Live Chat with Real-world 2011 Ford Super Duty Customer

By Ford Social Member

Prior to launching the 2011 Ford Super Duty®, Ford tested the trucks in extreme real-world conditions. Select customers put them to work immediately in the humid swamps of Florida, in the subzero wintry conditions of Wyoming and in the dusty, dry areas of Texas construction sites and ranches. In fact, the unprecedented evaluation program is being extended with two of the extreme-duty commercial customers where pre-production Super Duty models will earn their keep for a full year in some of the toughest work environments around.

Joe Heatherly works for Florida Power & Light, and is one of the people who has been driving a 2011 Ford Super Duty on the job since before the truck went on sale earlier this year. For 20 years, Joe has worked at Florida Power & Light, which is responsible for underground and underwater cable locations in 35 counties. His work requires travel around State of Florida, and the Super Duty is often used to pull various trailers as well as a 25-foot boat.

Joe will be answering questions about his experience with the truck over the past year in the harsh and demanding environment that Florida Power & Light uses its fleet in. Join him at 12:30 p.m. EST here on Monday, October 4, 2010 for the live chat.

Chat with FP&L, a Super Duty Customer

The 2011 Ford Super Duty evaluation trucks are all equipped with the new 6.7-liter Power Stroke® V-8 turbocharged diesel engine and the 6R140 heavy-duty TorqShift six-speed automatic transmission.

Ford engineers are using advanced telematics technology to retrieve daily performance data from each truck for further analysis. These data are being posted and continually updated online, allowing the public unprecedented access to the performance of the next generation of the best-selling truck in America for 33 years.
chris 02/17/2011
is the mpg ratings for the 2011 250 super duty truck running on unleaded gas or on diesel?
Sam Benninghoff 12/07/2010
What ratio in the rear end , do you have?
Scott Norris 10/04/2010
Picked up our 2011 F350, DRW, 6.7 Diesel, Lariat, in June, we now have almost 12'000 kms. (7500 Mi.). A lot of that is towing a 13'000 lb. 5th wheel, tri-axle, toy hauler. What a power house !!!
Ford installed the new power upgrade chip today 400HP & 800 ft lb/torque. Looking forward to seeing how that works.
Without the trailer I get 10.5 -10.6 litres P/ 100 kms. (thats about 22-23 MPG). (For comparison) 2 people in the truck, 2 med. dogs and the 5th wheel hitch in the box, on a secondary road between 80 -90 KPH (50 - 55 MPH ),using the cruise control ... WITH the trailer I get about 15 MPG.
Jimmie Taylor 10/04/2010
James that 7mpg you are missing is all in the way you drive it. To many variables to piont out why you are not doing the 22 mpg. Keep in mind, it is the ideal conditions that get you 22mpg. The person driving is the big condition. Do some reserch and you may find better ways to maximize the economy.
James 09/30/2010
Purchased 2011 Ford F-250 with 6.7 Diesel. 6600 miles still only 15 miles to the gallon. Where is the 22+ miles per gallon as advertised.