Should Ford SYNC Have a Live Operator?

By Ford Social Member

In the mood for pizza, but have no clue where a nearby joint is – or in fact, where you even are? The answer to both could be just a voice command away. Ford is beta-testing a new feature called Operator Assist, which will make getting directions or finding a business a snap through SYNC® Services. During this trial period, Operator Assist is being offered as a complimentary feature for registered users of SYNC Services; no additional software or hardware is needed.

Operator Assist connects you to a live person, who can quickly access information databases to help drivers get where they’re going and provide other services, too. Cloud-based, on-demand, voice-activated SYNC Services has access to information about traffic, news, sports, weather, horoscopes, stock quotes and movie listings as well as business searches and turn-by-turn directions, thanks to advanced vehicle sensors, integrated GPS technology and comprehensive map and traffic data.

At any time during a business search or directions interaction between the user and the SYNC Services automated system, the user can say, “Operator,” confirm the request to speak with a live operator and be connected. This system gives Ford customers the choice of interfacing with a live operator or utilizing the interactive voice recognition system.

In the event you say an address or business that the automated system can’t identify, you’ll be prompted with the option to connect to a live operator. Confirm, and the system automatically connects to the operator.

When a live operator assists with a business search, you can choose to receive turn-by-turn directions to the business, receive a text message with name, address and phone number information about the business (applies to certain phone carrier networks) or be directly connected to the phone number of the business. When a live operator assists with address entry, you can have the directions sent directly to the vehicle.

“Our customers asked for additional assistance in situations where their voice request was not understood,” said David Gersabeck, Product Manager, SYNC Services. “If you want the most reliable user experience, enabling alternative methods for customers to access information will increase success, which is where Operator Assist factors into the equation.”
Jamie Alexander 07/23/2011
yes because it makes driving safer without taking your hands of the steering wheel when driving
David Mellor 07/14/2011
Yes make SYNC more like onstar with a live person
Chris Elmquist 07/13/2011
I love ford but ford should get something like onstar
Isaac J. 07/13/2011
Ford Sync DOES NOT need a live operator. The new MyFord and MyLincoln Touch technologies just need to be cleaned up and simplified.
Chris Haddock 07/13/2011
Amazing, I Cant Wait To Start Using it! Love The System Already, But It Will Really Help To Find A Place When I Don't Know Where I'm At. You Guys Just Keep Proving To Be The Best.
Brandon 07/12/2011
Great new option. hope to see it soon
Anthony Whitted 07/12/2011
SYNC doesn't need a live operator. SYNC just needs a legitimate navigation system that works consistently!!
Lisa Brigden McCague 07/12/2011
I think it would be a good option. I also think that more of a commitment should be made to update the older SYNC systems as well including updating phone compatibility. I have a 2010 Explorer with SYNC and Navigation System. Bluetooth disconnects after 1 minute every single time. No SYNC Destinations or other features which were a real selling point and my salesman couldn't stop telling me all about it. Only after a week of use, I found out all those features are not on my system, nor will they ever be. Ford and SYNC have already moved on the the newest 2011 and 2012 systems with no look back.

