How Your Car Can See Behind You

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Cross Traffic Alert, available on the 2010 Ford Taurus.
meredith 09/09/2009
love my 2005 tarus
my first ford to ever own, and i cant wait to get another!
James P. Robbins, Jr. 09/03/2009
This is a nice safety feature, but what is needed is a return to the 10 mph bumper standard from the 1970s. Vehicles today are generally being designed to be lighter in order to get fuel efficiency. This will only lead to more fatalities and serious injuries on the road. If you want me to buy one of your vehicles, you will have to design them to be much safer.
Douglas Shamburger 08/22/2009
1 week ago while on our way to pick up our two teenage daughters my wife & I were hit by a drunk driver coming off the freeway at a high rate of speed as we drove past on a green light totally caught by surprise. In a split second we were struck in the passenger front end of our 2003 Ford Expedition so hard in fact that the truck toppled over onto it's roof busting all the windows out allowing all our belongings all over the road. I was able to unbuckle myself & my wife & crawl out from the wreckage with only bumps & bruises & minor cuts. My wife attributes the handle over the glove compartment as the reason she was able to grab hold with two hands & ride it out as the truck rolled and the airbags deployed & I clutched the steering wheel. We will miss our truck "Faith" we aptly named her years ago as we can't afford to buy another one but she served our family well & ultimately saved our family. Because of the people who designed & built that truck with comfort & safety in mind our daughters still have their parents & we will continue to live our lives as a family. Thanks & God Bless all of you & your families at Ford.
Bibiana 08/20/2009
5 years ago I had a horrible accident, I felt asleep on the wheel driving a ford taurus on the 710 fwy. Two weeks ago my husband was thrown to the concrete freeway division when was hit on the right side of a ford mustang. we both were able to walk away safe and only with a sore neck and back pain due to the impact. I strongly believe that our lives were saved by the airbags and the quality of the motors designed by ford. I want to thank all the people that work on car safety at ford. Cars are replaceable, lives aren't.
Steven Eagles 08/05/2009
The new things that ford comeing out with for next year. very cool I think. I really like the auto parking its so cool because the vehicle will park its self. I also like the cross traffic alert system. dodge gmc and toyota will never have this kind of safety like ford does. I like how the vehicle will alert when another is in front of you or behind you when your backing up.
Scott Monty 07/17/2009
We welcome new ideas at a site called (get this): Thanks for being interested enough to contribute, Gerardo! Scott Monty | Global Digital Communications | Ford Motor Company
gerardo 07/16/2009
how can i share mi ideas of a new way to use at its best every single gasoline drop?
Paul Parramore 06/21/2009
I leased and then purchased a 1996 Ford Taurus SE toredor red. I was the 2nd person in my town to have one. I thought the styling was awesome. It was like nothing else on the road. Ford took a big chance with this Taurus. Unfortunately it developed trasmission problems. I couldn't afford to rebuild or get a new trasmission, so my parents went with a local mechanic. To make a long story short I was plagued with transmission problems. If I had only taken it to Chipola Ford where I purchased it I never would have had any of those problems. The difference between the two repairs was only $400. I should have gone to the dealership and gotten it fixed right the first time. Keep Ford American!!!! I loved my Taurus. Where I live now I see tons of that body style from 1996 to 1999. I belive that is when the body style changed (1999). All these cars still look good. I wish for the days when I had my Taurus. It was so much nicer than my sister's Camry. If I had it today depending on the miles, I would probably use it as a daily driver. Every time I see one of those Taurus drivers I think how lucky they are to own that Ford.
Robin Blake 06/20/2009
Please don't let the government make you stop making cars we can afford to buy and drive. This is my third Lincoln Town Car , and the last one I drove for over 200,000 miles and then sold it to a collector (wish I had it back). I love my Lincoln and prefer it to any foreign car!! I sell Real Estate & clients love it also! The media has no clue what Americans want to drive. Do you know Robinson Lincoln cannot keep the 1995-1997 body style in stock--people love that look & the miles per gallon were that same as my new Lincoln. Sometimes you should consider a repeat--would that be unique! Anytime you would like a personal story on my experience with Ford products, just e-mail me.
Joshua Marshall 06/19/2009
My nightmare every morning is getting my fuel economical 1991 car creamed in the parking lot (seen it happen too). Now there's something like Cross Traffic Alert? This is true innovation! That's the real spirit of America, and Ford has it!
How Your Car Can See Behind You
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