to come along on the ride.

Ford is collaborating with Azure Dynamics Corporation to upfit the Transit Connect Electric with Azure’s Force Drive™ battery electric powertrain and Johnson Controls-Saft’s advanced lithium-ion battery technology.

“Transit Connect Electric exemplifies how we are leveraging our relationships as well as our hybrid and advanced powertrain programs to bring energy-efficient technologies from the laboratory to the street,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development. “Not only is this an ideal vehicle for eco-conscious fleet operators, it is an important part of Ford’s future.”

The Ford Transit was recently named the 2010 North American Truck of the Year; click here for more details.

In addition to the Transit Connect Electric, Ford plans to bring three more electrified vehicles to market by 2012: the Focus Electric in 2011, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in 2012 and a next-generation hybrid in 2012.

Ford Transit Connect Electric goes into production in 2011. It will be well-suited for commercial fleets that travel predictable, short-range routes with frequent stop-and-go driving in urban and suburban environments, and have a central location for daily recharging. The vehicle, which will accelerate at a similar rate as the gas-powered Transit Connect and will have a top speed of 75 mph, has a targeted range of up to 80 miles on a full charge.

Owners will have the option of recharging the Transit Connect Electric with either a standard 110V outlet or preferably a 220V charge station installed at the user’s base of operations for optimal recharging in six to eight hours. A transportable cord that works with both types of outlets will be available for recharging at both kinds of locations.

The vehicle’s charge port is located above the passenger-side rear wheel well. The onboard liquid-cooled 28-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack is charged by connecting the charge port. Inside the vehicle, an onboard charger converts the AC power from the electric grid to DC power to charge the battery pack.

You can find more information on the 2011 Ford Super Duty at or visit our new trucks section to determine which truck is the best truck for you.
Brenda B 06/04/2014
I have noticed that Western Michigan University uses them for the service vehicle fleet in Kalamazoo Mi.
Bernie Negrete 05/10/2010
It's about time! If Ford can build an EV Transit, why not a EV mini-van that could be used for commuting. I drive 60 miles/day, round trip. Throw some more batteries in and increase the range to 100 miles. That way commuters can also make those side trips to and from work. Also, 75 mph is pleny fast. I rarely reach that speed commuting on the SoCal freeways. I want one now!
pjkPA 04/05/2010
This is a cool van... really cool with electric.... but how much? That's the big question. What is the warranty on the battery ... etc. I've owned 3 FORD vehicles that were all good... the only problem is that they didn't have galvanized bodies and stainless steel exhausts like the GM products and they don't have Onstar and activated charcoal cabin filters... all alloy brakes... polarized windshield...etc...etc. I wouldn't have a problem buying this van if I could buy one for about 25K or less and it was made in the US.
Ron Doles 04/04/2010
The article mentioned a 38 kilowatt battery pack. Here in Columbus Ohio, electric is about 7 cents a kilowatt so the evening recharge would be .07 * 38 or $2.66 per day. About the cost of 1 gallon of gas here.
ted parsons 04/03/2010
I am proud to say I currently own 8 ford vehicles, our motorhome, and our E250 2003 van are equipted with a W/C lift. Question, we are about to look at new vans. The transit commute USA current version is to small. I researched that in some Europen countries they have much longer wheel base modles. Does Ford offer these longer wheel base modles in the states.

