What if Your Car Could Talk?

By Ford Social Member

While talking cars may bring back memories of a computerized voice reminding you that your door is ajar, the future could see a completely different type of talking car. Ford is rapidly expanding its commitment to intelligent vehicles that wirelessly talk to each other, warning of potential dangers to enhance safety and flag impending traffic congestion to help improve the environment. With this "intelligent vehicle" technology, drivers could be alerted at unsafe intersections where their view is compromised or where another vehicle is not stopping for a red light.

“Ford believes intelligent vehicles that talk to each other through advanced Wi-Fi are the next frontier of collision avoidance innovations that could revolutionize the driving experience and hold the potential of helping reduce many crashes,” said Sue Cischke, group vice president, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering.

Ford is building the first-ever prototype intelligent vehicles that will tour the U.S. beginning this spring. The company will provide additional prototypes for the Department of Transportation’s world-first research clinics expected to begin this summer.

"NHTSA estimates that 81 percent of all the vehicle-to-vehicle crashes with unimpaired drivers can be addressed by this technology, So we think safety is the tremendous opportunity,” said Mike Shulman, technical leader, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering.

The Ford vehicle communications research technology allows vehicles to talk wirelessly with one another using advanced Wi-Fi signals, or dedicated short-range communications, on a secured channel allocated by the Federal Communications Commission. Unlike radar-based safety features, which identify hazards within a direct line of sight, the Wi-Fi-based radio system allows full-range, 360-degree detection of potentially dangerous situations, such as when a driver’s vision is obstructed.

For example, drivers could be alerted if their vehicle is on path to collide with another vehicle at an intersection, when a vehicle ahead stops or slows suddenly or when a traffic pattern changes on a busy highway. The systems also could warn drivers if there is a risk of collision when changing lanes, approaching a stationary or parked vehicle, or if another driver loses control.

After a decade of research, Ford plans a new 20-member task force – consisting of company planners, engineers and scientists from around the world with expertise in safety, eco-mobility, infotainment and driver convenience – to accelerate development of intelligent vehicles with features that provide a range of benefits to consumers.

Ford also is doubling its intelligent vehicle research investment, building on the company’s SYNC® and MyFord Touch™ innovations. The goal is to define the next 10 years of safety, convenience and driver assistance, and strengthen the company’s position as the global industry leader in connected vehicle technology.

