Platinum Coming to Super Duty

By Tori T.

The image of a pickup as a cold, utilitarian workhorse is long gone. Nowadays, creature comforts and amenities, not to mention a smooth ride and loads of power under the hood, have moved the pickup far from strict practicality. And even better, the 2013 Ford Super Duty® has entered the world of practical luxury.

If you are familiar with the F-150 Platinum (which has been around since 2009), then you probably expect the first-ever Super Duty Platinum to also be about the high end of things. Available in the Super Duty Crew Cab, the configuration can be ordered on an F-250, F-350 or F-450 and with the available 6.7-liter Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel engine or the 6.2-liter V8 gas engine.

The Platinum Super Duty can be spotted in a crowd, thanks to its unique satin chrome grille, a monochromatic bumper and chrome tow hooks. In fact, chrome is king – it appears on door handles, mirror caps, running boards, the exhaust tip and the Platinum name on the box side and tailgate.

The cabin, meanwhile, has special woodgrain appliqués, and a heated and leather-wrapped steering wheel with genuine wood accents. Premium woodgrain appears on the instrument panel, center stack and door trims. And a new storage area atop the dash has two USB ports, audiovisual connections and a 12-volt charging port for your cell or other digital devices. The voice-controlled MyFord Touch® connectivity system makes its first appearance on the Super Duty and, just for the F-Series, Ford designers have optimized the physical interface for MyFord Touch by providing easy access to climate controls and audio presets on the center stack to accommodate truck users who may be wearing work gloves.

MyFord Touch is standard equipment along with navigation, power-adjustable pedals, rear view camera, Remote Start System, universal garage door opener and power-telescoping mirrors. Available exterior colors are Ruby Red Tinted Clearcoat, Kodiak Brown Metallic, Tuxedo Black Metallic, Ingot Silver Metallic and White Platinum Metallic Tri-coat, while interior colors include Pecan and Charcoal Black.

Do you want to share how you use your Super Duty to get your work done? We’ve created a place just for you. Visit We Own Work and share your story!