What will the price be on the Transit Connect.
Don 03/30/2010
The Ford Transit sold in Mexico has a 4 cyl turbo diesel, a six speed manual tranny. It gets about 45 mpg.
Jim Medard 03/17/2010
Hi, Love the Idea of this in a electric. One comment above mentioned solar and what a great idea especially for us in the South West. What I wanted to suggest was actually three things. One is a gas generator to extend the driving range. Two is ability to tow say a motor cycle camper and three a camper conversion for just the vehicle(not nothing really fancy like most rv's today) just a pop up top(so you could stand inside) and a swing down rear end(with a tent surround and adjustable support jacks) I believe one model in the '60's called it a turtle top and a turtle tail. Having just basics like one burner stove or microwave, a small sink and a small 2 cu.ft. electric refrig. or ice box. and a porta pottie. The tail extension could be for sleeping with air mattress. As I said very basic not a lot of extra weight. Alot of folks live in big cities and have campgrounds within 40 miles of their residence so this would be great for local excursions as big trips are luxaries most can't afford. Most Campgrounds offer electric hookups for recharge or I say could use a small generator. Oh one ther option I'd like to see is heated seats. JIM
SPARKY 03/09/2010
I drive a 30 yr old EV a 1981 Ford Escort, Jet Electra, being an Early Adapter, is a full time proposition, I run into new challanges each day. I run lead acid batterys and hve distance and speed issues. It would be a Blessing not to have to worry about those issues. Sparky
Lance Brookner 03/08/2010
Hi Joe,
I agree with your idea of a diesel powered generator to 'fuel' the electric motor or battery inorder to eliminate overnight charging. Honda's firt gas/electric vehicles worked great and gas milage was exceptional. Hopefully someone at Ford will listen and 1. offer realistic, functional options 2. build a vehicle that will last 20-years and sell millions of them.
Lance Brookner
Lance Brookner 03/08/2010
We are a dedicated Ford family and my personal vehicle is a E-350 12 person diesel van. My problem is it averages 18.999-miles per gallon since day one and now it has 350,000 miles on it and it won't quit. Thinking of replacing it with your Transit Connect but at 21 to 25 miles per gallon the operating costs are equal to all other vechicles in the market place.

Our utility company just replaced our house electric meter with a 'smart meter' which moved us into higher brackets and our utility bill is now up 39% this quarter. I would not purchase an electric vehicle knowing my electric bill will escalate; however, if a diesel version was introduced I would purchase a new one in about 1/10th of a heart beat knowing it would average near 30 MPG.
Lance Brookner
oldgriz 03/05/2010
you may get away with that for a while,but eventually it will wreck the batteries. and may I add you will be on the lower cycle of the charge so don't get caught in traffic!
oldgriz 03/05/2010
1st, a walmart converter won't do the job, this shuttle was designed for short trips only 2-3 miles,otherwise bring a large extention cord and plan a lot of rest area stops ! next,your gas bills may go away,but the states will have to get that road tax from some place, so states will hit you with a Highway Use Tax,seem far fetched ? Oregon has already started this with a plan to use gps tracking devices to be shure you don't cheat, and may I add that a recharging station is not going to be free,probably about $100 for an 8 hr charge,can't just get $20 worth ! 1st consult an electrical engineer to see what the cost will be per day etc. this may be the best info that you ever have invested in (that is what I did.).You may want to keep your gas car or you may want to drive it to keep your electric bill down! So go green,we are at an age of discovery and have a long way to go. This may be a big mistake at this time ! So go green and watch your green go $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Duane Koda 03/04/2010
I thought that the leases on the Ranger electrics were all called in by Ford. How were you able to keep yours? Tell us about your mileage range and charging time. I saw one on television very briefly and it seemed to have very good acceleration. Your experience shows seems to indicate a large potential market for electrics.
Wayne Bongiorno 03/03/2010
If you are working all day and run out of charge, is it possible to induce a partial charge just to get home?
Victor 03/02/2010
I wish it were longer so I could sleep in it.
Jim 03/01/2010
Ford has set 2012 as the year for a production hybrid-electric plug-in.
viewer 02/28/2010
Seriously, buy an inverter just about anywhere (Wall-Mart, Target, Sears, amazon, ebay, ...) and install it yourself.
Christopher 02/24/2010
I have been looking forward to ford coming out with an electric delivery van. it makes perfect sense. if the world wants to cut down on emissions then all of our commercial vans driving around all day need to be at least hybrid if not fullty electric. i own a bakery and make constant deliveries. i need a hybrid though for the distance that i have to travel. but the electric is a good start for the Ford Motor Company. Please come up with a hybrid version so i can buy a few. thankyou.
sean o murachadha 02/24/2010
how about a hybrid diesel escape and mariner and a dsl ranger put
Joe 02/24/2010
A diesel-electric hybrid makes more sense. Pure electrics don't have the range that most people require and recharging takes forever. Who wants to drive 80 miles and then have to park the car overnight while you wait for it to recharge? Besides, electric vehicle charging stations are few and far between at the moment so you're tethered to your home if you don't have one near you. This is totally impractical for a business, too. I used to drive for a living and you'd be surprised how quickly those 80 miles of electric charge are going to get used up. I wouldn't get through the first hour of making deliveries in this vehicle with only an 80 mile range.
GUNEY AKINCI 02/23/2010
I love Transit Connect. Its made in Turkey and export all over the world. Here, we have 1.8lt. TDCi Diesel engine which has 75 Hp - 90 Hp - 110 hp. Also 3 body types available. All of them has manual transmission.
But the electric one is really interesting Especially in our country. Imagine that 1 liter of 95 octane gasoline is 2 USDs. Its such a crazy amount when you make it full.
I am using Navigator and each time need to pay 200 USD per tank.

