Sneak Peek: 2015 Ford Super Duty

By Tori T.

The new 2015 Super Duty® is coming, and we’ve got the early scoop on the big changes you’ll see when the truck arrives in dealerships!

Making huge headlines is the Power Stroke® engine: The V-8 turbodiesel receives a turbocharger for improved power and performance, and that extra oomph will be backed by a new fuel pump and injectors, and a new temperature control system is designed to maximize everyday performance. These engine enhancements pertain to the Power Stroke in every Super Duty model.

Other upgrades include ones made to the F-450: 19.5-inch wheels are now the standard rims, and new color choices are Magnetic, Caribou, and Bronze Fire.

Now, if the King Ranch is your pick of pickups, know that it gains a new exterior look – it can be had in a new Caribou two-tone paint scheme. Inside, things get more Southwestern-looking, featuring a new Mesa Brown leather and Running W brand.

“Through premium materials and thoughtful execution, we strived to make the 2015 Ford Super Duty King Ranch have a look and a feel as authentic as the ranch itself,” said Doug Scott, Ford Truck Group Marketing Manager.

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Cindy G 05/09/2014
Thinking about buying one of the new 2015 f250 diesel's.  Looking for advice, are they better than chevy or ram?  Looking to tow from 8 to 10 thousand lbs.  We also want the best MPG.
Doug G 03/29/2014
The unseen eye on the manual transmission is emissions.  A computer control is the only way to tune in exact proportion.  Cummins V8 is on its way as a small block since the current block from 1989 is maxed out and new economy standards it will not meet for emissions reasons in the "consumer" world.  It would be awesome for Ford to bring back the manual, it is the same zf6 as GM though,  There's no more fun in driving anymore without a real clutch to push and a few levers to play with to make it go.
Michael G 11/18/2013
Ford should design a new 6 speed Manual transmission for the Super Duty and I bet they would be surprised at the sales. Many people thing that a manual transmission is a thing of the past but I tell you its not. I am a Business Major that did a study on this and came to find out that the younger generation that is comming up 21-28 actually prefers a manual transmission over a automatic. Make it a option that costs more if thats what you have to do to make money but atleast make it a option. Ram has them and Ford is losing sales to Ram because they do not offer the transmission that people want. Ford wants its customers to be happy correct? Go through the forums on ths site. The most talked about subject is a manual transmission is the Superduty. Make the right choice, bring it back, its what "we" want.
Herman C 11/08/2013
I agree the the SUper Duty needs a complete redesign. I think it will have the power, just needs to upgrade everything elese around the engines.
Dominic P 10/12/2013
 I believe that Ford is in need of total redesigns within all of their truck line starting with a reintroduction of a new Ranger. The competition has caught up and are gaining momentum. GM put the "Super Duty" to shame with their own comparison test against their new 2500 and now they just redid the body and interior. Beautiful truck. Dodge is going crazy doing up their trucks too. They just released their 1500 desiel, among other things, and what about Nissan? Apperantly, their all new Titan is going to get a V-8 Cummins desiel. I think truck loyalty will be a thing of the past, sooner than later, especially when these trucks are becoming less domestic. (
mike lavezzo 09/30/2013
Big difference seems to be in the gear ration.. The ford had the lowest gear ratio. I would never be driving flat out pulling a horse trailer.. I am interested in the long haul.. Mileage, dependability.. The ram and chevy both had better gear ratios to get better mileage..
Sneak Peek: 2015 Ford Super Duty
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