Is 1 Million Miles the New 100,000?

By Sean J.

The odometer turning over to 100,000 miles is considered by many to be a rite of passage for a vehicle. The moment it crosses the threshold of automotive achievement is the moment when most people feel they've gotten a lot of miles out of the "old girl."

But in a world where automotive reliability and new technology can extend a vehicle's longevity past the 100,000-mile mark, does hitting six figures have the same distinction anymore? How about seven figures?

When Norman and Debbie Conner traded in their 2002 Ford F-350, it had just over 1,071,000 miles on it. What is perhaps even more extraordinary than the mileage on the Conners' truck was their reluctance to part ways with it.

"It hurt me to sell it," says Norman. "Not a mark on it, and it was still running fine."

However, when you make your living transporting campers and trailers across the country, you don't want to leave anything to chance. With that – and Norman's fondness for the new 6.7L Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel engine – they traded into a 2011 Ford Super Duty® F-350 last September, and continued their journeys. When their latest cross-country run is completed, the Conners will have around 84,000 miles on their latest Ford truck.

One would think that maintaining a truck would be difficult when you're putting so many miles on it so quickly, but not according to Norman. "If you want to get the miles out of it, you have to take care of the truck," he explains. "Just do what Ford says."

Norman, who does most of the maintenance on his truck personally, also credits a network of Ford Dealerships that he's gotten to know across the country with helping keep his Super Duty on the road.

OK, so a husband-and-wife team managed to essentially drive to the moon four-and-a-half times in their 2002 Super Duty. A fluke, right?

Consider the story of Duane Thalan, who recently crossed the 1,229,000-mile mark in his 1999 F-250 and is still going. In fact, his truck still has the original fuel injectors.

Much like Norman and Debbie Conner, Duane packed on his miles hauling campers and boats all over the U.S. and Canada. He's been fond of Ford trucks ever since he worked at a Ford Dealership. He does a lot of the routine maintenance on his Super Duty and says that you just have to accept that sometimes things are going to break. The trick is to be proactive.

"Keep stuff lubricated," he suggests. "It will last a lot longer if you pay attention. Look under it, make sure nothing is leaking."

While Duane may have had to make the occasional pit stop, he says his trusty F-250 has never left him stranded. That's why he's not planning on trading it in anytime soon. He just trusts it.

Do you have a high-mileage Ford vehicle that you trust? We want to hear about it! In fact, we’ve put aside some cool Ford Social swag for the occasion. Submit your story , and the first 50 people who get their high-mileage stories published on Ford Social will get a Ford Social T-shirt. Even if you don’t have a million miles on your Ford (yet), we still want you to submit your story. And don’t forget to grab our High Miler badge!
mike henson 09/01/2014
I have a 2000 Ford F 350 Dually.It just turned 803,000 miles on the original engine . I have only replace one set of glow plugs and on my second set of injectors.What a great truck
Dan C 06/22/2013
My 08 f350 is at 251,000 miles. 90% of the miles pulling trailers. Everything original. Just doing normal maintenance per the owners manual.
Matt 03/09/2013
I have a Ranger '99 and fixin to roll 400,000--I'm original owner and have faithfully changed oil--been a great truck! anyone know the record?-Matt
T C 09/26/2012
Congrats to Norman and Debbie for getting over a million miles out of their truck. Judging from what I can see in the posted picture she looks like she's in excellent condition, that truck looks like she just rolled off of the assembly line. That's Ford quality boys and girls!

I currently drive a 1998 "high mileage" Ford Crown Victoria and she still runs like new. My CV has 253,000 km or in real mileage 157,200 miles. For these Ford panther cars 157,000 miles is nothing as they are know to get well over a half million miles or more out of them. I've seen someone a couple of years ago selling a Crown Victoria in the Auto Trader with about nine hundred thousand miles on it. That's real miles, not that phony kilometer mileage metric crap. That Crown Victoria that guy was selling still looked brand new.

My old Crown Victoria panther still looks and runs like new. The only major problems I have ever encountered with her is I had to replace a fuel pump, and the intake manifold due to a coolant leak that the plastic 1996-2001 intakes were known for, other than that no problems.

I've used nothing but synthetic motor oil from day one, and change the transmission fluid every year, that's above what Ford recommends, hey transmissions are very expensive to repair or replace if anything happens, much cheaper to change the fluid annually!

I plan on keeping my beast for many years to come. It does not surprise me that this couple got over a million miles out of their truck as Ford is know for their quality. Ford trucks and cars such as the Crown Victoria, Lincoln Town Car, Mercury Grand Marquis, even Thunderbirds and Mustangs are know to get several hundred thousand of miles on them.

The days of cars crapping out at a hundred thousand miles are gone. That is old school thinking. Cars are now better engineered, using better quality parts. Even the lubricants used in these cars are getting better. Many car makers and owners are seeing the benefits of using higher quality synthetic motor oil, synthetic gear and transmission fluids as well. Coventional lubricants are outdated old school thinking.

I think million mile cars are going to become to new 100,000 miles, we just need to get out of that 1980's mentality that cars are crap after a hundred thousand miles.

Although Norman and Debbie traded in their truck Ford should try to find it and use it in their commericals and advertisements to show the public how durable a Ford vehicle is.