Now, I do love my truck, but SYNC just not a good part of my driving experience. Still wearing my Bluetooth ear pierce.
Bruce Namerow 07/12/2011
Kefah Makhresh 07/12/2011
tuoros has a blind spot in lift side for dirver to shift to right track.
Mike 2011 F150 EcoBoost 07/12/2011
The option would be nice, but I would not want to pay more for it. .
Laura 07/12/2011
I would find it more distracting to look at the directions on my cell phone or a map. I'd love to have someone I can chat with for basic needs while I'm driving.
Jason Holder 07/12/2011
Sarah Ewing 07/12/2011
It seems like this feature might be a distraction to the driver on the road.
Norma Sue Burchett Adkins 07/12/2011
I wish there was an option for s live person. Sometimes sync and I just do not understand each other.
Mel Walters 07/12/2011
Suppose so. GM's Onstar uses "one".
Brian Townsend 07/12/2011
No no then it would cost and I'm not for that. Screw onstar!
Mark Steullet 07/12/2011
Yes but please dont go up in price!!
Joe Buchanan 07/12/2011
No sync doesn't need a live operator, as as a sync certified manager at a ford dealership I encourage people to read there owners manuals and to set up the profiles in there vehicle. I have a 2011 mustang with navigation and I set up a custom sync voice profile (the manual shows u how) and since I have never had to repeat myself issuing a command, not that I did before I just set it up because I could. GM has onstar as a cash cow in my opinion.
Rodney Schaaf 07/11/2011
ford should use factory stereos that have buttons that function ie mustang with a phone button that does nothing
Mark P. Fortin 07/11/2011
No! One of the best selling features is that you don't have an operator! Figure out how to fix MyTouch first, please!
Steve Winsor 07/11/2011
Doesn't need it. If it aint broke, don't fix it!
Dean Cosmos 07/11/2011
Brandon Magoski 07/11/2011
Yes, that should be an option, but without the monthly service fee.
Eric Jewett 07/11/2011
Ford should get better quality control. Taurus is still being checked. >:(
Steven Revell 07/11/2011
If its making more jobs out there, then yeah they should!
walter Cho 07/11/2011
I like the explorer. 4WD system is awesome. Only thing missing is, ride height control. THis is definitely needed for this truck since, ground clearance is too small for the 4wd system capability. With few more inches of ground clearance, this truck will be unbeatable off road.
Kimberly Anne Leech 07/11/2011
No. I like that my car and my Kindle have the same voice
Keith Allen McCormick 07/11/2011
I am just going to buy restored old cars if all the new ones are going to have a "on-star" like technology. Technology is cool, but I'm not comfortable with some of it. Privacy seems to get worse the more this stuff comes out.
linda 07/11/2011
I had Onstar and loved it! The Sync in my MKS doesn't always understand me......
Andrew Palmisano 07/11/2011
wouldnt this be really easy to do? just sync your phone and when you want to talk to a live operater your phone would just call them instead of having a "built in phone" in the car. Thats the one thing among many i do not like about onstar is you have to pay a seperate phone service just for the car, when i already have a cell phone in my pocket. Maybe it already does this but on my 09 focus i hate the sync system...
Donald K Bryant 07/11/2011
It would just be like OnStar, a good thing but something else they could charge for!!
Steven Reiser 07/11/2011
No. keep your current model of support. I have never had need for the onstar operator but use my sync daily in rentals.
Thomas Miller 07/11/2011
Maybe have an option to use an operator, otherwise just improve on the automated system
Stefan Zielke 07/11/2011
of course it makes SYNC better...
Peter MacBeth 07/11/2011
I don't think this is such a good idea. It would become just like Onstar with expensive monthly fees. Sync is great just the way it is. Keep these services free for everyone!
Travis Johnson 07/11/2011
Only as tech support on how to operate sync.
Stephan Nguyen 07/11/2011
Yes considering how Microsoft products are wack! Just read the reviews on the multitudes of Ford vehicle forums. Someone even reported how the phone numbers dial themselves lmao.
Jonathan Fox 07/11/2011
I think it would be great if SYNC had an operator assist option. I like using it for weather forecasts, news headlines, etc... but there have been times i could've used the operator.
Jason Dymnicki 07/11/2011
No way to do it for free, as everything costs money. If it were bundled with Services, and the cost was all-inclusive and cheap (<$10 per month), that would be great, otherwise, it would just be a rip-off of OnStar --which has like a 40% retention rate of subscribers. One person on this thread really hit on it, though: what a GREAT service for the older set that have trouble with telematics (and voice commands... and a lot of the newer technologies) to have someone to help them.

