Passing the Million-mile Mark

By Ford Social Member

Debbie Conner is a pickup truck kind of lady. She loves her F-350 truck so much that on September 12, 2011, she traded hers in for a newer F-350 – after racking up 1,060,000 miles on her 2002 model!

How did Debbie manage to log over 1,000,000 miles on her pickup truck, which she affectionately nicknamed "Old Girl?" Debbie and her husband, who live in Parker, Pennsylvania, used their F-350 to deliver camper vehicles all over the United States and Canada. With the help of her husband, a self-proclaimed Ford man through and through, Debbie took meticulous care of Old Girl, staying on top of repairs and general upkeep.

Though Debbie said she was "sad to give up the Old Girl," she and her husband love their new F-350. "It is just amazing," Debbie said. In fact, they've already accrued over 8,500 miles in the six weeks since making the trade.

But the story's not over for Old Girl. In fact, only eight days after being traded in, Debbie's truck found a new home with Roy Baird, a native of Louisville, Kentucky. Though Roy wasn't in the market for an F-350, he couldn't deny that the truck was impressive. With its shiny red exterior, silver skirt, and factory wheels, Roy said that the truck was a real head turner. Plus, after Debbie's excellent care and maintenance, the truck is in amazing condition. Though Roy holds his trucks to high standards, after spending years on the road as a truck driver, he tells us, "I took it for a 10-mile test drive and when I got back, I hopped out of the cab, and immediately said, 'Sold!' I really couldn't have fallen into a better deal."

Roy has big plans for the truck. "My dream is to go to the Grand Canyon. I want to see it so badly; it's just killing me. And, I know I can make it in this truck. This thing's a trooper."

