TechShop is Where Your Inventions Come to Life

By Tori T.

There’s a 33,0000-square-foot building in Allen Park, Michigan, called TechShop Detroit . From the outside it may seem unassuming, but on the inside it houses cutting-edge tools, computer-aided-design workstations, laser cutters and much more. It also bustling with some of the greatest minds of our generation, people like you: Designers. Scientists. Hobbyists. Engineers. Tinkerers. Backyard mechanics. Simply put, anyone with an idea.

The member-based do-it-yourself workshop/fabrication and prototyping studio is a communal work center for individual inventors, who, through membership to TechShop, gain access to space, tools and machinery in order to develop and design their latest inventions.

Bill Coughlin is the CEO of Ford Global Technologies, and with that title comes the role of encouraging the creation of new technology. “Our Ford Employee Patent Incentive Award program now provides free TechShop memberships to employees submitting worthy inventions,” Bill said. “The idea that any Ford employee can get this kind of reward encourages creativity. I’ve learned that once people start thinking like inventors, it’s hard to turn that off.”

And it’s not only you and Ford employees who are benefitting from such a unique setup as TechShop. The surrounding community is as well, because it’s offering people a place to turn their dreams into realities—and into new local business ventures.

Ford Global Technologies envisions TechShop Detroit as an intellectual property exchange and technology showroom where inventions can be displayed and maybe even licensed, a place to network and sell to the industry.

In fact, Ford was the first automaker to team up with TechShop, which also has locations in California and North Carolina. Members gain access to high-tech equipment, top-quality prototyping tools, industrial-grade sewing and textile equipment, welders and software. In other words, anything you would need to create and build what you think the world needs next.
Joshua M 02/18/2013
coo.l projects sounds cool
Mark 02/17/2013
No more Rangers? Guess I have to go foreign..........F150 too large for my means and garage. And owned all Rangers since 1984.............Shame.