Your Stories Had a Distinct European Flavor This Week

By Ford Social Member

We couldn’t help but notice that the top two stories posted by our faithful visitors this week both featured Ford vehicles in Europe. Of course, we also had the usual high-mileage reports and a slew of good ideas submitted through Your Ideas.

Here is what’s new on this week:

Your Stories


Crossing Over the Europe

Just 2 days ago I came back with my Stang from vacation. Quick description-start on 08.09 at 4pm from Warsaw. Passed Germany ,Belgium and reached Port of Calais on Friday 09.09.Saturday morning ferry boat carried us to England. Tthen we drove to Fishguard to take another ferry to Ireland. Finally on Saturday we obtained first longer stopover at my bro house for 4 days. On Wednesday 14th of Sept we got ferryboat straight to France(sail over 16hrs),we have hit French coast in Roscoff. Read more…


Iii National Day - Focus Rs Owners Club Spain

Three years ago, a few Focus RS owners founded the Spanish Focus RS Club with this fabulous model of car … Since then and following the mk2’s launching, now we have over 100 members and on October 31st we celebrate ur national meeting on Pau D’Arnos racetrack in France. Read more…


460,000 Miles On A V-10 And Still Going Strong

We bought our first F250 V-10 when it only had 11,000 miles on her. We bought our other v-10, 4 years ago and she had 149,000 on it. Now both of our F250 V-10’s have over 460,000 on each of them. We auto transport for a living, and we put alot of miles on our trucks, We pull a open two car trailer, the miles are alot of highway miles, but that is pulling up into mountains, and they both run very strong, sound just as mean as they did when we first bought them. Read more…

Your Ideas

Real panoramic windscreen

Visibility: the windscreen is a structural part of the cars, why doesn´t the A column disappear, being replaced by transparent plastic materials, if it is structurally necessary. Read more…

Secure fuel door

Please consider adding a latch to the fuel door on the Super Duty with a remote release inside the cabin. Many foreign (Toyota, Subaru, etc.) vehicles have a release lever from within the vehicle. Read more…

Disable Mirror Fold-In at Highway speeds

The feature that allows you to fold in the side mirrors on the 2011 Ford Explorers should be disabled at highway speeds. The sensors are smart enough to not allow you to fold the mirrors back out at highway speeds, but if you accidently go to roll down your windows and hit the button you are left with no side mirrors driving down the highway. Read more…

Our Stories


Has Your Car Ever Been Stolen or Broken Into?

We here at know the feeling, because it’s happened to us. You head out to begin your day like normal, walk to where your car should be and…a window has been busted and thieves have stolen whatever contents you had, even if it was a gym bag you left in the backseat that to their disappointment will be a score of only stinky clothes. Or worse, you walk to where your car should be and…it’s gone. Read more…


Ford Debuts Its First-Ever E-Bike

Have you noticed more scooters and bicycles on the streets lately? Alternate forms of transportation are officially mainstream, and that hasn’t been lost on Ford, which has unveiled the E-Bike Concept. That’s right, an electric Ford bike! Read more…

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Brad Barefoot 11/30/2011
OK, make sure William C. Ford gets this. I've been a good boy and I'm gonna see Santa and ask for a Focuse Estate Titanium Wagon for Christmas. Make It So W.C. !!!
Joydip Das 09/24/2011
Recently I had a chance to travel with my Ford Figo. I crossed 525 KM. with a healthy millage of 14.5 KM/Ltr of Petrol with AC [80%] and non AC [20%] . This should be notified that I learned driving 3 months back and total KM coverage is only 5070 KM
Joydip Das 09/24/2011
My First CAR is Ford Figo. I am proud and glad to have a Ford Child.
For a CAR you should check First - Security / Safety, 2nd-Comfort and 3rd Price, Ford maintain it for its all child. This Article tells the same.
Iii National Day - Focus Rs Owners Club Spain
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