So, what's your Ford story? Do you have a high-mileage story like Debbie’s? If so, get our High-Miler badge and share your story with the rest of the Ford community.  You can also visit We Own Work to show the world how you and your Ford truck own work.
Danielle P 07/25/2014
I've owned my 1989 Mustang GT for eleven years... The odometer rolled over to 0s many moons ago. It now reads 036,409. That makes for a whopping 1,036,409 miles of wearing down treads... Know what I call that? I call that a Ford. ;~)
Gary G 09/05/2013
this shows what maintenance will do! I have 333000 onmy 02 f-350 . most of this was pulling a 12000 lb. 5th wheel. I have changed oil 65 times. Planning a trip to new england in a few weeks.  another 4000 miles      Gary Good
Johnny 01/02/2012
I have a Ford, F-150, the ole girl has 220000 miles and I never have to add oil between my 5000 mile oil change.
Harry Risher 12/30/2011
This incredible FORD F-350 PowerStroke Diesel proves why FORD F-Series is the World's Most Popular,Best Selling (34 straight years!),and TOUGHEST TRUCK! This hard working FORD with over a MILLION MILES OF TOUGH TOWING is a tribute to all the engineers,designers,and production workers at American Owned FORD MOTOR COMPANY! DRIVE ONE!!
Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Conner! Try doing that in a Chevy! Ain't gonna happen! Just one more reason why Ford Trucks are #1!!!
Valdimar 12/03/2011
I have Ford E 350 Clubvan 1993 4x4 with 180.00 miles on its 7.3 diesel and is still purrs like ever.Still no heawy maintenance. I am sure I can use it for 10 more years here up in Iceland driving tourist up in to the mountains.
Teresa Talley 11/29/2011
My name is Teresa Talley, i purshased a 2000 ford focus. i have 246,569 miles on it. I have the original parts on my vehicle. i change the oil every three months. Love my car!!!!!!!!!!
TI have a 1985 f150 bought new. It has 93000 miles on it.Has no rust and always in a
Charles Kiviaho 11/28/2011
List as 1/2 Mustang had 523,000 miles before I sold it because I went in the navy...69 ford ranger 1.7 million miles before I gave it to a friend that was in trouble and needed a vehicle....79 Fairmont had 754,000 miles then gave it to a neighbor that was in dire straits....69 ford ranger had 645,000 miles before a freak accident...Still own a 1978 e-250 with about 423,000 miles and a 1978 mercury grand marquis with over 1.2 million miles..Both still have the original 460 cu. in. motors...I have owned many more than I can list here...Galaxies,Mustangs,taurus,etc...Anyway Ford through and through....
whintey 11/28/2011
Kyle Cole 11/28/2011
I have had the best luck and most fun in all of my fords. The lowest mileage car I owned was a 93 Pontiac Sunbird, the only car to continually break down, have problems, and ultimately leave me stranded when it died. My 96 Crown Victoria has 285K miles, I swapped the engine and transmission for higher performance parts, still original rear end. Never had a single problem with it and I wouldn't consider selling her for a second.
michael greer 11/28/2011
mike greer. well my 1990 bronco 2 has 330,000 and counting go 2.9.
Justin Jones 11/27/2011
my 1984 f150 has 738,958 miles on her and she is still loved
Dan Johnson 11/27/2011
I have no idea how many times the odometer has turned over on my 1960 Ranchero pick-up. I know it's at least the third engine since I put it in myself (in 45 minutes.) I drove it to Dearborn for the 50th anniversary Ford Falcon party last summer--no problems. Now that the Ranger is discontinued I am looking forward to a new Ranchero based on the Escape FWD platform. Hello Engineering? Are you there? :)
my 93 ranger has 200.000 miles and has been a great truck bought it brand new only done regular maint.
Darrell Stickley 11/27/2011
Here are the key words that all Ford owners should live by, as copied from this article "With the help of her husband, a self-proclaimed Ford man through and through, Debbie took meticulous care of Old Girl, staying on top of repairs and general upkeep." Fords are built exceptionally well, and yes the company did not take a dime of our tax money to keep itself alive, but like Ford took are of itself and is going strong, your ford needs your care, and it will keep going strong. Good job fellow RV and Ford people the Conner's. Keep on Truckin' kids.
marco cattaneo 11/26/2011
1.060.000 miles are in km. 1.696.000!!!!! one LIFE!!!! Last 02 november i buy a Ford Explorer 3.5 V6 Limited 4WD......and with my Ford...i want to go around my country (italy) for the same Km................
i love you Ford!!!!!!!!
David Ukpong 11/26/2011
Ford is it. My Ford Explorer is cool.
Les Thurman 11/26/2011
My 2001 ranger edge 4.0 5-speed has 328000+ and is still going with nothing but general maintance been done on it
I bought my first car when I was 15. It was a 64 1/2 Mustang with a 289 power pack. How I miss that car. Right now I have a 1983 Ford Bronco with 457,658 miles. Still running strong. Only thing changed has been the oil pump.
George Haracopos 11/26/2011
Mike Mccarley 11/25/2011
Its too bad they went away from the 7.3. The 6.4 and 6.0's are not holding up on the west coast. I have a 95 and a 02, both with the 7.3. Will never trade them.
Ford cars are the best type of real cars in the world.
but hope fully ford make new ranger that could defeat other trucks.
Andrew Lindeen 11/24/2011
Since I was old enough to drive I have owned a Ford product. My first car was a 1967 Forest Green XL 500, 1976 Red Mustang, 1982 Thunderbird Black and show car, 1986 Red Mustang, 1988 Red Tempo, 1990 Red Thunderbird, 1997 Red Ford Ranger XL, 1998 Forest Green Contour and now 2005 Red Mustang called Hot Ruby Red Lips. When it comes to cars I love Fords I have had 3 Chevys and like them but I have had better luck with Fords so keep up the good work.
Peter Castoldi 11/24/2011
That is VERY impressive! This is proof of the "Built Ford Tough" motto.
David Rios 11/24/2011
hope my little 01 focus gets that far, its been through two accident and still running like a champ, even though ford decided to put the sohc spi 2.0 in mine >.< have decided to keep that little pocket rocket until it gives up and then swap the engine^.^ congrats for reaching the million mile mark and i hope they enjoy the f350. had the honor of swaping out the tires to a couple of new f250 and they are so niice!!
Lamar Wells 11/24/2011
I have a 7.3 in my 02 F250, it is a tough engine! I love Ford and always will.
Karen Potts 11/24/2011
Brother dear the old saying goes : every squirrel finds a nut once in a while!! I wouldn't be surprised if after further investigation they discovered a chevy engine in there or even one from an old moped!!!!I love ya though even if you are a little titched in the head!!! Thanks for some humor I usually don't get many laughs @ 4:30 am!!!
Al Lewis 11/23/2011
My cousin has a 95 ranger with almost 600,000 miles. No, that doesn't surprise me :)
Siddharth Deopa 11/23/2011
really a nic
Alan Bagen 11/23/2011
My 07 f150 has 21000 miles on it and it better make a hell of a lot more.
Todd McCarthy 11/23/2011
Karen Potts & Cyndy Brown - I think you need to take the time to read this!!!!! Love, Your Brother
Amanda 11/23/2011
hence the saying "Built Ford Tough" i rolled mine and it was so strong both my daughter and i are here to tell the story .
David Patterson 11/23/2011
thats how fords run. FOREVER
Joe Kossmann 11/23/2011
we have it in korea right now
Joe Kossmann 11/23/2011
our e150 van has 530,000 miles on her and still going very strong!!!
Kenny Tillett 11/23/2011
fords just keep going and going and going, well u get my point.
Dave Rice 11/23/2011
Dang folks. thought mine was good. 99, just turned 300,000 miles. I'm (kinda) right behind ya :-)
Zach Gnagy 11/23/2011
Ford should have never gotten rid of the 7.3L powerstroke!
Doug Cote 11/23/2011
well ya its a ford product
Tyler Beeber 11/23/2011
not a big feat mechanically. we've had almost a dozen ford vehicles hit the million marker. i think what makes it rare today is the fact that so many people trade up after a couple years. still impressive to see that on a newer vehicle that still looks new as well
William Jennings 11/23/2011
we have 450,000 miles on our 1999 F350 and it also has over 500 horse
Keyna Purvis 11/23/2011
built Ford tough!
Matt Gilbert 11/23/2011
Working my way up there! I have had my 99 F-150 since I graduated High School in 2007. She's racked up some 321,000 miles .... Ford Tough Baby
Colleen Sharp-Mills 11/23/2011
Ford trucks are the best! My 18 year old son has a 2000 Ranger, a few days ago he ran off the highway n hit a guard rail head on at about 45 mph. He walked away with very minor airbag burns, and a torn ligament at his ribs. He will heal quickly. The Ranger did its job by protecting my son. It suffered minor damage. My husband just needs to replace the bumper, airbag and passanger headlight/turn signal. Thank you Ford for saving my sons life!!
Ed Thatcher 11/23/2011
there is the Million mile 97 E-350 van out there. The F350 with the diesel engine will last forever. The modular engine powered van died with 1.3 million miles on it..
Robert Wiza 11/23/2011
Not surprised by the million mile Ford,my 06 has 300000,and I have an 011, thats got 95000,that has had only one little thing wrong. The 011, so far is the best F350 that I have ever had,and I've had a few,as you can tell by my email address, I'm a FORD guy
Susan Bellwood 11/23/2011
You can't kill a Ford!
Jamie At Ford 11/23/2011
Hi Dan,

