How Do You Use Your Ford F-Series?

By Tori T.

They say a dog is man's best friend, because he's reliable, strong, and there for you when you need him. But we'd like to suggest that you could swap out the word "dog" for "Ford Super Duty® " when it comes to relying on your truck for work! Why? When it comes to a Ford F-Series truck, being dependable, robust and ready to take on any task you throw its way is what makes it top dog.

We all know that when the going gets tough, you need a tough truck. For example, the Super Duty gets worked hard in fields such as forestry, emergency response, ranching/farming, heavy hauling, construction and more.

Take Tom Horton: He hauls cargo trailers with his 2011 Super Duty – a job typically done by semi-trucks with flatbed trailers. However, he tells us how he believes that the power and technology in his Super Duty allows him to carry more trailers, more efficiently. You can hear more about what he has to say by clicking here .

What about you? How do you use your work truck? Tell us your We Own Work story right here! And make sure you fill out a We Own Work card here , because you just might end up in the next work video!
Sandy W 08/28/2013
Gas prices.  Sorry you need to go back and start the production of the Ford Ranger.  The prices of gas don't seem to be going down we need a truck easy on gas.  thanks
Joshua M 03/12/2013
ford trucks rock the series of trucks they make are cool
i've used my F250 to pull about anything and it just keeps on going one day i was on my way home and i topped a hill and there sit a semi truck right in the middle of my lane i had to swerv hard to mess him i realized i just couldn't leave him there i backed up to him and said do you want me to pull you off the road and he said i'am loaded are you sure this truck can do that i said there is only one way i know to find out and he smiled and got his chain out and he hooked up his semi and i hooked up my truck to it and i started out slow and picked up pretty good speed because i was afraid of somebody hitting us from behind i took him about 3 miles untill i came to a apple orchard where the driveway was wide enough so he could make his turn to get off the road that was very exciting for me when i got out and went back to the semi driver he looked so shocked because he couldn't believe that my F250 could pull his loaded semi down the road like that it made me so FORD proud thanks so much for your time . Sincerly CHARLES LEMONS
How Do You Use Your Ford F-Series
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