Also I have the same opinion with Sean Guffey about putting solar panels on to the top .
dufferal 02/22/2010
I think this ford Transit is a most practical looking small van. Wind shield not to slanty,easy to handle, reasonly priced. If it were a diesel or electric, i would buy one. It is just the right size to be used for any purpose. To deliver-- to camp out--for business use--and its priced right. GO FORD.
Glennster 02/22/2010
Nice, but it's vaporware so no use talking about it. You can't buy one.
Charlie Schara 02/22/2010
What is the earliest date I can buy one?? Can I get on the list to buy one ??when will they come out? what is the approximate cost?? Go Ford and Azure Dynamics!!!!
I can sell you one of OUR perowned Transconnect
Eletruk 02/22/2010
Bring back the Ranger EV! It's an awesome truck, I love mine. 11 years old and still going strong - on the original batteries!.
Eletruk 02/22/2010
While using the heater will affect range, it's not as much as you think An average EV uses 250-350 Whr/mile. A 1 KW heater uses 1KW/hour. So if you run the heater for an hour, you lose about 3-4 miles range.
Richard 02/22/2010
Another comment would be that I think you should configure the car/truck with heater and air conditioning as "optional." A lot of buyers live in temperate climates and for short runs there is not need for these power sensitive conveniences. I would treat the vehicle like a golf cart and drive with windows open or with a seat blanket when it is cold. I realize that I could just turn these off to save the battery, but the cost of these would just add dollars and weight. Maybe you could market a "Neighborhood" model like the Ford Th!nk Neighbor electric golf cart/utility vehicle.
Richard 02/22/2010
Along with millions of others, I live in a gated community that is requires quick trips to the clubhouse, driving range, out the gate for groceries, HomeDepot visits, honey do's to the PO, get a haircut, take the mower in for blade sharpening, pick up the cleaning, bags of fertilizer for the beds, tons of flowers for spring planting -- you get the idea. This type of car/truck is perfect for all these types of jobs. The 80 mile range is perfect. Top speed is not an issue, but 75 sure gets you melded on the short freeway excursion. Don't try to make this truck all things to all people. Recognize that the owner will need a "normal" car for those more rare long trips. My wife and I would drive this type of electric vehicle about 80% of time.
Angel 02/22/2010
A diesel version of this van would be great. I would be able to use it as a recreational vehicle or a daily driver that I could hang out in during my lunch hour - decked out with a media center, LED TV, and Wi-Fi. Or both! If it can carry large appliances I could replace my pickup truck with it.
sean guffey 02/22/2010
If you add a possibility of solar panels on top in sunny climates you have a real threat to any competitors hybrid out there. Charge as you go or at least zero draw on battery level. How about an electric ranger truck? A clean diesel F 150? Nice innovation period here and keep it up Ford. Unlike another car company you are moving forward:) Keep up the good work.
Mike 02/21/2010
How much and when???
J Daniels 02/20/2010
I’ve noticed that Praveen is in his business suit and not all bundled up. That’s good. Hope it has air too.
I have a hundred mile range on a Harley Davidson, and this range is good for 99% of my needs, so I think about the range the EV has in those terms. Not too shabby.
I wonder if Ford would consider a fleet of one a real fleet. ‘Cause I want to see one, drive one, and own one.
The bike is nice on warm and dry days, but the EV has it beat in many ways, including staying dry and warm. I also like the idea someone had for solar panels at the house. I’m excited about the possibilities this truck brings to the plate. So is my neighbor. I think he wants one too. I hope this year will pass fast, but I’ll have to wait a little longer I guess. And will. . . What a great idea!
While Ford puts the puzzle together, the ideas seem to be coming from everywhere across the board, even Ecuador. But I like the idea of low maintenance the best, and hope its initial cost will be as palatable as possible.
Energyclub 02/19/2010
