At Ford, We Own Work

By Charlie S.

Rough, heavy-duty work. It’s the foundation of our world. And the people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do that work know that they need to pick the right tool for these jobs, or they will get nowhere fast. An overwhelming number of them choose trucks like the Ford Super Duty® to help them get their jobs done. That is why we say that, at Ford, We Own Work .

We Own Work let's people share their story about how they use their Ford Super Duty or even a fleet of Super Duty trucks! They can indicate what industry they work in, share a photo and tell the world how their Ford truck helps in their day-to-day work. From those who have participated in We Own Work so far, 74 percent chose Super Duty in metal mining, 52 percent in forestry, and 55 percent in heavy construction. The list goes on and on. We decided to dig deeper, though, and get at the personal stories behind the numbers, because each of those trucks represents a job well done and a story worth sharing.

One story centers around the 800,000 oil and gas wells in America and the people who keep them running. Dean H. works in the oil fields that dot the Midwest, and between construction equipment and disassembled pumps, his trucks are regularly loaded down with thousands of pounds of equipment. They often drive four to five thousand miles a month, many of them off road. The Super Duty is up to this challenge, and he says that the new available 6.7L Power Stroke® engine has improved their bottom line with its efficient and powerful performance.

Another story focuses on emergency response work, where no brand is more trusted than Ford Super Duty. For the Medevac first responders of LifeMed Alaska, who regularly operate in -60 degree Fahrenheit temperatures, hostile terrain and whiteouts, there is no other truck they’d rather drive. They provide emergency medical service for an area twice the size of Texas, and they rely on Super Duty trucks to perform as ambulances.

Those are just a couple of the examples that show why, at Ford, We Own Work . We’d love for you to share your own We Own Work story, and tell us how your Ford truck makes it possible to do what you do. Click here to get started !
At Ford, We Own Work
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