There is a reason Ford uses the motto "Built Ford Tough."
Travis S 09/02/2012
Those 7.3's were great engines. Too bad they let them go to the dust bin in production. Ford needs to remember not to fix what isn't broken.
Daniel B 08/05/2012
Congrats to Norman and Debbie for hitting the one million mile mark. I have a 2002 F-150 with close to 170000 miles on it. I love the truck and it actually drives better now than when I first bought it! I can relate to the mixed feelings that Norman and Debbie had about getting rid of their old F-350 and replacing it. The new F-150s are sharp looking but I feel reluctant to part ways with my old truck. I hope to hold on to my 2002 for a while longer
David L 08/04/2012
My 1994 Lincoln Town Car just flipped 210,000 miles, and I still get compliments all the time on what a beautiful car she is. Portofino Blue with a white vinyl roof...and I never get tired of looking at her. The ride is wonderful...wife tells me all the time, "You know I could just go to sleep in this car."
Melissa D 07/14/2012
My 2006 Ford Escape has been all over the Midwest and to Michigan's Upper Peninsula so many times. I love that vehicle and it keeps on going. I recently rolled 100,000 miles. My husband and I had an agreement that I could get a new vehicle after the Escape rolled to 100K but I want to keep it. I love it. It's roomy and holds all the stuff we need for camping or a week long vacation. It goes anywhere and allows us the freedom to go whenever we want. I don't even shovel the driveway - the Escape handles it all!
Ben G 07/12/2012
We have a 1994 F-250 we just took past 254,000 and it looks near perfect. Runs fine all original and we still use it to tow our camper, trailer, or hauling anything you can put in it. The Blue Beast lives on!!
Ronnie Dunlap 07/11/2012
I have a 98 F150 4x4 5.4l v-8 with 238k original miles and still going strong and it is worked everyday.pulls loads of over 10k lbs several times a month..Built to last and endure the trails..Ford Tough
Marc M 07/11/2012
Now I don't think I have enough miles on my truck! 1998 F-150 Ext Cab 4x4 OFF Road, 4.6L, Auto. 277k and still gets 17.5 MPG around town! (hasn't been on a road trip in a long time) Built FORD Tough!!!!
matthew s 07/11/2012
my 2001 f250 5.4 has 241,000 miles on it and still running strong
Mikeie Mike 07/11/2012
I'm a big fan of Fords. June of 2006 I purchased new Focus as my daily driver. Even though I got the 5 speed manual rebuilt, the car justed passed 100,000. I haven't had any problems with that car since. Another 100k to go and see where this little car take me.
Micha? W 07/10/2012
If Ford keep good engines, people will do thousands and milions miles, but when company puts ecoboost in trucks there's no possibility to do this
william beauchamp 07/10/2012
My brothers 1976 f-250 4x4 has over 300,000 and it runs great and never driven easy its a farm truck. Forever Ford
Jason Joseph 07/10/2012
I have a 2000 Excursion (5.4L) with 205,164 miles and I am never getting rid of it. Runs just like new, no problem so far!!! (Knocks on Wood!!!)
Norman Willie 07/10/2012
My wife drives and refuses to part with our 1997 Expedition which we bought new on April 6, 1997. It has always sat out in the Arizona sun, looks new inside and out and has 336,000 miles on the odometer. The engine, transmission, radiator, muffler, alternator, etc. are all original. When I take it in for service, they always want people to see it. We drove it from Arizona to Maine and all over New England in 2008 when it had 254,000 miles on it. We got almost 23 mpg on the trip of nearly 8,000 miles. It's semi-retired now as I have to drive my 2011 Explorer on the weekends (which I love the Explorer)
Awesome testament to a tough Ford built truck.
Brad B 07/09/2012
Hey Ladies & Gentlemen ! Drum Roll Please ....... It is a Ford ! But lets don't forget the other end of the spectrum, My Fusion gets over 40 mpg on road trips! Come ride w/me to Florida, I'll prove it. My sister's F-250 Quad Cab has over 200K still running great. As I've written here before ..... A Winner Never Stops Proving It !
Darryl S 07/09/2012
Must have lots of stories to tell!
Breck 07/08/2012
makes sense with it being a 7.3 powerstroke. biggest mistake Ford ever made was turning its back on its OHV engines...
Glenda G 07/07/2012
excellent !!!
Nathan B 07/06/2012
i own a 2000 ford f-150 and have over 174,000 mileage on it my f-150 is built ford tough still run like a new truck have no plans on trading it in no time soon i love my ford truckit built ford tough tiny
Steve S 07/06/2012
that is just amazing, i have a 2000 Ford Excursion with a 6.8L V10 its got about 175,500 on it and its never missed a beat pulls anything i put behind it and plan to get it to 300,000 thousand before getting rid of it, although i did just add a 2005 Ford F-250 6.0L Diesel with 54,000 on it and hope to get it to 300,000 love it so far and love the power thanks for just being awsome ford keep it up:)
maximo 07/06/2012
the people at ford should give you a brand new truck for free since that is a hel of an advertisement i love ford and there is not other american vehicle more reliable than ford trucks mine is a fors explorer 2002 with only 150000 miles on it and i love it
Scott T 07/06/2012
Simply amazing, naturally it's a FORD Truck, what do you expect :-)?
John T 07/06/2012
Congratulations to Norman & Debbie for the big million in old faithful, Obviously they are well pleased with the Built Tough brand Ford. The new truck looks like a Million dollars too.
Callum W 07/06/2012
that looks awesome
Is 1 Million Miles the New 100,000?
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