Doug Scott Talks about Ford Trucks

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As Ford Truck Group Marketing Manager, Doug Scott is always ready to talk trucks. Join him at 1:30 p.m. EST on May 26, 2010, for a live chat on the topic of Ford trucks.

Live Chat with Doug Scott

Scott is a Detroit native, and has always been fascinated by the relationship between the auto industry and the public's passion for cars and trucks. Scott's position, which encompasses product and consumer marketing for pickups, large SUVs and commercial vehicles, allows him to experience firsthand the excitement and anticipation customers display when a new vehicle is launched.

"Engaging our customers and learning from them is the most rewarding part of my job," said Scott, who started at Ford in 1978 just two weeks after graduating from the University of Michigan.  "We know the customer better than anyone else, especially on trucks, and we have the best, most dedicated people in the business designing, engineering, manufacturing and marketing our vehicles."
Chuck W 02/11/2014
Chuck again, By the way the F250 front grill is even worst. Give us some options!
Chuck W 02/11/2014
Well Scott, if you knew your customer so well you would redesign that front grill. That grill looks like a mack truck and is hidious. It takes away from the whole truck like a sore thumb. I own an 06 F150 Lariat 4x4 Crew and love it. It has 110,000 miles and running strong. I like all the new electronics and updated motor and was thinking of getting a new truck until I found out there were no options for the grill. I have been buying new Ford trucks since 1994. My wife just bought a 2014 Explorer and loves it and is trying to get use to the Sync/Nav system. I will Not ever consider another Ford truck as long as that grill exist without options. Ford Trucks needs to stepup and be different not copy Dodge and Toyota! This is a loyal Ford buyer for the moment!
James Ashenbrenner 01/16/2011
Well, get ready Ford. Mahindra is about to release thier 2.2 turbo diesel on the US market. I just wish Ford had something to compete. I have a f-250 heavy duty and my motorhome is ford powered, I really want a small HEAVY DUTY diesel truck. Anyone at FORD listening?
Alex Landry 01/05/2011 why did the Chevy Silverado HD win Motor Trend truck of the year when you got all this technology in these ford trucks that are amazing and can out perform any of those Chevy trucks. I'm thinking they made a mistake, or they just crazy. FORD!!!
Kevan Leimbach 08/25/2010
I currently have a 2002 F-150 Lariat supercrew 4x4. I absolutly LOVE my truck!! I have had this truck a 00 Explorer XLS, 94 Mustang GT and a 91 Mustang GT.I do like the 09-present F-150-HOWEVER I hate the goofy parking/signal lights under the headlamps!! The truck looks to me as a fresher version of the 92-96 F-150 except for those dumb lights under the headlamps!!! It make the truck look like a Ford Edge!! Except for the Mustang {round headlamps} and the new Taurus {flush mounted headlamps} most all new Fords headlamps look the same! :( I hope the next F-150 will not have this!! I was concidering trading my 02 for an 11 w/ the new 6.2L under the hood but the headlamp design looks awful!!. PLEASE SOMONE AT FORD HAS TO ADRESS THIS!!
jason 08/23/2010
I hope we can see a Ford Ranger Crew Cab like they have overseas. Put the 3.7 as the premium motor and I would be sold. Something to compete with the Toyota Tacoma Double Cab.
Jerry Reed 08/11/2010
I love the Ford Motor Company and the F and E series! I wish there was better availibility of the Powerstroke in the E series vans. I will go even further to request a driver side passenger door for the vans. I belive there is a pretty good market since The E series is the best selling fullsize van and because men need something with stronger towing and high passenger capacity than minivans and crossovers. Thanks for reading and not taking the bail out!!!
wyatt adams 06/09/2010