Ford is partnering with other automakers, the federal government, as well as local and county road commissions to create a common language that ensures all vehicles can talk to each other based on a common communication standard.
Lisamarie 01/30/2011
I think that that would be perfect, I would want to know of an accident or traffic situation before I got into the middle of it and couldn\\'t get around it. I drive 4 hours of shield time a day to work, this would save time and patience.
Lisamarie 01/30/2011
We are a family of Ford vehicles. When Dodge came out with the big front end, I think 1994, my husband wanted one. We got it, but kept the 1980 Ford F100. We had to pull a stump out and the dodge bumper buckled but the Ford F100 pulled it without any issues. We were not happy with its performance and traded it in for a new Ford F150. So we have 2 F150\\'s and a Ford Explorer sport, in 2009 I bought a new Ford Focus, I travel 350 miles a day for work and needed a gas saving car, its amazing on the highways and in highway traffic it does well on quick stops at high speeds without pulling to the right or left. I have had to move out of the way of trucks and I feel safe in the turning capabilities. The Focus is my first front wheel drive and Synch technology, I love it. I still am leary of not having 4 wheel drive, but since I kept all of our other Ford vehicles, I have a 4x4 back-up.
Thanks Lisamarie
Chad Williams 01/29/2011
From our family to the family of Ford . We would like to thank ford for making wonderful pieces of engineering and to let everyone know that my entire family has ALWAYS bought Ford vehicles and equipment. Love what yall are doing. Keep up the amazing work, from south Georgia.
I think that it would help alot with people and ther driving because what if you are in the turning lane and the light says go and the person comes thru the light blows the light and you go and your car gets hit u didn't know that car was going to go thru a red it would help because your car could alert you and ford that would be a great idea.
ford your cars are looking better and better keep up the good work.
joshua Simpson 01/29/2011
Ford is leading the auto world in technology, speed and performance. in order to keep that reputation they are taking one aspect of a car, safety and capitalizing on their knowledge base and putting it toward another fine feature and they should be loved for taking one step back and looking at safety
mhd feras khatib 01/27/2011
I love ford (focus )
gstutheit 01/27/2011
ford shude make a truck/car where the siring wheel slides over and passenger can drive
JK Kim 01/26/2011
Beat NYC to the punch! Haha New York!
Curtis 01/26/2011
while i do see a use for this technology, i do not like it. abs is a great idea for non attentive drivers or when a driver panics; but i personally hate it. abs can and will, in non panic situations, cause you to slow less abruptly and possible cause an accident that otherwise would not have happened. and lets not forget cars that can slam on the brakes on their own. that just sound horrible unless you truely need it to that.
Andy 01/26/2011
Yes, you want your cars communicating with each other. Messages such as \\"I\\'m slowing down\\" and \\"I\\'m about to turn right\\", sent automatically over short distances, can only help to improve safety, as more and more cars participate in the system.
Cully Waggoner 01/26/2011
The ONLY thing I want my Mustang to say is to tell the Camaros to get out of my way
Mike Russell 01/26/2011
No thanks, too many people already have licenses/cars without being able to drive properly already, this would just make them lazier and continue to believe they are good drivers. I don't think this would reduce accidents, but rather increase them as people would tely on the cars to pay attention and do their thinking for them.
Matthew Mccolm 01/26/2011
Cully Waggoner 01/26/2011
This will ONLY work if there is one standard adopted by all carmakers and all carmakers install and implement it. Otherwise what happens when your “smart” car with the dumb driver does not “see” the “dumb” car with the dumb driver?
Kevin Krepcik 01/26/2011
No thanks, the boys in the back seat fighting is enough voices in my car!!
Bradley E. Bowhall Jr 01/26/2011
i believe this would get annoying over time just how much stuff do you want to put on a car nowadays anyway.
Sebastian Soliz 01/26/2011
Ya my bad dont put in the mustang put it in yall high end cars
Jo Llewellyn 01/26/2011
My V8 Ford Falcon does talk to me....saying " Put ur foot down, I wanna go faster!!"
Dave Evans 01/26/2011
Is this really necessary? Have we run out of ideas on how to make them more fuel efficient or comfortable or sustainable?
Carlos Fabela 01/26/2011
Ford ~ What if deaf and hard of hearing, huh? :o(♥
Jacob A. Chase 01/26/2011
I know what a Ford would say: "Please! Please! Can I hit that Dodge?!? Pleaseee?"
همام آل مسمار 01/26/2011
please likes
Princess Stardusty 01/26/2011
my Beautiful F250 Princess 4x4 would say she LOVES <3 me as much as I LOVE <3 her !!! ; )
Ethan Cody Perrine 01/26/2011
Lol ashton that was good
Garrett Spicer 01/26/2011
itll be a few hundred years before everyone has a car that can talk to another one. not to mention im sure the broad cast that the car would have to emit would be abuse in so many ways
Ethan Cody Perrine 01/26/2011
Id crush it cause i know i wouldnt like what it had to say to me
Ashton Entrop 01/26/2011
It would say-Hey you give me gas lol
Jacob A. Chase 01/26/2011
You mean like Kit the Ford Mustang on Knightrider? OHHH YAHHHH!! Ided love it.
Tyler Fetty 01/26/2011
oh god
Sebastian Soliz 01/26/2011
Like kid
Paul Lifelike DeVito III 01/26/2011
then id be the hoff and life would be knight rider
Sebastian Soliz 01/26/2011
I wolud buy it
Michael Neufeld 01/26/2011
Waiting for the Lincoln C, so I can "Wink" at others!
Matthew Mccolm 01/26/2011
Explain how
What if Your Car Could Talk?
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