New Colors, Interior Font Among Future Plans for Ford Vehicles

By Ford Social Member

Yeah, yeah, we all hate change, right? Except for good change! And that’s the huge news about future Ford products. Change will be good, because it will include more vehicle colors, improvements and innovations in mobile technology, expanded offerings of safety equipment and improved interior functionality. Here’s a sampling of what’s in store for the Ford family of vehicles.

New Colors: Ford knows vehicle personalization is important to consumers, and one of the quickest ways owners let people know a hint of their personality is by the color of their ride. Research even shows that up to 40 percent of car buyers said they will leave a dealership that doesn’t have a vehicle in the color they want. Therefore, even more options are on the horizon from Ford. The next-generation palette will include Ruby Red (the 2013 Taurus was revealed in that shade at the New York Auto Show earlier this year) and Blue Candy Tinted Clearcoat, a color Susan Swek, Ford Motor Company Chief Designer, Color and Materials, calls a real headturner. Watch for more complex metallics, tinted clearcoats, tri-coats and neutrals to round out the new options.

Easier-to-Read Interior Controls: There are a few things probably not helping our eyesight, like all the time we spend in front of the TV catching up on the DVR, the hours upon hours in front of our computers, the fact that we’re aging and the likely lack of enough carrots in our diet. So to make interior controls easier for people of all ages to read and recognize, Ford is bolding and thickening characters across its lineup, beginning with the Edge and Explorer next year. The letters and numbers that form words and convey other information on the center stack display on the next-generation vehicles will be slightly thicker, with an approximately 40 percent wider stroke width.

SYNC® AppLink™: Available on 10 Ford vehicles for 2012 – F-150, F-150 SVT Raptor, E-Series, Expedition, Fiesta, Fusion, Fusion Hybrid, Mustang, Shelby GT500 and Super Duty – the factory-installed software allows SYNC users hands-free voice-control of smartphone apps. The future of AppLink and mobile innovation could include more personalized entertainment, information and news; location-based services; scheduling and planning apps; and notifications and alerts leveraging the SYNC ability to mash up vehicle info and GPS locations. Ford is also working with Nuance Communications to research new voice-recognition capabilities to help drivers converse more easily with SYNC, such as new techniques involving flagging common words and phrases drivers might typically use in conversation, yet are not the specific commands or syntax required by today’s SYNC system.

Rear Inflatable Seat Belts: Ford will expand availability of its new, industry-first rear inflatable seat belt – which debuted on the 2011 Explorer – to the Flex and Lincoln vehicles starting next summer. In the event of a frontal or side crash, the inflated belt helps distribute crash force energy across five times more of the occupant’s torso than a traditional belt, expanding its range of protection and helping to reduce the risk of injury by diffusing crash pressure over a larger area, while providing additional support to the head and neck.
shannon b 04/20/2014
Hey ford how about a little more leg room in the rear. From my driving position there is no room I am only six foot tall so.
shannon b 04/20/2014
A taurus with a 5.0 would be great. I think it would get better fuel economy than my sho.
Tyler B 07/12/2012
Instead of trying to come up with the next best thing, why not take what you have and perfect it? The car is more than just style it has to be comfortable too. Drivers, passengers, whoever have to be comfortable. We spend so much time in our cars so why try not focus on comfort!!
Mike Mannetta 01/18/2012
Now i can say that ford finally show real nice Taurus.
Charlie 10/26/2011
T Craig is right. Ford needs to start making a full-frame, rear-wheel-drive car again, and add back a real, full-sized station wagon. Ford is the only automobile company left that seems to demonstrate any semblance of intelligence in its product offerings, and it's missing a huge piece here. No, such cars will no longer be 300,000-unit sellers, but for those of us who prefer a real, full-size American car, you will have earned our business again.