i own an 98 f 150 and it runs perfect. my brother just bought a 2010 Chevy silverado. his check engine light came on 4 days after he got it. so he turned it in and they changed a few parts, then about 2 weeks later, it came on again hahaa. so he turned it back in and they gave him a rental car, which was a Chevy impala. the car overheated on him hahaaa, so he had to turn that in to. the point is, ford is awesome. all my friends drive Chevy cuz its the cool thing now, but i don't think so. ford, keep rowling strong. And make some commercials about who really made the first car, and but all them Chevy lovers in their place.
Michael Hughes 06/05/2010
I love Ford trucks and I would love them even more if they came out with a fresh new compact truck. It would be perfect for my very small business and daily transportation.
Barbara 05/30/2010
I have nothing but respect for Ford for several reasons. Firstly, for rising above government handouts and rising to the top again. Secondly, for innovation and design. European Ford is in a league of its own and it is good to see the European Fiesta and Focus coming to this continent. (I am a Brit and having driven both, they are fantastic). Let's hope that Americans and Canadians can see beyond "bigger is better". Ford's designs are "sexy and alluring", but practical, tough and timeless. I have and will always own Fords - here's to you Ford!!!
Nathan Colaw 05/26/2010
I am taking a 5000 mile + trip in late august - i want to take a 2011 f150 - will i be able to order it and have it by then? - every dealer i talk to tells me something different
Kerry 05/26/2010
Do you plan to build trucks back in your Oakville plant in Ontario Canada in the future? They won awards for their quality so it would be wonderful to see them being built here again.
Jeffrey Zimmer 05/26/2010
I'm from Burleson Tx. I own A 2002 F250 crew cab long bed with the 7.3 Diesel . This is my second Ford Diesel I've owned !!! I pull a 9,700 lb travel trailer my Diesel with the truck I presently own ! Last satuday Iwent to TEXAS MOTORS FORD & test drove the new 2011 F350 Dually crew cab . GENTLEMEN Y'ALL HIT A HOME RUN WITH THIS ONE !!!! I WAS IMPRESSED WITH EVERYTHING ABOUT THE TRUCK !!!! My next truck is either goin to be a F350 dually or a F450 Dually !!! AGAIN GUYS Y'ALL HIT A HOME RUN WITH THIS ONE !!!!! Ques. When are y'all goin to start production of the F150 diesel ??? I know you have been working on one .. Y'all know that you would blow away the half ton truck market when y'all do this !!!!!!!
Eldon 05/26/2010
Will there be a reflash for more power/tq to match the new gm trucks? I love my new 6.7 but would love for ford to hold the top spot for power.
Steve 05/26/2010
We have an ATV adventure, trail riding show on The Outdoor Channel. We are considering purchasing The Super Duty F-250. We use these vehicles to pull our ATV trailers (under 10k lbs). We get many questions from our fans about "sway control". I understand Ford has a new preventive sway control system. Can you tell me how it works? Thank you, Stephen Fisher's ATV World
Diane Frazier 05/26/2010
WE have just purchased a 2011 F350 longbed Dually, love it, is there a way to remove the headrest in the rear center seat and front center seats, they aren't being used and they make it hard to see when I'm looking in the rear to reverse the vehicle...
Siddhesh Bhobe 05/26/2010
After having owned a Ford Ikon and a Ford Fiesta for 10 years, I bought a Ford Endeavour 4x4 - and the thrill and excitement just gets better and better! I love the blue oval, and it's been an amazing decade of motoring for me!

Would love to receive some Ford merchandise to show off to my friends!
DANNY 05/25/2010
I've owned 2 F-150's and loved them both. The first was a 1990 F-150 fully loaded the way I ordered it. I ordered it 2 days before Thankgiving and it came in to the dealer 2 days after Christmas in 1989. I sold the truck in 2003 and bought another one that I currently own.Both trucks are 4x4s.Ford is the best vehicle I've ever owned. I guess that's why I have 3 of them in my driveway....1990 lx mustang 5.0, 1997 Explorer,and a 2003 F-150 4x4. I will always own a FORD!
Doug Scott Talks about Ford Trucks
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