Ford Social Weekly Fan Digest

By Sean J.

So, what have you been up to recently? Ford Social answers that question with a digest of some great stories, ideas and photos that our fans submitted this week.

Mustang fans are well-represented this week, as both of our featured fan stories involve past and present ponies. One is a story of hard-work and devotion to a now classic car, the other is a challenge to all Mustang fans.

Our Ford Social brain trust kicked it into high gear this week too, with some great suggestions on new products, new technologies and new ways of improving visibility.

Do you have a great story or idea? Don’t keep it to yourself! Submit your stories , your ideas and your photos, and keep the Ford Social conversation going!

Your Stories

My First And Last Car (Same Car) - Back in 1976, David W. saved up for over 6 months to buy his first car, a used Mach 1 Mustang. Turns out that David’s first car is still with him, over 37 years later.

True Mustang Fan - David H., an 18-year-old Ford Social fan from Alberta confidently states that he’s the biggest Mustang fan and makes a pretty compelling case. Anyone care to disagree?

Your Ideas

New F100 - Simple is the name of the game for this Ford Social Member, who suggested that Ford bring back the F-100 with a modern twist.

Front Bumper Camera - “Keep going…keep going…keep going…(CRUNCH)…too far.” How many times have you nicked the front of your car parking? Do you think a front-mounted camera might help? This Ford Social Member does.

Projection Turn Signal - Everyone knows that Mustang owners love to show off. That’s why this Ford Social member is suggesting a new way for owners to show other drivers which way they’re going to turn.
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