On the subject of colors- yes, colors are nice. How about some interior colors, too? And no ambiguous, weird-looking ones. There should be 5-6 basic colors available- gray, camel, burgundy/red/oxblood, blue and black, with white leather, accented with any of the aforementioned, and all interior colors should be available on any trim level, as should any exterior color.
T Craig-P71CV 09/10/2011
Since the Taurus has replaced the Crown Victoria as Ford's flagship car I think it should be made a little bigger. When you look at this car from side on it looks like it has a short stubby rear end. They should lengthen the rear end about 12 inches so it doesn't look so stubby, and maybe widen the car 3 or 4 inches. Since they come standard with front wheel drive and offer optional all wheel drive they should offer an optional rear wheel drive version as well, perhaps even offer an optional 5.0 V8. It would be nice to have this car on a full frame instead of being uni-body as it would make the Taurus more durable. I would also like to see the rear licence plate bracket moved from the bumper to the trunk lid as it's down too low and looks silly as if the plates are about to fall onto the road.
Brandon Bergs 07/29/2011
I myself would leave a dealership if it doesn't have the color I want, except if I were rich because its hard to find a Shelby GT500 which I want soooooo bad and think about driving every time I'm riding in the a car or see it on YouTube or online and I would then customize the color to a orangeish yellow
Pete Anderson 07/29/2011
I am tired of big and tall men, like myself, being relegated to pickup trucks when we have no need for a pickup. The mileage has improved but who wants to park it? The center console in the current Taurus is ridiculously large. Like the (unfortunately very outdated) Cad DTS, how about "comfort seating option". Let those with 28" waistlines get the center stack, offer us bears a bench seat. C'mon, we're about 10% of the population, at least one model should have a bench.
Delorean Rogers 07/29/2011
@ Barbara yes the SYNC app link is currently available for the Edge and will be through 2012 which will be out hopefully end of October early November. As far as colors the Edge is more of a proffesional, grown up; bright or outstanding colors are tradionaly not used.
Barbara 07/23/2011
Yes, regarding the current [2011} Ford Edge Sport AWD color selections, they are, in a word, terrible. The Hyundai Santa Fe Limited AWD has a fantastic green, will Edge be offering more color selctions in 2012? And, will the 2012 models be avaiable in October?
Barbara 07/23/2011
Does the Edge Sport AWD have SYNC® AppLink?
Doyoung Kim 07/22/2011
It looks great!
David Moffitt 06/28/2011
"Watch for more complex metallics, tinted clearcoats, tri-coats..." Yuck!!! You may as well tell me to buy something other than a Ford. In my opinion, any color other than a "pure" color is tacky and detracts from the car's appearance or is used to distract the viewer from an otherwise poor body design. I recently purchased an Audi A5 in "Model T" basic black, a color no longer found on most Fords, which is one reason I chose it over a Ford, I've owned 3 Super Duty trucks-- all in Bright Red. I now notice that you can't even get a simple black truck anymore from Ford. Save the gimmicky, tacky colors to decorate a whorehouse or for lesser cars. Give us some simple, elegant colors like cars used to have.
Harry Risher 06/23/2011
The entire Ford Motor Company Vehicle line up needs a greater choice of COLORS!! Too many dull silvers and tans ! Look at the GM color choices for camaro compared to Mustang=== Sales losses???
John Swanson 06/23/2011
how about bringing back the ford bronco
Jesus M. Bauzo 06/23/2011
New colors are good, easier controls are better, sync and security items are good... but a 400 Horsepower Taurus SHO is a good idea too...
John Rotella 06/22/2011
Inca Gold, Skymist Blue, Moroccan Ivory, and Aquamarine....
Bobbie McKinney 06/22/2011
Why doesn't the 2012 Focus have Sync AppLink? If the Fiesta can have it the 2012 Focus should have it also!!!
John Ropella 06/22/2011
We need a small version of the Ford Flex to complete with the Scion XB and Kia Soul.
Elmer Shaw 06/22/2011
Where's any shade of green for the Explorer? You want my money get me a shade of green, and not real dark green either.
Othmane Lfasi 06/22/2011
me too Sarah i like to have ford Fiesta , very sweet car
JJ 06/22/2011
AppLink! Love it!
Brandon Ridlon 06/22/2011
I love the way this car looks inside and out. The new colors are welcome. The bolder fonts are a nice touch too.
Sarah Morgan Givens 06/22/2011
I love my new Fiesta~ Can you send me another one?
Connor Roesnik 06/22/2011
not a good choice on fords part!
Connor Roesnik 06/22/2011
bring back the Crown Vic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy 06/22/2011
Make the Taurus wagon again!!
Phil Purdy 06/22/2011
Can't wait for the bolder fonts---smart move Ford!
Tim Theodorou 06/22/2011
Thats new Taurus looks sexy!
Linda 06/22/2011
lets just make the colors universal for all ford vehicles!
Humoodi Mohamad 06/22/2011
Ford Australia offers inerior colors of.. Black, grey, tan. And red leather
Cory Castaldo 06/22/2011
Didnt see where it said Ford is keeping the rearwheel drive Crown Vic...
Mark Kobernik 06/22/2011
Bring back the Bronco!
Bob Long 06/22/2011
More moblie tech? Folks are on the phones too much while driving as it is. New colors? Give me more interior colors then black and grey.
Paul Potvin 06/22/2011
Yeah, new colors. Lemme guess. more shades of tan and gray.
Debbie Ambrose Fabrizio 06/22/2011
love my Ford Fiesta!
Brad Barnett 06/22/2011
Blue Candy Tinted Clearcoat is already available on Focus.
Amit Verma 06/22/2011
ford's improoved product
Scott Climer 06/22/2011
and ALL of it done without ANY "bailout money!" Yaaaaaaaayyyyyy FORD!!!!!
Alex Kp 06/22/2011
" i am wtng for the new ford mustang gt cobra wth such cool features "
Jacob A. Weinstein 06/22/2011
I like it better than the current taurus.
Stella Holcomb 06/22/2011
my very first car was a ford galaxy 500, it ran for over 300000 miles i wish i still had it the last ford i had was a mercury cougar had three recalls that nearly killed me my daughter an my unborn grandson , hair raising story. i would never own another,give me back my built like a tank galaxy and i would be a happy woman for the rest of my still waiting for ford to honor there defective cougar.
Alex Kp 06/22/2011
" thx ford for adding such great security features "
Ryan D E Garner 06/22/2011
the font?? really??