With all the technology that you have, and you cant come up with something better than that, how about utilizing the roof by putting solar film on top so when you drive or parked during the day, the batteries will get charged up. I know the technology is out there and I am one that dont mind paying to be able to go further, or you could simply put a small diesel engine that will charge the battery once it goes down to a certain level.
RJD 02/18/2010
I want a Ford Transit Connect Electric and put some solar panels on top to give it
extra miles etc...when can we get one affordable for any one to drive now... that goes
highway speeds and more than 100 miles on a charge...
Thanks RJD
Iván 02/17/2010
I need to know when you are going to offer the transit connect model in Ecuador. I need one.
Chris Curling 02/17/2010
A few years ago Ford released the city all electric then recalled it (I wanted one then) My Idea is duel batteries while using one the other is charging from movement and solar and about .18c per day to charge where I live in KY. Since I cant do that any more maybe I'll win one in the wrap around sweeps from little Debbie
Eric 02/16/2010
True that, the way to go is diesel, but America seems to denied that possibility for us, the consumers, everywhere else there is diesel vehicles that would perfectly fit our roads, Citroen C4 as example, mid-size sedan or coupe, 3.8l to 100km, en American somewhere close to 65mpg, I have a ford ranger in South Florida, it is a 4cyl, but will love to have it in V6 TDCI, like in europe. Just my $0.02 ;)
Antony 02/16/2010
does ford plan on making a deal with the gas companies to provide battery exchange stations. this might be the perfect solution to the limited range when people want to go on long trips. this might require all the car companies to come together to standardize their batteries shape and power output. but say they have a bunch of fully charged batteries arranged by age and they just swap out your battery with a fully charged one of the same age in years. then you pay a small fee for that they take your old battery and use it on the next customer. could really help the gas companies still compete in the new era without gas cars which is were we are headed in about 10-15 years. and would also make it easier to continue to use your car past its original charge range.
CRAIG VINTON 02/15/2010
I have 3 electric cars. It costs 7 cents/day to charge them and there is NO repair!
Cvinton 02/15/2010
Just get an appropriately-sized inverter and plug it in.. Simple!
suzanne vigneron 02/15/2010
No one has talked about how this raises your electric bill? How much more is my monthly electric
bill going to be??? Let's say generally speaking for the average daily commuter .
Michele Blair 02/14/2010
Keep the electric options coming. We'll be ready to purchase two new vehicles in 2012 or 2013, a small around-town car and a mini-van or such. Good Job Ford!
Winkler 02/14/2010
Gooooo ford love it . May I add there is anew generation of truck enthusiasts that would love to see a hybrid with a turbo 4 cr with a hefty towing capacity . Ok a moderate towing capacity .like the sport trac .that should pop the gas mpg to 30-40 mark ( with hybrid) . Goodness gratious .. I think going to drool......
Winkler 02/14/2010
Great job ford ! You what would make a lot of sense a small tourqey diesel to assist the electric recharge for the rest of us. That way you'll trump the gas mileage kings and use it for testing bed for a similar small truck version. God knows Americans love the versitality of a truck ! I think if ya came out with a turbo 4 hybrid diesel that had a hefty tranny six speed that could tow adecent trailer you could slam dunk the truck market.
Michael in Chicago 02/14/2010
How about an F-150 electric? For trades guys?
How about a Flex electric? For families?
Keep the innovation going Ford. Be the voice of the people and not the oil companies.
baho 02/13/2010
Cranck your window a little bit :)
What about heating?! It gets quiet cold in Northern states during winter....
I guess an electric heater will drain that battery faster than you would be able to get out of garage.
max 02/13/2010
we need a new ranger because it design is very pasted
Tim Grimes 02/12/2010
Ford is taking the ball and running with it. GM had their chance with EV-1 and chose to drop-the-ball; their bad. Now, with Ford refusing TARP money, building robust machines like this, and improving their design-line better than ever - Ford is set to continue their success.