The Platinum Super Duty will be available later this year. For more information, visit .
Justin E 09/19/2012
Wow really nice.
Roy A 07/29/2012
I do like the ride but I really want is performace. It really sucks when you go to do something and your truck just can not handle it. Glad I bought an F350. FYI did not have enough money for the F450 or I would have bought it.
Leslie S 03/13/2012
i want i want i want i want!! Things that make you go hmmmm : ))
Georganna C 03/13/2012
How awesome looking!
Kevin H 03/10/2012
the superduty range is a great addition to a already fantastic global ford line up and the f series has been a hard working favourite for years and will continue to be the only down side i can c is in australia it would be almost impossible to park
Joseph Stevens Jr 03/10/2012
@Ed. U may hate the Ford front but you will Really hate what's under the hood of that dodge. Better start a savings account now for future repairs. At Ford quality is job 1.
lewis M 03/09/2012
why do people try to compare chevy &dodge to ford truck no comparison
Jonathan Neal 03/09/2012
Blah king ranch is better
Michael S 03/09/2012
Why does Ford keep leaving the tail light from 90's still on there but change everything else cosmeticaly
Tyler V 03/09/2012
So is this replacing a model or is this gonna be a 70 large base price truck?
Eddie Mcvain 03/09/2012
i dont care how the truck looks if it does the job. Ford gets the work done, while dodge and chevy just wish they could. Lol.
Eric P 03/09/2012
Are you out of your mind ED, You purchase a Dodge over a Ford, You didn`t like the Front end of the Ford, That I understand But you purchase a Truck that will never be as good or better than a Ford. Your resale and trade will and will never be better than a Ford..
You my Friend are out of your mind
Annomus 03/09/2012
I would like to see the Ford Ranger brought back to America. I enjoy driving my 1996 Ranger. I would love to see Ford Pickup Trucks get 100 Miles Per Gallon.
Ed Rohrbaugh 03/09/2012
I'm a Ford guy but I hate the front end on the superduty - bought a new RAM MEGACAB instead!
Jaden Irvin 03/09/2012
KONY 2012
Chris Weir 03/09/2012
as much as i love this platinum super duty idea i really with they would bring the super duty harley back :(
John Swanson 03/09/2012
u should build the bronco again
Bryce Montana Andrews 03/09/2012
My dad just bought a 2012 F-150 Platinum Eco Boost. I didn't like the idea at first because he had a 2010 platinum. But Ford pulled through and made some upgrades that are pretty sick. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.
Barry Hartman 03/09/2012
this is all great but, make a truck that the everyday working person can afford!!!
Brandon J 03/09/2012
That's a sweet truck! I love the pics of the new dash!
William Courain 03/09/2012
Prices like this they definitly lose sales they already gave the small truck market to toyota an nissan now they'll lose sales with over priced trucks
Robert Zappulla 03/09/2012
My Dream truck if it wasn't gonna be like $75K + maybe next life. That's a wealthy 1%ter Cowboy. My pay keeps going down and everything keeps going up. Getting screwed by the Government this year for about $2K (50% less) on my tax return. I wonder if the rich are loosing 50% of there Lou poles? Thank goodness for all those Job Creators!
Rusty Parker 03/09/2012
I love my 2010 F250 Harley Edition with the 6.4 liter...
Anthony F 03/09/2012
Can you make an eletric model, with a small diesel engine to re-charge the batteries? you know like a trains locomotive engine? I'd buy that one!
Robert D 03/09/2012
Those wheels look ridiculous on that truck.
Tyler 03/09/2012
So is this replacing a model or is a suggested base price 70 large?
Justin Eberlin 03/09/2012
All ready got it...called the king trying to market to the 1%
Andrew Jewett 03/09/2012
Definitely nice, too rich for my blood. Those of you who can swing that, enjoy it. Maybe Ford should consider a small pickup again one day, should for all of us that ain't got it like that.
Glenn Somer Jr 03/09/2012
Bring back the super duty Harley Davidson edition!!
Jerald Smith 03/09/2012
just in time. Super duty users have elevated their work loads and need a truck that can keep up with the demand and the 2013 Super Duty fills the bill. Ford does it a gain
Tyke Schaab 03/09/2012
Best look good truck f350 I love it truck 4x4
Leroy Chauvin III 03/09/2012
Id want a harley edition! Looked at platinum f150s but dont care for that package. Harley or King Ranch all the way! Chrome bumpers dont fit the look of a harley or king ranch, then it looks like a regular xlt or base lariat. Color matching makes them look sporty!
Greek Kopelakis 03/09/2012
Ford bringing it to the streets,It would be nice if Fords innovators were running our country then we all could afford to own or trade our older Ford trucks in on a new super duty platinum. Ford bringing it like no other! I'm just saying
Ian Jeffs 03/09/2012
Awesome can't wait to see it :)
Chris Cole 03/09/2012
Ford needs to come out with a Ducks Unlimited version!!
William J Gibbs Jr. 03/09/2012
I am a bit reluctant about a work/luxury truck. To me, Super Dutys are mostly work trucks. But if you're gonna go big, go as big as the truck will allow. This thing had better have heated leather seats and a media package with monitors, BluRay, and premium sound. Then it would be a luxury truck.
Hank Childers 03/09/2012
Ford doesn't ask for hand out like government motors Co
William Mooney 03/09/2012
It is a copy, from the f150 line. Still looks nice, but I would ahve much rather seen a harley truck but with chrome bumpers. That painted look does not fit a super duty. Plus the bumpers chip from road rock much easier than chrome. Ford should make a real chrome pkg, not that stupid thing they have now, and this way when someone wants chrome they can order a king ranch, harley (if they come out with it) or a platinum with a chrome pkg giveing them chrome bumpers over the painted ones. And let the people who want painted ones get them as well. Its not like the parts are not already there.
Korey Rosen 03/09/2012
Awsome. I love my platinum F-150.
Brian Duffney 03/09/2012
Love my 2003SD, wish Ford would have kept the ZF-6 manual trans for us 1%'ers
Ed Schmid 03/09/2012
With the way things are going it's big enough to live in
Steve Gee 03/09/2012
First On Race Day
Hank Childers 03/09/2012
I love Ford #1
Terry Hoops 03/09/2012
Lame! That's your big addition?
William Courain 03/09/2012
Like the average blue collar worker can afford a truck going over 70 grand !
Jason Olsen 03/09/2012
Love everything but the "chrome satin" thing on the tailgate. Get rid of that and I might buy one.
Sunny Crist 03/09/2012
my gawd...dont let me hubby know....i have a platinum and he wants a super duty... my wallet already feels the choking pain
Mark Mazaraki 03/09/2012
@ Jakob Starkk
That is not a copy of anything??? Interior and exterior upgrades are not anybody's intellectual property. Your comment is dumb, fool.
Michael van Eperen 03/09/2012
Now maybe my friend Robert Martinez Sr. will trade in that Cheby and get a real truck!!!
Jason Bessey 03/09/2012
Glad I held off for another year. Im goona be buying one of these trucks!
Nathan Schultz 03/09/2012
how long till svt rapter super duty
Al Irving 03/09/2012
I have my 2011 F-350 fixed up just the way I like it !! Black and Chrome all over.
Dave Evans 03/09/2012
I thought you guys were unveiling a new Super Duty? What'd you do--add a new paint color?
Linda Dunlap Fullington 03/09/2012
I love Ford my daddy worked for Ford for over 30 years we are a Ford family!!!
Bob Stockstill 03/09/2012
Getting rid of the Ranger was a Bad Idea FOMCO.... :(
Cody Blair 03/09/2012
Brandon Ward 03/09/2012
I'm a loyal Ford owner, but can we get a transmission that rivals the Allison? Then the SD will be unstoppable
Vinod Thakur 03/09/2012
I love my Ford (IKON)
Chris Aufmuth-Napier 03/09/2012
My Dad bought a Brand New Focus, Awesome!!!!
Jakob Volcom Starkk 03/09/2012
If that isn't a copy of GMC making the denali avalible in 3/4ton I don't know what is.
Linda Montana Montgomery 03/09/2012
I LOV MY NEW FORD!!!!!!!!!!
Platinum Coming to Super Duty
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