Check your inbox, I’ve responded to your latest message regarding this concern. :)

Ford Customer Service Division
Todd Reiter 11/23/2011
My daughter has a 1999 Ford Escort with 250,000 miles on it. The only engine work that has been done is a timing belt and it runs like new.
Missouri McCoy 11/23/2011
7.3 FTW!
Paul Mandra 11/23/2011
7.3 must bee
@Paul, said he was a truck driver, so I'm sure the salt got washed and was coated anyway.
Tera Taybron 11/23/2011
I love my Ford!! :)
Taylor Jeffords 11/23/2011
Old fords are the best, the recent generations are of lower quality.
Andrew Kon Konefal 11/23/2011
02 7.3 FTW
Rich Weston 11/23/2011
Think we should thank international here too !! Great combo!!!
Our American Cars 11/23/2011
Ford has always been the ideal truck that everyone else tries to imitate
Paul Potvin 11/23/2011
While the mileage is great, I'm more interested what it looks like after 10 years of traveling salt-covered winter roads in New England with 'realisitic' washing (that is, maybe once a month during winter months if the truck is lucky'). I bet the tailgate, rear bumper, and of course, the drivers side wheel house on the bed is rotted or has holes :).
Adhie Poorkid 11/23/2011
Thanks Ford,, Ford Everest 5 years has accompanied me through the rugged terrain without obstacles. Ford's best SUV in Indonesia.
Jessica Buchanan 11/23/2011
Nice truck! Its nice to see someone that takes care of their vehicle! Just goes to show if you keep up on routine maintenence the 7.3L is an amazing engine! Built Ford Tough!
Bill LaBrie 11/23/2011
The Super-Duty is what the standard F-series was up until 1980. In a word: Good.
Paula Stadler 11/23/2011
No surprise.Ford trucks rul
Paul Watkins 11/23/2011
love fords i have got a 250 and 350 superduty that have never left me walking like my moms chevy
Doug Lombard 11/23/2011
Ford is the calvin johnson of automotive companys
Tim Klein 11/23/2011
Article was in the local newspaper last week, truck was traded hear in Louisville KY, for a new ford powered F-350, KTP built...
Michael Hildebrand 11/23/2011
I love my Ford!!! (It actually runs...unlike every GM product I've been around)
Joe King 11/23/2011
No one here is surprised! That's just what Fords do!
Nick Moore 11/23/2011
Never owned anything but a Ford, prolly always will
Terry Bree Long 11/23/2011
I want my Ford back!!!!
Louis Phillips 11/23/2011
good ol ford power!
Emre Yıldırım 11/23/2011
Ford is number one :)
Passing the Million-mile Mark
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