Get Ready for the First Look at a New 2013 Ford Super Duty Model

By Cole Q.

Want to be among the first to see the new 2013 F-Series Super Duty, including an all-new model in the lineup? In addition to seeing the new model, we’ll also introduce a great new feature inside the cab. Aroused your curiosity? Good! Tune in to watch it during a video webcast on Professional Bull Riders (PBR) website at 10:00 a.m. EST on Friday, March 9, 2012.

Ford Trucks is proud to be title sponsor of the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series for the tenth straight year. Did you know that more than fifty percent of PBR event attendees own and drive full-size pickup trucks? That’s a lot of truck owners among this group of enthusiasts engaged in one of the toughest sports.

So join us at Friday morning to see what’s new in Ford Tough trucks! Come back to Ford Social later on Friday for more information on the new model.
scott b 09/18/2012
bring back manual transmissions!
Tony B 05/21/2012
Likewise on the question regarding Harley Davidson Edition Superduty!...
where can we view the pbr video?
Matt Guglielmetti 03/09/2012
Rick, my dad has the same problem. He traded his 6.0 for a new gasoline engine. Hopefully doesn't have any problems. Like you we also own 5 fords
Natasha At Ford 03/09/2012
Hi Mike,

It stinks when unexpected repairs arise. It sounds like they were completed in warranty, but if you are still concerned, I encourage you to discuss with the service manager at your dealership.

@ Curtis - Go ahead and share your desire for a manual transmission at As other fans like it, we’ll see what happens!

Thanks for the suggestion! :)

Curtis A Weyll 03/08/2012
Sure do wish they would bring back a MANUAL SHIFTING Transmission option for F150 4x4's!!
Brian Luders 03/08/2012
they need to put the grille form the raptor on the super duty
Wayne H 03/08/2012
To the guy that said put a inline 6 in the trucks Cummins yes, Cat no. Cat engines suck. I work on them and I would never own a truck with a Cat engine
Jacob D 03/08/2012
Bring back the 7.3. A lot of people would love you even more.
2006 King Ranch F-250 w/6.0 litre diesel at 55K, not even close to being broke in. My '02 F-150 only had 103K miles when a semi desided to ride piggyback on me, thank God I was in a Ford with a full boxed frame.
Aaron Diezel Keys 03/08/2012
Take out the V8 and put in a inline 6. CAT or Cummins would be fine.
Victor J 03/08/2012
wonder if they will have a ecobost model--a fully boxed frame--why they havent done that sooner like the f150 --a platinum model also
Mike G 03/08/2012
Are we finally getting a Harley Davidson model??
Natasha At Ford 03/08/2012
Hi Rick,

Due to our rigorous safety standards and constant testing, not all issues result in recall or Customer Satisfaction Programs. I encourage you to work with the service manager of your local dealership to ensure your satisfaction.

@ Dave – Congrats! I’m happy to keep you posted on your order. :) Just shoot me a private message with your order number and dealer name. I’ll fill you in on the status!

Ford Service
Dave Griffith 03/08/2012
Just orded A 2012 f250 Deisel
Charles Williams 03/08/2012
Ecoboost ford ranger!!!!
Sean McCloskey 03/08/2012
The best trucks on the road still are Ford's
Joe Sowül 03/08/2012
please tell me you're revealing a small truck option similar to the ranger! I still can't understand why you would discontinue it...
Mark Sayers 03/08/2012
The best trucks come from the best state Kentucky . Go Big Blue!
Vicki Knutson 03/08/2012
Working at that time tomorrow, sneak peak now would be nice.. Love my Super Duty..
David Dimas Rinaldi 03/08/2012
yeah very nice..
Wesley Carter 03/08/2012
come on show us
Matt Hissim 03/08/2012
Show us already... I cant wait anymore lol
Janea Perry 03/08/2012
So proud that my husband builds these! :)
Get Ready for the First Look at the 2013 Ford Super Duty Models
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