I wouldn't use it, but a lot of people consider GM because of the OnStar ease of use, and GM has a Bluetooth feature that's independent of OnStar... so from a competitive standpoint, it would be a plus.
Sam Pug 07/11/2011
Noooo!! that's the only thing that makes it better than onstar, not having to talk to someone.
Brandy A. Schaffels 07/11/2011
I am a huge fan of Sync but sometimes I really do need human assistance when my automated system becomes frustrating. Sometimes I don't know the exact city my address is located in, or the voice recognition will not acknowledge the name in my address book, and it no longer remains easy or hands free to use the technology. Assistance from a live operator would be an option I might pay extra for.
Tim Moehrle 07/11/2011
I vote no. Sync is a simple program with simple to use commands. I feel adding a human feature would ruin a great thing. If it's not broken don't fix it. However I am all for technological progression
Lee Henderson 07/11/2011
Yes as long as Americans are hired to do the work.
Drew Palazzo 07/11/2011
Yes - onstar does. And make the jobs available in the states - great PR opp. Maybe even to the vets coming home too... Just a thought
Tammy Workman 07/11/2011
NO WAY FORD!!!!!! I just bought a 2010 Ford Escape with SYNC and I love it! If you have operators then you will have to start charging your customers just like Onstar. It is not that hard to use. The only down fall I have had, I can not use my iPhone 3G to talk/text which really aggravated me since as of July 1st in our state it is illegal to text and drive which is a good thing but wish my phone was compatible. I found that AT&T only has 2 phones that are compatible with that technology. As far as hiring an operator, bad idea!!!!!!! If it were an added feature that I had to pay for after 3 months I would not do it!
Paula Richardson Elsheimer 07/11/2011
Ford doesn't need to copy anyone. They are doing there own thing and it has been working for years! As far as getting apps to unlock your doors, get the key pad!
Cindy Biggs 07/11/2011
absolutely. We have onstar on our other hybrid, so I would like to see some type of accident response in my hybrid Fusion. I feel like it is missing!! The other reasons - addresses, etc. would be whipped cream on top.
Rustle See 07/11/2011
What I think would be cool since SYNC uses Bluetooth.. once paired with your phone it'd unlock the car upon approach. Kind of a low tech keyless entry.
Noah Arribas-Layton 07/11/2011
No car should come with anything that requires a monthly fee.
Earl Kliethermes 07/11/2011
SYNC should be turned OFF.
Andrea Maupin 07/11/2011
Mainly, I would like to have it in my folk's Fusion since they take road trips and I would feel a bit more at ease if they had something like OnStar. It's the only thing Government Motors has that I'd like to see in a Ford. However, not even OnStar could pull me away from buying a Ford.
Roger Karr 07/11/2011
Are u kidding me? Next topic please
Andrea Maupin 07/11/2011
Yes, please! =)
Ian Blankenship 07/11/2011
Absolutely not. OnStar's operators are worthless and costly. Develop more ways for owners to take care of themselves. Apps for phones that unlock your doors if you leave the keys in, for example.
Tim Bass 'Phoenix' 07/11/2011
or create jobs within the company
Stephanie Infanti 07/11/2011
ABSOLUTELY! POSITIVELY! YES YES YES I just bought a new F150 and Sync doesn't recognize my voice commands. It's useless to me. I'm going back to Ford tonight, they have a seminar on using Sync. Hopefully that will help since I'm going away this weekend.
Jake Cherski 07/11/2011
Sync is what it is, leave it alone. Don't follow the competition, stay the leader. The costs alone wouldn't justify the expenses that the average customer would want to spend on Sync.
Toni Trapp Stinchcomb 07/11/2011
I want a new Focus so bad or even a Fiesta. Ugh I wish I was rich instead of so good looking. lol
CarFanatics Forum 07/11/2011
yes, they should
Sam Rehm 07/11/2011
oh your talking about Ford trying to copy government motors, look at the #s Ford is doing great without taking government money to stay in business so I'd say Ford keep doing what your doing!
Jaskiranpreet Singh 07/11/2011
William Caruso 07/11/2011