Congratulations to the owners of Ford - their designers, board-members, and most importantly - the people to manufacture and assemble the vehicles.

Bravo Zulu, Ford!
woodster 02/12/2010
I really like the idea of this ford... I am certified locksmith that is mobile and I mainly work out of my vehicle. I would love to have this vehicle for this business, however does it have a 110 outlet build in to the cargo area? I currently use my dodge nitro for business and bought the car mainly because of the 110 outlet build in to the center console. However the nitro gets horrible gas mileage. Before I bought the nitro, I used a generator on the back of my pick up.

Is ford planning a 110 converter outlet for the transit? It would definitely sway my vote to purchase one.
sharon 02/12/2010
Regarding Fords 2010 FLex. Most exciting car I have had in 35 years. Just drove from Chicago, Il to Boca Raton, Fl. Comfort seating, smooth transmission, great gas mileage (35 miles per gallon hwy), lots of room in a quiet interior, loaded with fresh ideas and design. GO FORD!
Ron Friberg 02/11/2010
I am a consumer with 24 solar panels on my home. I want an all electric vehicle for local, around town driving. Please keep me on your eNewsletter list for this and other Ford All Electric Vehicles. Thank you.
Ray 02/10/2010
I think elec. is good, as long as they keep the price down.

I love my Spot Trac, but i wish it got better milage or elec.

The bed is handy all around truck, love the rear slide window.

Jed Scott 02/10/2010
Why do I believe electric cars will carry a much heftier pricetag, cost more to repair, and drive my electricity bill into higher-priced rate tiers? Experience, I'll wager.
Ray 02/10/2010
It looks good, but hoe much of a premium in cost for the electric version over the gas version. If they really wanted to make a difference they should have come out with a clean diesel version, like they have in their English(the country England) of their Fiesta. It gets 65mph.
Eric Marshall 02/10/2010
When will the Transit Electric be available to consumers if production starts late 2010 ???
Ken Doody 02/10/2010
I will be looking to buy a small electric car in the next year or two. I will also be looking for a minivan (I currently have a Chrysler Town and Country) that has electric hybrid with plug-in capability. I need the hybrid for the minivan because my summer cabin is 390 miles away and all-electric wouldn't go that far.
Please let me know when vehicles such as these will be on the market.
Derek Brown 02/09/2010
I want one of these to deliver flowers. Ford has excellent air-conditioning, but I wonder how an all-electric car could have good air. Hmmm.
Ron Lake 02/09/2010
I want one of these
Ford Transit Connect Goes Electric
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