The Ford Consumer Experience Movement

By Ford Social Member

Your experience as a consumer of anything from vehicles to coffee tends to go beyond just the purchase. It is often the experience leading up to the purchase that will have you coming back again, as well as making recommendations to others. Obviously, companies would prefer that the experience and stories you have be positive, and Ford is no exception. We know you are our best product spokespeople!

We’re going to let you in on a secret: For about a year now, Ford has been working with dealerships to raise the bar on customer satisfaction and service. Ford wants return customers – but perhaps more importantly, fans – and that starts within the dealerships. “We’ve learned some great ways to improve employee morale and teamwork through the Consumer Experience Movement,” explained John Wabick, Vice President, West Herr Ford, Hamburg, New York. “We formed groups that represented every department – sales, service, parts, billing, body shop – and participants had honest discussions about how things that were done in one department affected the rest. It opened up communication and re-energized everybody.”

The interaction Ford now has with its dealers has stepped up to a new level; it has become a true partnership. Yet dealerships like John’s don’t rely only on awesome vehicles to keep customers happy; they want to understand what continues to make customers happy. “Our teams shopped other non-automotive businesses to evaluate the experiences,” he noted. “We learned that customers really appreciated being greeted right away and helped in a friendly manner, without being pushy. That sent us a message about how our customers should be treated.”

Attracting new customers, maintaining satisfied customers and helping the Ford brand continue to grow and build vehicles that satisfy every customer need well, you could say that’s part of the mission statement behind the Consumer Experience Movement, something not lost on John. “West Herr Ford has won the President’s Award 19 times in the past 21 years, and we’ve always prided ourselves on being a strong dealer in the marketplace. We’re very customer-driven, but we’re even more employee-driven. That philosophy has built a foundation for us to grow to where we are today. So when Ford approached us to work on the Consumer Experience Movement, we believed we’d have a lot to contribute.”