yes and it should be free unless Ford can improve the reliability of sync being able to locate my vehicle and download directions
Josh Gnardner 07/11/2011
NO! We don't need SYNC!
Phillip Todd Clay 07/11/2011
William Sanborn 07/11/2011
Nothing like ripping off another idea from GM. I love Onstar, so it would it sounds good.
Eric Gimpy Nyman 07/11/2011
Upon request
Luis Rodriguez 07/11/2011
P.l. Nunez 07/11/2011
Yes, and fix all the Mytouch problems... I'm tired of updating these things to then have some come back with the problems.. Get it together FORD !! :)
Kagan Frey 07/11/2011
YES And preferably one in the States
Navi John 07/11/2011
Bryson Antony Cordero 07/11/2011
Please hire operators that English is there first language! Thanks!
Marisa Cusenbary-Patteson 07/11/2011
When is SYNC goin to be available once it's left the factory? I bought a truck a yr ago and didn't think I needed it (silly, I know). Asked dealership a few months ago if could get it installed and was told only done in factory. UGH!!!!
Bryson Antony Cordero 07/11/2011
Keith Fromme 07/11/2011
On star sucks. The Sync works fine. Better a recording than talking to someone from another country who cant be understood.
Jerry Cantrell 07/11/2011
I love my 2012 ford focus.....
Mike Capodice 07/11/2011
yes. its good now but actual someones voice would be better. one more thing. i like fords mytoutch and wish the crashing in it would stop and keep using it. some ppl need to take time and learn how to use it
Jerry Cantrell 07/11/2011
Yes that would be would be a big help.and yes it would have to be here in the YES from me....
Andrew Shook 07/11/2011
It should be an option not a requirement like chevy does for it's system. If someone doesn't want to pay that every month they shouldn't have to!
William Ross 07/11/2011
Yes and build electric F series trucks in America with American manufactured parts by American labor.
Joe Zahradnik 07/11/2011
Yes, have it go with the TDI!
Kenny Neff 07/11/2011
Will this "Operator Assist" provide moral support as well? What if you just feel like talking to somebody?
Sean Fleeman 07/11/2011
Would put it more on par with On*Star
H Gene Allen Jr 07/11/2011
~ As a very loyal, multi-generational Ford owner, I say, "ABSOLUTELY!"
Dane Higbee 07/11/2011
A live operator would be great!
Glen Moser 07/11/2011
Yes, and like benjamin said..and at no cost
Matt Oleson 07/11/2011
Yes but only as an option....and of course they should be located here in the u.s. of a.
Woody Sander Ford 07/11/2011
I agree yes and american. I would like to see free, but there is no way we could pay people to do that and not charge something.
Victor John 07/11/2011
anything that helps is great
Timothy Knopf 07/11/2011
Yes! I have onstar in my other vehicle can be a life saver. Hope ford comes out with something similar.
Trenton Black 07/11/2011
yes it would make drivers much more comfortable if there was an actual person as an operator
Melanie Petruzzi 07/11/2011
Melanie Petruzzi 07/11/2011
Toby Ray 07/11/2011
That would be a awesome option... Get that to be about the price of Sat would be a no-brainer for me... I'd have it.
Jay Doverspike 07/11/2011
That could possibly help us technicians diag sync problems also.
Sunny Sun 07/11/2011
Hey there! im in sales at nelson ford. The sync is a great device that ford came out with but i think it might be a little harder for people over 40 to use. They arent all down with all the voice command. An operator would be a great idea if its free! we cant not copy ONSTAR because its a useless device that cost a lot of money!
Dwayne Sanchez 07/11/2011
Yes and in the USA
Grey McWane 07/11/2011
Jay Doverspike 07/11/2011
When you use onstar in a gm its a real person so i say absolutely.
Stefan Knaus 07/11/2011
Yes for Germany too
Chad Price 07/11/2011
yes it should as an option...
Andy Miller 07/11/2011
Might as well, people don't read the manual anyways.
Jeff Cutler 07/11/2011
Sure. And it should be the voice of Colin Browning or maybe John Cass.
Ryan Barker 07/11/2011
Chethan Karkera 07/11/2011
Amazing feature!!!
LesLee Michalek 07/11/2011
Benjamin Joseph Carew 07/11/2011
and no cost to the owner
Janine Boe 07/11/2011
YES!! And preferably one in the states.
Brenda Wallot 07/11/2011
yes !!!!!!!
Should Ford SYNC Have a Live Operator?
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